Pretty Please? A Goddess Wish

This is a request for Stardust on behalf of the goddesses everywhere on planet Gaia who are giving birth. As an OB anesthesiologist who apologizes for sticking needles in people’s backs, who says, ‘this is the best way we know how and when there is a better way I am going to use it!’ each time…my dearest Galactic Brothers and Sisters, this is an open letter to you:

Childbirth is painful.

I am skilled in the relief of this childbirth pain.

Our methods are crude at best. It involves the insertion of local anesthesia into the central nervous system via a subarachnoid block (spinal) or epidural block for analgesia in labor.

Not long ago a mother came in who was like this:

She had a birthing ball, a birth plan, and wanted nothing to do with me. I made my rounds in the morning, wished her luck sincerely, and went on with my day.

Until I remembered this device:

I had seen it at a trade show last weekend. I had a demo sample on me. I asked her nurse if it was okay to invite the patient to trial it in her labor. The nurse said yes. So did the patient and her husband.

It felt so good to be able to offer non-drug pain relief that uses circulating energy in labor; the way it works is it stimulates the LI point with acupressure.

She wore it and she walked around in early labor. According to the nurse, the device came off once the ‘active labor’ hit.

But in a way, the device was a success because it helped the patient and I to form a relationship. And when later she asked for her epidural, it was different. We had both tried to avoid the needle, not just her.

She also had full knowledge of my Reiki training, and my intuitive strengths, since we met.

To get to this point takes incredible effort on the part of the mother. It requires a team. And whether it is in the OR or the delivery room, for most women on the planet, it is the most painful and fearful experience of suffering that exists.

I know for myself, as a survivor of molest, with PTSD,  there was no way I wanted to experience pain in my reproductive system. At all. But my OB thought ‘natural was better’ and I was induced against my will. I got ‘stuck’ at four centimeter’s dilation, and had the section I always wanted after I had reached complete and total exhaustion, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Although I had an epidural, I was praying the whole time for Jesus to come take me and the baby to Heaven. I was done and I wanted OUT. I have never prayed this prayer for my own demise before or since.

Why on earth should the most beautiful act of creation make a mother pray to die?

Life is a beautiful experience; that is the intent of Creator, is it not?

Stardust can take all pain away in fifteen minutes

That’s how long my epidural takes to work. But my epidural is invasive, and requires a ten centimeter long needle into the back.

As an act of Divine Mercy. please send it here. Please send the Stardust to the mothers if it is safe. Please help them in their suffering. I am trained in pain relief–it is my profession. Please show me how it is used. I will train others. Please show me the dosing schedule, the contraindications, the side effects (if any).

I will show the world.

Please take the needles away. Please show us how it is done. Please send help NOW to those who suffer, starting first with mothers in labor, who have earned the place to be first in line.

Goddess wants nothing less.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post. I am a woman who does not desire to have babies, one of the reasons being the incredible pain that goes in childbirth. I truly don’t understand why this subject of labor pain doesn’t have any more attention in the media. I don’t understand why all society assumes that it’s the role of women to give birth so if it hurts “it’s your problem”. I get tremendous pressure from society and family to produce babies but I will keep refusing. If women were better at sticking with each other and all refused to have babies due to this problem maybe somebody would listen. It’s truly a brutal society one that looks the other way and refuses to do anything about this.

    • Laura, you are welcome. It’s my pleasure to shine the light on this part of society that gets swept under the carpet. I hope you might enjoy this latest blog post <3
      You might have to 'cut and paste' because comments don't always hyperlink, but here it is. I had you in mind when I wrote it.

  2. I had my second child in a birthing tub of water in my home…it was the most magical, empowering & wonderful experience. I did it almost all by myself…my midwife showed up in the last 20 minutes to catch my son….no need for any drugs…i even had a glass of wine nearby that i never sipped from…it was like night and day from my horrible hospital birth of my first son, with the epideral, which basically, just stopped my labor and gave many opportunites for the nurses to try to persuade me to be drugged, and poked, dispite my “natural birthing plan.”
    I strongly recommend NATURAL WATER BIRTH…you will feel so empowered!! And the water takes away the pain 🙂

    • Hi Atheena, aloha and mahalo for your comment. I am pleased you were able to enjoy your natural energy, and give birth in a positive manner. It is my hope that one day all women shall experience this. That being said, I am sensitive to the fact that not all women, even those intending to experience a Natural Birth, will be able to do so. The amount of guilt these beautiful souls feel is very great, when the labor of their dreams turns into their worst nightmare. Please, everyone, do the best you can, make an informed decision every step of the way, and remember that a healthy mom and a healthy baby is the MOST IMPORTANT THING, and everything else is just what happens/what manifests. So please, leave the guilt, along with the ego/expectations, outside the door when there is childbirth at hand, and enjoy whatever BLESSING Creator sends–no matter how it seems–glass of wine or in an OR like I did–motherhood is a gift. Always remember this. : )))


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