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I am a board-certified anesthesiologist, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher. I love bringing Energy Healing into conventional Medicine. It is my passion to make 'Healing' include the ways of 'Spirit' once more.

Healing With Animals

Healing With PetsThis is how pets look in my part of the world.And today's message is inspired by a tribute to a dog name...
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What Happens When Two Healing Paradigms Collide?

The Masculine energies currently support Conventional Medicine. The patient gives up all power when they sign the consent to be treated, and they also...

It’s Time To Take Your Power Back For Your Health

The SchedulerToday we are going to talk about the third chakra, the yellow one, that sits at the solar plexus, and carries with it...
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Spring Has Sprung!

Good Morning to you from foggy, quiet, Southern California. In some parts of the world, Spring is already arrived. Here is some perspective on...
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Will You Help Gaia In Her Energy Healing?

Part of the Healers Group in Prepare For Change is focused on Gaia and her needs. Because of generations of exploitation of her precious...
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How To Have Health In You Hara

Have you ever heard of 'fire in your belly'? The Eastern tradition says that the gut, or 'Hara' (hah-rah) is the center of all...

A Request On Behalf Of Women To The Highest Council

Pretty Please? A Goddess WishThis is a request for Stardust on behalf of the goddesses everywhere on planet Gaia who are giving birth. As...

HADO: Incorporating Healing With Water Into Your Lifestyle

De L'EauYou are mostly water.It is in your body fluids and inside of every cell.Your choices on water affect your well-being more than you...

The Goddess Energy and You

Welcome The Goddess EnergyNurturing. Warmth. Love. Compassion.These are the energies of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves.When males discover their inner Goddess Energies, the Divine...

Hope For Back Pain

Advances In Spine SurgeryHave you ever heard of 'arthroscopy'?This is the type of surgery on the joint where the surgeon operates inside the joint...

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