Lennon performed “Imagine” in 528, and McCartney’s Band on the Run transitioned into 528, too. They knew something we know, and audiences experience about 528. It is the “key” to unlocking the “good vibration” in your heart, generating joy, faith, bravery, love and the “peace paradigm,”, destined for revolutionizing everything globally, musicially (mathematically) to the most healing and uplifting frequency in the nature (universally)–LOVE/528.

Our mission is much like Sgt. Pepper’s Band that played to save frozen “Pepperlanders” from the “Blue Meanies.” The Meanies had stolen all the music to break civilization’s soul and spirit. The musically-deprived people, previously peaceful, colorful and creative, turned frozen, fragile, black-and-white, shattered by weapons of war.

Today, we have a similar situation that began in 1938 when the music industry was conned into a prison of A=440/F#=741 “standard tuning.” “Blue Meanies” imposed this “concert tuning” that suppressed the good vibration of your heart–LOVE/528–nature’s choice for energizing oxygen and the air you breathe. This is why most music lovers “feel something is not quite right” with today’s music. The spiritual suppression is felt, and is at the heart of our most urgent problems.

528 music is the solution to bring peace to earth.


You are the Music

“You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!” 

– Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Dear Dr Horowitz,

Just read your article on A=432Hz vs A=440Hz tunings. I’m a performing songwriter with more interest in healthy listeners than a healthy bank account, so I tried this tuning today and was astounded by the difference. I seriously regret my previous five CDs in A=440Hz, I will never go back to performing or recording in that tuning. Thanks for getting the information out there, I had never considered this, since I’ve always been more focused on researching and writing songs than the mechanics of music itself. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know!


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The case for the cosmic 432 Hz


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  1. To Scott Wallace. 415hz is not any different than 440hz. Same pitch just a seminote lower. 432hz is more relaxed compared to 440hz. It fixes those damn register shifts.
    Scientific pitch with 12-Tet is 430.54Hz. Going lower has no benefits. My tuner only goes to 435hz but even that is much better than 440hz when singing and its so close -19.8 cents that not many would pick up this outside tuning from standard. But when you get down to – 30 cents i think most will detect that some thing is off.

  2. Hi there,I produce dance music on 528 Hz and 432 Hz.Each have their purpose and I play both in my sessions.God permeates everything, no mistake is done.As for the 440 hz,it is just music without purpose but it remains,in most cases a creation made with love.

  3. As a musician, for me, it comes down to practical considerations. I play 6-string bass at the virtuoso level; I have a hard enough time doing that tuned to A440, particularly since I’m now in my mid-40’s. There’s no way in hell I could keep it up playing tuned to A444, but with A432 tuning, no problem. I play better and faster, and make less mistakes. It’s the goldilocks tuning: string tension not too low, not too high, just right.

    What 528ers don’t seem to understand is that human vocal cords have physiological tension limitations. The higher the pitch, the more difficult it is to shift up in the register without faltering. There are documents and videos made by opera singers that demonstrate this both with charts and with demonstrations. Opera singing is easy and fluid in A432 tuning, but it doesn’t work so well in A440 or higher pitch tuning. Their main complaint is that the higher pitches damage the vocal cords, ending careers too soon or requiring surgical repair to continue. Most opera singers are accustomed to singing in A440, because that’s how they were trained, but they can barely manage it. Any time an orchestra increases its pitch to compete with other orchestras, the singers are the first to complain.

    That’s the real reason for using a tuning system based on scientific pitch (middle C=256 hz). Whether you use exact tuning to a middle C reference or you use an A432 reference to tune slightly sharp of scientific pitch to compensate detuning during a performance, it will always be more practical than using a higher pitched tuning system.

    It all comes down to the health of singers, the health of musicians who play instruments that require a certain amount of finger or breath strain, and the health of instruments. Any other reason is misinformed speculation.

