“US Military, the Russian Military and the Chinese Military are all working together and they are bound and determined that we are NOT going to have a banksters’ WWIII this time around.  Humanity is right on target to take back our world.”

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I personally have great respect for COMMANDER VAL I have sent messages to him via my late dear friend and mentor DR Frank Stranges Dr. Stranges always said there would be a great spiritual awakening and prosperity in the last days. It is happening now, although ‘the Event’ will solidify it. A movie is being made about how he  met Commander Val Thor at the Pentagon. Funding has held it back but that will not be a hindrance much longer.

The life-frequency through which we perceive while here on earth so called physical is not necessarily normal on higher developed planets. But those seem to have the ability to fit in their “life supporting life-frequencies” into ours while they are here on Earth. (This is described last down here on this page lower)

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Factbox: Members of U.S. Congress who are leaving office

(Reuters) – Forty U.S. representatives and senators have announced plans to leave their seats in Congress in advance of mid-term elections in November, including 22 Republicans and 18 Democrats. The latest to announce his departure was Representative Rob Andrews, a 12-term Democrat from New Jersey.   U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES   Republicans currently control the House 232 to 200 with three vacancies. There will be a fourth vacancy when Andrews resigns from Congress later this month and joins a law firm.   Departing House Republicans (19) Representative Trey Radel, Florida (served less than one full term, resigned) Representative Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia (six terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Paul Broun, Georgia (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Bill Cassidy, Louisiana (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Phil Gingrey, Georgia (six terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Jack Kingston, Georgia (11 terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Michele Bachmann, Minnesota (four terms) Representative John Campbell, California (five terms) Representative Tom Cotton, Arkansas (one term, seeking Senate seat) Representative Spencer Bachus, Alabama (11 terms) Representative Tim Griffin, Arkansas (two terms) Representative Jon Runyan, New Jersey (two terms) Representative Steve Daines, Montana (one term, seeking Senate seat) Representative Howard Coble, North Carolina (served 15 terms) Representative Steve Stockman, Texas (two terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Frank Wolf, Virginia (17 terms) Representative Tom Latham, Iowa (10 terms) Representative Jim Gerlach, Pennsylvania (six terms) Representative Buck McKeon, California (11 terms)   Departing House Democrats (13) Representative Rob Andrews, New Jersey (12 terms) Representative Henry Waxman, California (20 terms) Representative Bruce Braley, Iowa (four terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Gary Peters, Michigan (three terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Colleen Hanabusa, Hawaii (two terms, seeking Senate seat) Representative Michael Michaud, Maine (six terms, seeking governorship) Representative Jim Matheson, Utah (seven terms) Representative Carolyn McCarthy, New York (nine terms) Representative Mike McIntyre, North Carolina (nine terms) Representative George Miller, California (20 terms) Representative Bill Owens, New York (two terms) Representative Jim Moran, Virginia (12 terms) Representative Allyson Schwartz, Pennsylvania (five terms, seeking governorship)   U.S. SENATE   Democrats currently control the Senate, 55-45.   Departing Senate Republicans (3) Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia (two terms) Senator Tom Coburn, Oklahoma (two terms) Senator Mike Johanns, Nebraska (one term)   Departing Senate Democrats (5) Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa (five terms) Senator Tim Johnson, South Dakota (three terms) Senator Carl Levin, Michigan (six terms) Senator Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia (five terms) Senator Max Baucus, Montana (six terms, leaving once confirmed as U.S. ambassador to China)  Sources: Reuters, House Press Gallery, Senate Periodical Press Gallery  (Compiled by the Washington Breaking News Team)

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Daily/Weekly News


The Snowden Interview In Germany That Has been Ignored By The US Media – Vid (30:26)


Cost of corruption across EU equals its annual budget – EU Commission

European Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom (Reuters / Francois Lenoir)

February 04, 2014


Corruption in the EU costs the economy 120 billion euro per year, equivalent to the EU’s annual budget, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said when presenting a new report, adding that “there are no corruption-free zones in Europe.”

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Important From Cobra

Nano Particles–Food For Thought

Nano-Nano: No! No! No!

