Many of you are aware that something is very unfair with our current financial system.

As hard as you may try, the monthly cost of running a household continues to become one the most difficult challenges we face.

It brings about stress, fear, arguments, and takes its toll on the peace and harmony we are supposed to enjoy in our personal lives, especially if we’re trying to raise a family.

It does not have to be this way, and we are here to help you and your community move to a new paradigm.

First, here a few basic facts you probably were never exposed to as they relate to the existing financial system.

pfc02Currently the computer program is controlled by the world’s central banks. In the U.S. it is the Federal Reserve Bank, whose current ownership is unknown to the citizens.

In Europe, the governing body is the ECB, (European Central Bank) whose ownership is divided among the 17 participating euro-based central banks, as well as 10 additional central banks in Europe which utilize different currencies other than the euro. Ownership of these 27 individual central banks that control the ECB is also unknown to the citizens of Europe.

It is fair to state that outside of a small circle of people – no one knows who owns the central banks, and therefore NO ONE KNOWS WHO IS CONTROLLING YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE!

Without exception, all central banks across the planet were formed either through collusion, corruption, deception, and/or contrived wars. Only three countries remain without a central bank:  Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

For more historical data on this subject we offer the following references:

Book: The creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Howard Griffin.

Video: The Money Masters – Rothchilds Exposed.

The Money Masters – Part 1:


The Money Masters – Part 2:


Website: Financial Tyranny – by David Wilcock (Divine Cosmos).

In addition to owning all the central banks on the planet, the same inner circle of individuals also either own or control most or all of the large international commercial and private banks that operate with retail store fronts in your towns and cities. It must be stated that the vast majority of folks who work in these central and retail banks are highly principled hard working citizens, and just like many of us are unaware of who their controllers are, or even of their existence.

There are other international banking organizations that you should know about.

In 1944 both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as the World Bank was established by the 44 governments of the allied forces who fought against the aggressors in World War II. A conference was held at a New Hampshire ski resort called Breton Woods.

An agreement was made that the taxpayers of these 44 countries would fund both of these organizations in an effort to re-build the war torn economies of the decimated countries.

Both organizations still exist today and enjoy complete autonomy outside of the legal systems of all the countries which provide its funding. That is, both your and my money funds their corrupt operations.

An example of how deep the corruption runs can be studied by listening to Karen Hudes searching by Karen Hudes on YouTube, her website, or a 2 hour interview on LiveStream by Project Camelot (below). Ms. Hudes is a Yale Law School Graduate and a 20 year veteran of the legal department at World Bank Headquarters.

Karen Hudes Interview – Part 1:

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Karen Hudes Interview – Part 2:

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Karen Hudes Interview – Part 3:

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For our purposes the last but not least of the insidious organizations that control our financial lives is the Bank for International Settlements, or (BIS), located in Basel Switzerland of all places.

This is a bank owned by 58 central banks, which operates for the benefit of the 58 central banks. Need we say more?

Where do the central banks get their (our) money?

Remember, all central banks are owned by anonymous private persons. None are controlled or operated by governments. They get their (our) money by logging into their private computer system and creating a money transaction out of thin air, or cyberspace, or make believe, or however you wish to characterize it. The money does not really exist. It is nothing more than a digital entry made from their private computer system.  It is not backed by any government, and it is not backed by any hard assets such as gold or silver, and it can only be redeemed by changing it out for one of their “notes”, known as paper currency.

What is paper currency?

Take a look at some paper money, or look closely at the top left of the $100 bill, as it proclaims itself a “Federal Reserve Note”. The euro is even more mystical. It only displays the names EURO (Latin) and EYPO (Greek) along with the initials of the European Central Bank on the backside in five different variants: BCE, ECB, EZB, EKT, AND EKT.

Since we don’t know who owns the central banks, and we have no idea what backs up their “notes”, one can surmise that we have put ourselves into a very precarious financial position. We are taking notes from a small circle of corrupt individuals of which we don’t even know who they are!

In the U.S. up until August 13th, 1971 our money was backed by gold. Then Richard Nixon issued executive order #11615 which turned our gold backed currency into toilet paper. We now remain at the folly and whim of our financial controllers – the anonymous owners of the Federal Reserve and other worldwide central banks.

What can we do about it?


In 2008 Iceland nationalized the domestic parts of its international banks and let the international sides go bankrupt. It issued arrest warrants for the arrest of criminal bankers, as well as the corrupt politicians who supported the charade.

It also protected its citizens by blowing off the phony loans which were issued through the central banks in London and the Netherlands. Its economy is now stabilized and growing, while they have retained autonomy with their own currency. Not bad for a tiny country with a determination to get rid of the corruption.

In early July of 2013 at the behest of its citizens and with the support of its positive military the leaders of Egypt were removed from power. The jury may still be out on the long term ramifications, but a clear message has been sent across the globe to every leader of every country currently in power. Your military is either going to be your best friend or worst nightmare according to how you operate while in office.


Behind the scenes negotiations for the surrender of the owners of the central banks, also known as “the cabal” and the “illuminati” have been going on for some time to no avail.

Plans have been drawn to arrest them and dismantle their financial matrix in the probable event they do not comply.

Here are some facts that may startle you, but in order to be effective in YOUR preparations you’ll need to get over them.

  1. The arrest of cabal members will happen simultaneously across the planet, to be completed within one weeks time. All banks will close during this “Event”.
  2. Disclosure of the true nature of this event and other truths about our real history will be continuously broadcast on all television networks for four days running.
  3. Planning for this event has been ongoing for a long time. In addition to positive militaries being established, (as was demonstrated last month in Egypt) there are many other what I will call super-patriots who hold positions of influence within the global systems that will assist.

If this resonates positive with you then please continue reading on the main portion of this website.

