Healing With Animals

Healing With Pets This is how pets look in my part of the world. And today’s message is inspired by a tribute to a dog name Luke, who ‘owned’ a director of a breast cancer center as his ‘family’. Luke had been to five homes, and was adopted.  The tribute movie starts with Adoption Day. … Read more

What Happens When Two Healing Paradigms Collide?

The Masculine energies currently support Conventional Medicine. The patient gives up all power when they sign the consent to be treated, and they also give up the right to decide how much their care is going to cost because it is the system, the standard-of-care that is decided by randomized-double-blind studies and ‘science’–as to what … Read more

Spring Has Sprung!

Good Morning to you from foggy, quiet, Southern California. In some parts of the world, Spring is already arrived. Here is some perspective on the energy, the incredibly intense cosmic alignments that Cobra has described, what to expect, and how you can make the most of it for you. http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/03/updates-and-downloads.html As an extra added benefit, here … Read more

Will You Help Gaia In Her Energy Healing?

Part of the Healers Group in Prepare For Change is focused on Gaia and her needs. Because of generations of exploitation of her precious resources, she has sent out a cry for help to Creator. She is not in the best of shape. At the hospital we would say her condition is ‘guarded’ and ‘critical’ … Read more

How To Have Health In You Hara

Have you ever heard of ‘fire in your belly’? The Eastern tradition says that the gut, or ‘Hara’ (hah-rah) is the center of all of our power, our ability to defend, our ability to act. In martial arts we learn the loud, vocal, ‘Ki Yi’ (kee y-eye), which comes straight from the Hara to fend … Read more

The Goddess Energy and You

Welcome The Goddess Energy Nurturing. Warmth. Love. Compassion. These are the energies of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves. When males discover their inner Goddess Energies, the Divine Masculine ‘ramps up’ even more to counter-balance it! The effect is a kind, gentle powerhouse of healing Divine Masculine Light. How do we welcome the … Read more

Hope For Back Pain

Advances In Spine Surgery Have you ever heard of ‘arthroscopy’? This is the type of surgery on the joint where the surgeon operates inside the joint via a small tube. There are special instruments, and with direct vision of a camera, the surgeon is able to relieve most types of injury that are causing pain. … Read more