Dear PFC,
      The following question has been asked to Cobra. I have decided to answer this from my perspective. I am not answering for Cobra however I felt my response would be of interest to our readership!
Rob Potter
PFC Leadership Group
This question is from a friend of mine who is a great light and known on Cobras Portal site as IAM LOVE!

Could you please provide some clarification for the Planetary Leadership & Council group about the sequence of events leading up to and during the Event ?

Will the Resistance be contacting members prior to the Event and how will this also reconcile with the internet possibly not functioning in the moments after the Event.

Thank you

Victory Now !

Dear PFC,

        The sequence of event leading to the EVENT are happening every day and unfolding before your eyes. It is clear that no exact intelligence about this process will be revealed to the general public or PFC except through the various true disseminators of this information. We here feel cobra is one such source of information. There are many others and discernment is an important tool to use when trying to fathom the changes we are now going through as a planet and as a society. Cobra and his body of work to date answers the first question as far as he is able to share at this time.

     Cobra has indicated certain members of the surface poulation may or may not be contacted before during or after the event. This may or may not include members of the PFC. Who is contacted or when is not important in the overall picture. Most likely very few if any PFC will be contacted in the initial phases. Do not be disappointed. Trusting in the divine design and having faith in the process for The Victory of The Light through the first stages of the financial reset and open arrest of  major political figures IS important.
     It is hoped that large percentages of the PFC following. Will not need to be contacted and will understand  what is transpiring and know what to do. Most likely only key indidivduals in important positions which are vital to the non violent success of the EVENT will be contacted. Even then some of them may not know that they are speaking with the RM!
         Those tied into the worlds financial , media , political and military/ police infrastructures will most likely recieve orders through a chain of command. This chain of command will unbeknownst to the average individual, but will have originated with The GFL or Agarthan and Earth based Allies in the highest echelon of the Resistance movement.  Sheldon Nidle has repeated ad infinitum that the invisible material and non material beings of light are ever at the ready, know this to be true!
      GFL/ RM  presence will be FELT more than seen before during and imediatley after the EVENT.  Remain calm and poised and be prepared to step up and follow the protocols on the preparefor change website for contact with your worlds local leadership. Be active in your missions to encourage a compassionate and peaceful state of mind during the event to everyone you are moved to speak to or contact in regards to the EVENT.  The sustainability of the internet during the event will not be a determining factor in the ultimate Victory . However if one reflects one can see that society is tremendously dependant on the internet for hospitals and many other important life support functions within our worlds societies. 
     It is intended that the internet remain functioning and online. It is clear this is a double edged sword and  the internet could be used for the spreading of panic and fear as well as peace and calm. I personally feel the GFL will see to it that the internet remains functioning most of the time. A short or initial shut down may or may not be strategically implemented. No one knows for sure but the most important thing is “Be Prepared For Change” and to have no fear! Simply find the divine source within and follow your intuition and your heart it will not fail you. Know you are loved and that “The Light of God Never Fails”. 
Warm Regards and Love to You All!
Vistory To The Light
Rob Potter



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  1. hi there my name is barry,i live in london,i used to be in the GOd program,where i used to be a member of the mormon church in london for 27 yrs, a am now who i am,i am now someone somebody with awareness/presence, and even my higher self is reunited to my galactic hue-man being and i have had an awakening as as a child i also had encounters with e.t. and various ships we call ufos,i look forward to the EVENT/NESARA but we all have to be prepared so that we can help those above and the ground troops below here on hearth.but i have noticed that the god program and the illuminati still get in the way of progress, so its a tough job at times to help others or share what we know, even tho most pee-pols flowers=chakras might not be open for knowledge, as fear of the unknown and freemasonry hollywood get in the way.

  2. Hello Mr. Potter, I do see where we are headed with the New Age. Thus, I have several unanswered questions as to the proper way to receive light etc. Can guide me to a proper source or read that would direct me on this journey of enlightenment, please ? Feel free to email me, for I am always thirsty for knowledge and understand. Thank you so very much Mr. Potter. Sincerely, Ronnie.

  3. KELLY,
    There is only one God. The first without a second the alpha and the omega. The one true living presence that exists within all forms and is transcendent to all forms, the mighty mystery.

    Is there any other? Can mans finite limited mind ever contain the infinite? Can we suppose by placing an intellectual description to the infinite all knowing omni present omnipotent source of all that is understand it. Nay no mere mortal can possibly know god. Any name or human thought of god would limit the unlimitable.
    The best we can do is be enraptured and the uneffable beauty and glorious reality of El Elyon Andonai. all names are but names of the supreme reality.

    I sense that whatever name I would give to try to convey my love for the divine it would be negated by someone. Who in their arrogance might claim that their description of god is superior to anothers description? What foolishness would that be! Some may say Love is god or wholeness is God . Would they be wrong? Perhaps to a limited ego trying to declare their understanding or their simple word or name as the “TRUE” god. They might claim all other names as of the devil and even try to smite a heathen or an infidel and to murder them for their blasphemy because God wants it? Who is the New age channelr now? Declaring god has talked to them and them alone and no one else can possibly have a personal relationship with the divine mind. How very sadly lost are such people lost in ther own delusions of self importance that they cannot see what is near. God is your neighbor… what if god was one of us?
    God is within you as you dear sister god is in everything ….even those who you may disagree with for whatever reason.
    IAM That IAM

    • Has anyone seen this Youtube? I wonder if the Brussels Court has any kind of enforcement agency (like police?)

      Visualize peaceful surrender of all cabal!!

      – and so it is!

      Love and Light – Diana-Joy

  4. Mr. Potter;

    You said know we are love and the Light of God will never fail us-my question is-

    WHO is your God?

    Thank you ~Kelly


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