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Earth Transformation

The current process of Earth Transformation awakens more people every day. Spurred on by events, it invites more and more people to awaken.


The number of people observing themselves and wanting to understand life has increased. This development is noticeable, however, the noise still drowns out the quiet change in the hearts of many.


As soon as, in silence and peace, the attention has been shifted, a different world with new realities is opening up; the need is for humanity to stand up and wake up, so that at least a part of humanity sets its course towards the Light and does not allow itself to be distracted from it.

In the near future, the world of 3rd and 4th dimensional density is only the home for those who want to continue in this dimension. They are those whose life cycle is not completed.


Even though it may seem now that there is no way out of this situation, where the dark powers still seem to have the upper hand, the reality is clearly different – their battle is lost and we have won!

The energy for the breakthrough is now building among the people – and on a day no one can predict, quite unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies will be exposed and seen by the masses, to discover that they have been heavily duped by their authorities.

At that moment, through the supremacy of the people, everything will turn for the better and everyone will turn towards the Light. Consider the period now as preparation, but know that it will surely happen. The cabal-matrix is broken, it is now only about the mass awakening by the people. They must be able to see with their own eyes the criminal villains who have caused them untold damage and who they are.

The deeper you are rooted in yourself and the more connected to your soul, the greater is your understanding of the cosmic connections and the easier and more harmonious you can live.

Everything revolves around independent thinking; unfortunately, few people have been taught this. Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition, used children’s natural eagerness to learn to teach this experiential knowledge and to demystify the classical follower attitude.

The power of the dark forces will fade the day the population rises en masse, and shows that planet earth belongs to us the people. Remember that many still have to attune to this positive transformation, and that takes time.


This is the greatest and most beautiful challenge: which forms mankind into a unity, to purify, protect and preserve planet earth as the jewel of divine order.

Here is the catch; the old normal for you, even the comfortable, is now completely out of resonance with your being and it will reject itself from you, according to the laws of the universe! What is meant is; that you are ascended near 5D-level and are moving forward to the next level. If you choose to go backwards on the vibrational ladder and do not want to make progress, you will experience the offered change with resistance and fear. You will eventually turn around and go back down!

Out of years of habit, comfort, survival anxiety and 3D Matrix programming, you tend to try to move forward, doing things in the old ways as you used to! There is no comfort in returning to what was in fact the opposite of comfort because one is away from this vibrational adjustment!


The good news is that within the change that is occurring to you now, there is a new level of comfort that goes far beyond what you have been used to. It is just waiting for you and there is so much more, but the Pleiadeans have said, get to it quickly, for there is something more, so you all need to pay attention.

Something much, much greater than one can imagine demands of you that you move further up the ascension ladder now! Also, a higher level of mastery is required for you to pass through the gateway to Heaven!

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi is below assisting humanity on Earth with the preparation for the new 5 D-World


Beloved ones!

When a soul decides to experience life in a third dimensional world, it knows in advance that it will live disconnected from the Source for most of the time.

Subjected to the veil of oblivion, it will not know who it is. Nor will it know that there are many IKs of her in other, higher versions of their soul. Ultimately, it will feel lost in the dark night of the soul.

But the Creator has a perfect plan for each of His creatures. Everything is planned down to the smallest detail. And a soul incarnated in the Third Dimension is never alone. Even if it cannot be seen, it never lacks support.

There are some things, however, that help in some way to bring a little comfort to these troubled souls. These include the Holy Symbols. They offer some comfort and sometimes a glimmer of hope in the most difficult moments of the long journey in 3D.

Sacred symbols promote the connection with the Creator. They function as a thread that still connects the soul to the Source. Throughout the ages, insiders in the Mystery School have learned to decipher and use such symbols.

On the other hand, those who align with the frequency of the Shadows have always had a real aversion to Symbols.

A Holy Symbol blinds the eyes and consciousness of those who do not prefer Light. This is why, throughout the millennia, this Caste has sought to destroy Symbology.