If it does not resonate, then we suggest that you bookmark this site, because you’ll want to go back to it once the “Event” begins.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope the information has been both informative as well as inspiring for our very bright future.

In peace and love,

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  1. What advice would you give those who feel hopeless and lost? I’ve read about this on your site and heard about it from others, but all I can do is just sit and wait? Sitting and waiting isn’t going to put food in my belly or help me find a job in this terrible economy… I really want to believe that this is happening SOON but it seems like I might just die waiting, you know? People tell me to get out of this country then, to move to greener pastures. From reading this article it seems like there are some countries getting better, but how can someone with no money and no job lined up possibly relocate? I feel trapped in my current state and I don’t know what to do…

    • I know what you are talking about Chris because believe it or not… im equally trapped here. The way I see it though is this. Do your BEST to make a happy living even under this “terrible” economy. What if there was no Event..!?! Would you sit down and just starve !? Obviously not… you would find 1000 and 1 ways to get over that situation. But now that you DO know about the EVENT it doesn’t feel as a MUST to you to find a way out of this situation but more like a SHOULD, is it correct ?! And guess what, Subconscious mind NEVER acts on shoulds but it ALWAYS acts on MUSTS.

      So the Event WILL happen… for sure, whether this month, the next one, who knows when. BUT you can’t put all your hope there, you can’t just count the minutes and hours and “wasting” your life in such a way… its not funny at the end of the day.

      Follow what makes you HAPPY and JOYFUL, identify these things and ACT upon them… and at the same time have a desired amount of money that you’d like to earn per day and MAKE IT happen. This could be a “massage service” or “help to aged people”, whatever works for you. And the EVENT will happen when its meant to, but you will NOT need it, and THAT’S what you have to realize here.

      “It’s not a matter of chnage that the outside world changes, it WILL but ONLY AFTER you don’t care if it does…” Bashar. <— Do you follow?

      All the Best Chris and MANY Blessings form Greece.* 😉

  2. This all sounds so wonderful and as a Christian I for-see things happening as described in Revelations. There is a period of peace similar to what you describe but it is only temporary and many will be fooled. I will be ready for Armageddon as signs continue to point to the end of days being upon us. God Bless and Keep the true believers!

    • Hello Glenda, i don’t mean to disappoint you but no Armagedon will EVER take place, not in our current timeline anyway 😉

      have fun.*

  3. I wish the event or more signs of it happening would begin as it seems as if martial law and ww3 I are approaching. The last two years or since Obama signed the NDAA life in America has been a proverbially war zone. Many us are so worn and need so much to return to a sense of normal. Between having a fraud, impostor,
    ineligible president who has assaulted everything we stand for on a daily basis. To become aware that government, legal systems, financial, religious and educational institutions , are corrupt and have always been. Organizations that you thought we’re doing good are frauds in on the corruption. The shock on individual being exposed to their whole world being a lie and each of us having to find these answers on our own has been more than a full time job. It is so sad to see how manipulated and dishonest the people in our government 98 percent of them . Our elections are rigged, our media is corrupt . All the systems that we had have to been put back in place no cross ownership in media, fair and balanced report, cancel FCC contracts that aren’t acting in the public’s interest. Don’t allow lie and propaganda. No misrepresenting themselves.

    • Tusense, once the EVENT happens it won’t be possible for the people to ignore it. It will be like the elephant in the room, people won’t be in a position to pretend that nothing happened cause things will change to a GREAT extend. And believe it or not THE EVENT… it is approaching faster than you may think.

      Regarding martial law and ww3 now, we have moved to a timeline where all these “negative” events are not even a possibility let alone a probability. The timeline in which we move right one is one of ABUNDANCE, GLOBAL AWAKENING, PEACE, JOY and REALISATION of ONENESS aka “Love”. So don’t allow your mind to bother about all these fears and thoughts cause they just won’t be the case.

      Shine Bright Dear One.*

  4. I recently learned of you guys through “THE DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” call and am trying to enlighten myself about life and what’s happening with us and our planet.Look forward to hearing from you guys and may bless and guide you all to keep providing the much needed knowledge to awaken a sleeping planet.

    • Hello Leroy and welcome! Being in the KNOW is what this site is all about. Believing things is ok, but knowing is liberating. So once you know what is going to take place very soon on the planet you can be prepaired as much as possible (physically, emotionally, spiritually etc). And once you feel confident with the situation around you then you can enlighten other people too, friends, family, neighbors… you name it! So stay tuned, updated and ready for whatever the future holds for humanity. You along with others will be in GREAT demand the next few months..!

  5. Hello my beautiful brothers and sisters of light can some one who is running this site please tell me when the community leaders brief packets will be available for printing. I am looking to get these printed ASAP and I don’t see them available yet. Thank u so much hope to hear from u soon…. Much universal love… Infinite blessings…. Peace love and light

  6. Depuis six sept ans qu’ici j’essaie de dire aux gens ici en france que ce sont eux qui peuvent qui ont le pouvoir de faire que cela change j’entends la même chose depuis des années à savoir ‘oh ma pauv dame on y peut rien!” , et cette réponse pour moi n’est pas acceptable , je vous souhaite le bonjour , je suis heureuse qu’un tel site voit le jour et surtout qu’il y aura du monde pour oeuvrer et surfer sur un monde meilleur .

  7. Yes, the financial situation in my home continues to escalate with nowhere to go. Prices on all levels just get higher, food is exorbitant, utilities keep compounding, and I keep asking myself……when will this all end, and I hope it is soon. Awaiting the Ascension!

  8. Today I saw and knew the Group in this site. I would like to congratulate for it. I believe that we can transform the world.
    I´m Brazilian. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, but I have lived in São Paulo since 2004.

    My best wishes for all,


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