Watch the 2 video’s – using your discernment.   Disclaimer:  we are unclear as to what level of truth this is portraying and what level of truth – time will tell.


11th March 2014 – Indonesia. The gathering of tribal elders and diplomats has cemented by wet ink signature the SEMAR SUPER SEMAR – a historic day for Indonesia and the world.

This most recent Semar Super Semar event and signing in Indonesia on 11th March 2014 was hosted by H.R.H. Mr. A1.SINO.AS.S”2″.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST, Chairman of the United Nations Organisation, who signed into history the launch of Payment Order 1-11, beginning with the global financial system changes.

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  1. I thought Cobra said this Swissindo crowd and Mr Sino,was part of the Cabals attempt at a global currency reset.With the Jesuits and Cabal still on top and in control.

    Did I misunderstand or are you the one that is mistaken?

    • What? You actaully beelive what this illuminati shill says….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahaha….let me guess, you also beleive aliens are a freindly intelligent life in our universe right…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….Well at least you understand that the jesuits who own the fake jews who are doing most fo their dirty work because they jesuits are cowards but are the NWO psycho’s (as is the roman mafia, british empire and rokman empire, rothschild’s, rockefeller’s, kissinger, etc.,), not that the fake jews aren’t, they just get a thrill out of causing others mysery, just like their father weak, inadequate and jealous parasite satan, which is who I beleive “cobra” the snake works for, no good guy uses a satanic symbol of the snake! The illuminati freaks want us to think aliens are real, rather than the demons they are, so we fear them and fall into their up and coming trap of satan NWO, so again, ask yourself why woud cobra tell you the same thing…BECAUSE HE IS THEIR SHILL! Anyone with half a brain can see right through this dirt bag shill!

      • and who is your source of information? And your solution is. . . .? I feel like you are “against” the NWO – and they are very layered and slippery. It does seem that you have some knowledge of who is behind who and doing their bidding. I’m sorry you feel the need to call people names even though it seems you are trying to sound your alarm about what you think of us and this web-site as well as Cobra – (which stands for Compression Breakthrough). We are all trying to get at a wider and wider degree of “truth” because it can seem to be a rabbit hole. I’d like to hear more solutions or real discussions rather than name calling. really? Discernment, study – and we’ll wait & see.


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