In 1992 I had lunch at a local Russian restaurant down the street from where I lived in Berkeley. I was left with amazing impression of two things: nanotechnology, and a new love of Borscht. My friend wanted to get into medical school, like me, however, he was doing some research on nanotechnology. He described being able to create particles that were very small but had ‘motors’, so for example, they could be injected into the vein and do surgery and move remotely with the movement of his hand to cure disease. An engineer by training, I welcomed the idea of something new   how would nanotechnology advance science?   what kind of new and exciting materials would nanotechnology create?   Then I went to medical school. Nanotechnology was forgotten. There were no ‘micro robots’ like my friend had said was the future. It was only in sunscreen and paint and some silver colloids and varnish and face creams and weird coatings to fabrics like to make exercise pants not stink of sweat. Big whoopee, right? Was I wrong! Here’s why YOU should inform yourself about nano particles: This is your basic building block of your body     This is a nucleus. Those little colored lumps are coils of DNA in chromosomes   Perhaps this karyotype view of a chromosome is more familiar?     Let’s take a closer look       zooming in on one double-helix of DNA   this is a nano tubule. It is smaller than those little dots in the DNA, above   This is how the DNA creates RNA to make amino acids which become proteins   A virus has the ability to inject its own DNA into another cell, and splice it in to the host DNA, ‘hijacking’ the cell for its own purpose.   we know that abnormal DNA encodes cancer   We also know technology exists to manipulate DNA for science   For example, a ‘liger’ is a cross between a lion and a tiger   the ability to alter DNA and create hybrid creatures existed in Atlantis   It is possible that science may be used to control the population and decrease it   Not everyone has a lofty ideal; some ‘mithraic’ institutions worship power and the dollar (this image is titled, ‘The End Times’)   This is YOUR DNA   It has been kept hidden from you that it is a conductor of High Vibration Light and also a Supercomputer   this is a ribosome, a protein factory in each and every one of your cells that ‘listens’ to commands from the DNA   Are you willing to expose your DNA and RNA to nano technology?   Are you going to let waste nano particles affect the DNA of other life forms around you?   ‘Bucky balls’ sound totally harmless, don’t they?   Are you going to let this affect your health?   Or your eternal I Am Presence?   You decide. My job is to ask the questions, and get you thinking about it. Here are the facts:


Main article: Implications of nanotechnology An area of concern is the effect that industrial-scale manufacturing and use of nanomaterials would have on human health and the environment, as suggested by nanotoxicologyresearch. For these reasons, some groups advocate that nanotechnology be regulated by governments. Others counter that overregulation would stifle scientific research and the development of beneficial innovations. Public health research agencies, such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health are actively conducting research on potential health effects stemming from exposures to nanoparticles.[51][52] Some nanoparticle products may have unintended consequences. Researchers have discovered that bacteriostatic silver nanoparticles used in socks to reduce foot odor are being released in the wash.[53] These particles are then flushed into the waste water stream and may destroy bacteria which are critical components of natural ecosystems, farms, and waste treatment processes.[54] Public deliberations on risk perception in the US and UK carried out by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society found that participants were more positive about nanotechnologies for energy applications than for health applications, with health applications raising moral and ethical dilemmas such as cost and availability.[55] Experts, including director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies David Rejeski, have testified[56] that successful commercialization depends on adequate oversight, risk research strategy, and public engagement. Berkeley, California is currently the only city in the United States to regulate nanotechnology;[57] Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Energy Healing At Home: Simple, Inexpensive and Effective

Healing With Color, Fragrance, and Light

I had a toy like this as a kid. There were fizzy tablets that colored the water. It came with a small bar of soap and a big sponge fish.

I remember taking those baths, and how incredible it felt to be immersed in color. There was the green one, the blue one, the red one and the yellow one. I enjoyed each one, and made the toy last a very long time. I was only four years old when I had it.

Why would I remember something so long ago, and why would it make such a lasting impression?

Because color is medicine.

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Valiant Thor The Stranger at The Pentagon

Dear readers,

One of my favorite teachers and mentor was Dr Frank Stranges a true being of great love and light. He and I became very close in the last few years before he moved on to his reward. Our lunches and time together filled me with deep understanding and love for the crew of Victor one which is commander Vals flagship on earth. I often speak of him and the message on my radio show.

Dr Frank told me where to go to lake mead and I know where victor one sits. One week before he died he told me Val said I was directly under the shadow of Victor one. I will share more on this subject at the Expo feb 7-9th. See you there

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Wealth Inequality (And why you should care)

In the first half, Peter Phillips, sociology professor and recent past director of Project Censored, joined John B. Wells to discuss wealth inequality, the power elite, threats to the democratic process and independent journalism. “The richest 85 people control the same amount of wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion people,” Phillips reported, noting that worldwide the top 10% made gains during the same time the bottom 90% lost income. A handful of banks and investment companies, with board members totaling only 161 people, control $24 trillion of world’s wealth, he added.

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Official Swiss Government Study and Report Dramatically Affirms Homeopathy’s Positive Results, Safety and Cost Effectiveness

This article is after my own heart!-Alexandra

Posted on February 15, 2012 by

HahnemannA new study and report by the Swiss Government has been published in an English book form.  It is the most comprehensive study of homeopathy undertaken  by a government.  As reported on Huffington Post the report is the most significant and largest study of homeopathy ever undertaken.

“The Health Technology Assessment report on effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and appropriateness of homeopathy was compiled on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (BAG) within the framework of the ‘Program of Evaluation of Complementary Medicine (PEK)”.

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