Dear PFC,
I must first thank my co-chair Eduardo Hernandez who has the largest PFC event support group in LA who has recieved a letter from a member of his group, This is from a christian minister who has travelled the world serving as a christian missionary His name is Casimir Milosh

Here is his letter to PFC :

From Milosh
A response to recent claims that this site is a NWO dis info site.

1. In recent decades literally hundreds of serious Bible believing, Jesus Christ following credible Scholars and everyday students of Scripture, now realize ALL End-Time BIBLE PROPHECY was “FULFILLED” at A.D.70 Jerusalem!
(For example, the Antichrist was Nero).
A most credible representative source is John Noe, PhD.
of Prophecy Reformation Institute- .

2. From His Heaven Authority,
Our Lord Jesus spoke forward to the event He called “a new heaven and a new earth”.
In modern concept this could easily be termed as a “new society”, a new Epochal change!
All of its elements, aspects, and rudiments, are given by Lord Jesus in Revelation 21:1-22:6.

3. In modern parlance these criteria can easily harmonize with that defined now as “The EVENT” of PrepareForChange, and others giving the same report for our present day.

A review of beings in Scripture called “angels” as God’s benevolent messengers sent to serve humanity, could also, in modern parlance, allowably be referred to as

4. A Great Awakening of our present day reveals a cunningly devised corrupting global monetary system is enslaving all nations of people for centuries!
This is the complete world dark “control” of fiat-currency of Fractional Reserve Banking!
This Cabal has usurped itself as “SOVEREIGN over the nations”!
Any and all laboring to abolish this System, and replace it with one prosperous for all peoples of all current “nations”, regardless of labels, qualify as serving Jesus Christ’s “Accomplished SOVEREIGNTY” at His 70 A.D. Visitation of Judgement!

Can this be [Finally!] Christ”s
people “on earth” who in daily life are “free indeed” as in Isaiah 65:17-25; and Psalm 143:12-15 !
CJM 3/1/2014

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