A Sacred Symbol works as a YANTRA.

Yantra (literally “automatic contraction”) is a geometric diagram, mainly from Tantrism in Indian religions. Yantras are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid to meditation; used for the benefits of alleged occult powers.

It has the same power as Mantras. The only difference is the Mantra uses sound, and Yantra an image. But both connect the soul with higher deities, with the Creator, with the Source, in short, with the higher versions of ourselves-.

This is what the Dark Ones fear most. They know that the moment human consciousness expands, the Sacred Symbols can easily be interpreted by any inkling. This interpretation will facilitate a closer relationship with the Divine and the Higher Dimensions. Finally, they can expedite the ascension of earthly souls.

Sacred Symbols have always existed and are very numerous, so they have always been available to help humanity. We will not talk about this today, as this text refers to only one Sacred Symbol, perhaps because of the important moment that planet Earth is now going through. And also because of certain events that have come to light in recent weeks.


Let us talk about the flag of Brazil. First of all, it can be said that all national flags are Sacred Symbols. Even a flag that represents an organisation or an alliance, because the energy is concentrated in the flag that represents them.

How often have we seen groups trying to destroy the flag of the opponent. Yes, it is a method often used by the Darkness, because they do not see much further than the Light. They see only the immediate obstacle, and the flag can be that obstacle. They just feel it as concentrated energy. And the instinct to attack is the immediate reaction.

Brazil has a sacred destiny within the Divine Plan for the Earth. As stated at the beginning of the text, all those who have already had access to the Mystery School, not necessarily in this current incarnation, but in another incarnation here on this Planet, understand or will understand in due course, how the sacred symbolism will guide their steps.

The incarnated souls who possess such knowledge will have the task of guiding the rest of humanity in this final part of the planetary transition. They will be the bulwarks of the Apocalypse. Remember that Apocalypse in reality means change and revelation.

The Holy Symbols are obstacles for those who are not of the Light to maintain their Plan of domination. It is a energetical spiritual war that is going on. Even though it is invisible to the physical eye, it is unfolding under our feet. It will intensify and we may see the fall of many symbols.

Yes, including the symbols that the Dark Powers always use. We will see the fall of great satanic marks. We will see the evil Yantras being brought down one by one. We will witness the final fall of the Deep State, but first we will have the revelations of each thing and learn its meaning. We are going to experience the collapse of the 3D Matrix.

And in this energy war, it is natural that the non-Light-minded will try to attack the Sacred Symbols. And if Brazil is the Chakra Heart of the Earth, in other words, the heart of the world, then it is natural that its most important sacred symbol, the national flag, will be attacked in a despicable way.

We will not go into the merits of arguments here. The subject here is to clarify, because it is necessary for everyone to know the hidden truths. Nothing will remain hidden. Everything will be revealed.

And many will also reveal themselves, for the chaff has already been separated from the wheat. It is only up to those who are awake to show compassion to those who will leave this beautiful Planet, which is convincingly the Garden of Eden.

All Christian energies from the Chakra Heart of the Planet are represented in the National Flag of Brazil. The Incarnate Soul, inspired from on high, designed the flag, in the format and colours from which it is made. What is depicted in this Sacred Symbol is the cause of so much anger from those who are content and sympathise with the Darkness.

Nothing can stop what is coming. The despair of the “non-light” has arisen precisely because of this. The Light will surely drive out the shadows on Planet Earth. Everything will change. And like the human heart, Brazil will energetically urge the rest of the planetary body for complete change.


Everything will begin in Brazil. The heart never stops beating, because then the Planet cannot survive. The timeline of the Earth has changed in 2010. Armageddon will not happen, and this is the reason for the despair of a part of humanity, the very ones who have always tried and are still trying to destroy the Holy Symbols.

The light has won! There is no reason to be afraid of that which is implanted in human consciousness. Trust the plan!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


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