Thank You For Your Donation and Love

Dear PFC Donor,

Thank you for your donation!

We want you to know we are extremely grateful for the support you have given us. We are a genuine non-profit organization where 100% of funds collected go to raise awareness about the Event. 

We are very proud that our volunteers run our site. Contributing online from all over the world, they help from where they live in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East.

We applaud your selfless donation that will help to fund the Prepare For Change team’s efforts to raise awareness of the current situation, the coming Event and the many changes that will create a better world.

We want to let you know how our donation funds are to be used. We have monthly budget in website fees and related expenses that is paid from these funds, as well as improve the site with new features.

Additionally, we support gridwork trips by our members who are gifted at correcting the imbalance and disharmony in the Earth’s leylines and vortex points. 

Also, we are spending some money to increase our worldwide membership by sending our media teams to important events where alternative media researchers and whistle blowers gather to share information and raise awareness about the condition of the world and what we can do to improve things. 

It is the intention of the Prepare For Change team to walk the path to self-mastery and we are well aware that the only way is through unconditional service to others.

We love you unconditionally and we hope one day the entire world will follow the same path. We care not for fortune, fame or earthly rewards; we seek the benefits of truth and love for the greatest good of ALL! 

Victory of the Light!

Prepare For Change Family.


10 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Donation and Love

  1. Thank you all for your tireless work. I want you to know just how much I appreciate your consistent efforts. As a sometimes very confused Pleiadian Starseed, you have helped me to ascend unto a greater plateau of understanding. I know now with loving meditation why I am here. After so much attacks and so much struggle ……

    Love and Light


  2. the most important information in the history of our planet and our soul evolution. Once we all realize the great lies, how we’ve all been fooled to think we are unique and separate when in fact we are all 1 unity consciousness and we’ve all had multiple lives on this 3D plane. Now that is going to blow people way, especially if those people have been racist against a race they were once part of, think about that for a moment. Perhaps the plantation owner was once a slave or vise versa. Anyhow, thank you for your service to the world, your inspiration and information has helped me from the armegeddon belief system of the Catholic church to a message and understanding I always knew was true but just needed the details that cobra has provided. We judge ourselves, there is no physical hell, that is all controlled programming, We are amazing spiritual beings that have been lied to, implanted, manipulated into wars and divided intentionally. Stay positive, strong, victory of the Light is assured!

  3. I don’t have any major professional skills, but people consider me skillful. I hope that will give me the window to be one of the blessed volunteer by make a change. Thank you.

  4. Hello- I just sent a donation, but I wanted it to go to the situation in Malawi. Is that possible to direct it to that? Thank you! Sue

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