Wireless Electricity to be Launched in Bangkok

BANGKOK: — Bangkok residents will soon benefit from wireless electricity, after the Ministry of Energy and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration today announced plans for a major redevelopment of the capital’s electricity network. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration believes that the new wireless electricity scheme, also known as Wi-Fi Electric, will revolutionize the way people in Bangkok will … Read more

Quantum Energy Generators Forum Announced

There is now a website exclusively devoted to the development of the Quantum Energy Generators (QEGs). It features Question and Answer sessions,  QEG Community Links, a Forum where developers discuss issues, and news/videos of currently breaking developments, such as the QEG team training in Taiwan.  There is a QEG Meetup finder designed to help facilitate … Read more

Gnostics, Archons, Stanley Kubrick & Apollo “Moon Landings” Part I

~ It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been deceived ~ Myriad levels of  light, darkness and technology surround one of Hollywood’s most colorful and enigmatic film makers, Stanley Kubrick.   The ideas and symbolism you will encounter in researching his life and his movies can only be … Read more

Mass Production of Affordable Free Energy Devices NOW!!!

If you are in possession of a working overunity prototype that is scalable and easily replicated, funding is available to help you put it into mass production for the benefit of humanity.  Inventors who are sincere about putting the liberation of the planet before profit are desired. Substantial financial capability, production infrastructure and strategic planning … Read more

Is There “Personal Free Energy”?

Would it be possible to live without food? Can we live on light? Is this the personal equivalent to Free Energy devices to power the home and auto? The following documentaries provide conclusive evidence that this is so.  The last video is a 2-hour interview with a Breatharian. “There’s no doubt in my mind and … Read more