11 thoughts on “Last Peace Portal Activation Update – Cobra”

  1. I have a question: say that I get an opportunity to move elsewhere and still I want to be a part of the Event. In my situation… I am… so far… the ONLY one in my Caribbean region that signed up.. So far. There is only me in the archipelago-chain (From Cuba North to Trinidad & Tobago down South)… and one other person from Dominican Republic… and a good many others in Brazil. That’s on the other side of the Caribbean Region. I don’t know if you replied to someone here about this but… how are we going to help those who wind up being the ONLY ones helping others at the time of the Event? And… for me personally… I for one I’m DYING to get out of here to find a way out of my social/financial/spiritual situation.

  2. Question: How is the world going to continue to function if everyone is getting all this free money? Wouldn’t a lot of people just stop working for a while? I really like this whole idea and ever since finding the site a couple months ago I’ve been trying to do my part to spread awareness and get people to prepare, I just don’t understand. I feel a little silly promoting this when I can’t even explain how it’s possible to myself. I get this gut feeling every time I read about it that it’s right and that everything and everyone will be OK, but it’s hard for someone like me not to ask these sorts of questions.

    • Hello Crhis, say you had these money now, would you stop working ?! I mean how long can you be in vacation before getting bored…!? People need to contribute to society one way or another… 4 hours per day maybe… otherwise…its getting boring… no ?!

      By the way you don’t have to convince anyone at all, sharing this info is more than enough I guess. Other than that each individual is free to either do his/her own research or not, either way, not your problem.

      But if you have any other questions by all means… bring it on, the point here is not to make people believe in something but more like help them understand as much as possible what is to come, so.. 😉

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