New PFC Weekly Meditation Instruction Update

PFC Weekly Meditation Instruction:

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An Open Letter to All Meditation Groups on the Planet From Cobra

Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 18, 2014


The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease . . .

This is a very important article on the nature and use of Vitamin C with studies of more than 75 years and is proven to have positive effects on many disease states. Please read and circulate widely!
A short video clip is included here by Dr. Thomas Levy (who has degrees in medicine and law) talks about the beneficial effect of Vitamin C. This is a partial version of his complete presentation which is available for purchase at: (direct link to video:
I want to say a word here about the Cancer Control society. This is a non-profit group of very dedicated people who have been getting the truth out in regards to disease and treatment. The purpose of their existence is education only. Since 1973 the Cancer Control Society has brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families. The highlight of the year is when the CCS sponsors their Annual Cancer Control Convention, featuring medical doctors, clinical researchers, nutritionists and authors on alternative medicine, sharing their latest findings for treating cancer and other diseases. Over 50 speakers, 6 movies and 80 exhibits are presented at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollywood, California every Labor Day weekend.

Their contact information:

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(no money society?) Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu a blueprint for Human prosperity. (What? no money)

Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu a blueprint for Human prosperity

This almost 3 hour video was filmed mid-August 2014.  I also recommend any other youtube video’s from Contact in the Desert or Joshua Tree, CA in August 2014.

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As we have seen, implants and spiritual limitation devices are vibrational barriers on the ascension path, which block our way to re-empowerment and act as ceilings on the amount of light and awareness we can hold. The time of Ascension has signaled the end of our need for these limitations, it is up to us to remove them. The first step to this is revoking your contract.

Until the dark forces that are behind the implants are completely removed from the Earth, it is possible to pick up another implant. When you have “picked up” something and don’t know why you are feeling yucky, but need a quick fix, you can use St. Germain’s violet flame energy as a tool for clearing. Remember that visualization and intention make it so. This will assist you to attain even higher levels of clarity.

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P.S. on Scalar Etheric/Archonic Implants……..

Additional Implant information from Grant

Angel Eyes

Hi all,

I have been working on a solution to the Scalar Etheric/Archonic Implants that Cobra speaks about:
I haven’t found anyone else yet who has found a solution (please give details if you do know of anyone!) so I have been working on finding one myself.

I have tried removing these implants from people including myself several times. They can be removed but they simply reappear as I see it through my 3rd eye almost straight away. I have tried various forms of protection with different intentions to try and stop them reappearing but to no avail.

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Saturday August 23 – Prayer For Peace (Make This Viral!)

(Many thanks to Judy Bowden for passing this on!)

Please send this viral through your social medias, websites, blogs, emails and to hosts of websites you frequent. 100,000 is the goal!

On Saturday, August 23, please join together to pray for peace to become dominion in our world – no more wars, no more pain and suffering.  That beauty, joy, health, abundance for all is our new reality. Hold the vision of purity and magnificence for Mother Earth. The heart’s electric field (EKG) is up to 100 times stronger than the brain’s EEG and the magnetic field is about 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field, and with thousand’s of us breathing life into our visions with focused heart centered emotion, the unified field of All That Is will respond!

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Just for fun……. Test your nutritional knowledge

What are the vegetables most adept at blocking human cancer cell growth?
Do you know? Check out this 9 minute video for the answers.
We can all make healthier food choices.
Angel Eyes


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Suppressed Evidence Connects GMO Feed to Sterile Livestock

I have read that 90-95% of corn and soy crops in the USA are now GMO. The following article tells of an Iowa farmer that grew GMO corn which he fed to his pigs. Within a very short time he had to file bankruptcy due to infertility in his animal stock. This video is about 3 years old. The video here is 12 minutes. To see the 1 hour interview go here:

The question is how is this affecting humans that eat soy, corn, pork or any meat product? What about our animal pets? Is there grain in their food?  It behooves all of us to read labels before purchasing products with grain. If you are planning on starting a family both mother and father should eat organic just to be safe.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 11, 2014


PFC Renaissance Group Transmission
Global Greetings Everyone,

This is Dov writing for myself and Raissa of the The Renaissance Group.

Each week we bring forth thoughts to stir the imagination as we envision a new global renaissance, awakening a time where arts and music, culture and cuisine, and the appreciation of noble values blessings that are so abundant on earth can flourish. We can start by making them prevalent in our consciousness now and uppermost in our experiences.

Is a Renaissance a Utopia? Possibly. If we are able to spend most of our time on the things that are soul enriching, if we have the time and leisure to appreciate the creative works of each other, to fix up our lives, our dwellings, our friendships, to heal our pasts so we can fully live in the present then, yes, it would be. That includes the major issues of our time, which are healing and preservation the environment,environment and creating a lasting global peace. Hardly simple tasks.

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Ebola, the Vaccine from Nazis, by Anonymous*

This is a majorly inflammatory article but I feel it needs to be seen and read by all. It is well documented by other research as is noted in the article. William Cooper (former Navy Intelligence officer), as mentioned in the 3rd from the bottom paragraph, lost his life under suspicious circumstances. He spoke out in ways that were unacceptable to the powers that be.

Also why is it that the United States Corporate Government has a patent on the ebola virus? – and –
Doesn’t that ring any bells? If you are unfamiliar with United Nations Agenda 21 I would suggest further study is in order: . There are videos also on this site that may be of interest. I’m not telling you what to believe, just to educate yourself. There are more than 13 million sites on Google for agenda 21. Don’t be fooled by the term: “sustainable development”. It is not what you might think it is. There is way too much going on is the US and all over the world that is not being talked about in the mainstream media! Alternative sites seem to be a more reliable source for REAL NEWS than the sources we have been programmed to rely on.

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