    Another problem with A440 and above is that due to the strain on vocal cords (and physical strain associated with certain instruments), it creates an elitist culture. Everyone has to measure up to a superhuman standard just to make it in music; only genetic outliers can get into that inner circle. However, most of the actual artistic talent is in the 99% of all artists that don’t have a genetic advantage. The elitism cheapens the quality of art, which is why we have a very small number of great singers and instrumentalists creating the fast food garbage music that we hear on pop radio stations. If it sounds like sugar, then it’s just as bad as sugar for both the mind and the body. That’s why you see singers getting vocal problems after only 10 years of singing, and hear about artists who’ve been singing longer getting surgery. That’ also why the music industry generally only picks the youngest musicians for record deals; they know damned well that singing in unnatural pitches limits the lifespan of a singer’s career.

    For an example of what higher pitches do, listen to Coldplay. They tune to Chris Martin’s piano, which is tuned to A446. The guy sounds hoarse most of the time, and he honks every time he hits the higher notes. The bassist can’t play anything but simple lines, because if he tried to play like me in that tuning, he’d be out of a career. high pitch tuning is like trying to ice skate uphill.

    Something else people never seem to mention is that the 528 hz tuning system was created by Freemasons, because it’s a multiple of 33, their sacred number. This is an historical fact, not a conspiracy theory speculation; the guy who came up with the idea was himself a 33rd degree Freemason. It’s purely a numerological contrivance, not based in any actual science like C=256 hz. Scientific pitch is an absolute concert pitch; anything above it is sharp, and anything below it is flat, no matter how relative and contextualized our perception is. A440 tuning is ridiculously sharp according to scientific standards, yet the 528ers are trying to push the pitch even higher in some insane reach for some glorious mirage. I’ve listened to a lot of modern pop that uses pitch inflation as a sales gimmick, and it’s like a meth high. Meth makes people manic and delusional, then it kills them; think about that. There has always been a direct correlation of violence and fanaticism with pitch inflation, because it induces mania and mass hysteria. If you want world peace, 528 hz is not the answer.

    But I guess people learn best by doing, so I leave it to 528 enthusiasts to discover the insanity for themselves by trying to play music that way for 20-30 years straight. I’ve spent 27 years playing in A440 tuning, and I can guarantee that if you play a difficult instrument like bass and tune even higher, you will get the problems I have a lot sooner in life.

    • Very interesting. I’m a musician also and i agree with your conclusion although i hadn’t seen it from this angle before. Thanks !

      You might be interested in some stuff in there :

      • Dear Untwine (‘un-twin-e’)
        Thanks for this too.
        You have also a previous post about silver gate and golden gate:
        But are they also in the 3rd dimensional reality, or only in the higher ones?
        If in physical (3d) where are they (distance)
        and what does they consist in?
        We may discuss more about if case may be.
        But as is described, it seem that golden and silver gates are related only to Earth rather than to our galaxy or Central Sun.
        By the way, the Central Galactic Sun is the same as Cobra claims with those the astronomers claim??

    • I’m a musician too, and also an instrumentmaker. I too see pitch level from a practical standpoint, and I agree that it’s sometimes easier and/or better to sing or play a piece of music at a lower pitch.

      But that’s where my agreement ends. Having played and sung for many years at the “modern Baroque standard” of A= 415, a semitone below 440, I can tell you that it’s even more relaxed and sounds better on original instruments than 440 or 432. There’s nothing magical about any of these numbers: if there were, it would be an easy Nobel Prize for someone.

      cheers from sunny Vienna, Scott

  4. Thanks Rob of Green Spirit Creations

    I also highly recommend part 1 and this time in my comment I will share the link. I forgot it in my previous comment. The solfeggio tonescale is nothing mysterious. For all those who haven’t seen theses two The Cosmic 432 videos
    I recommnend them both 🙂

    PART 1 The Cosmic 432 – Part 1

    PART 2 The Cosmic 432 Part 2

    • R,
      I worked very closely with Len Horowitz he has lived in Laguna is one of my heroes and a great light worker for the planet I help to organize the world wide H2o water blessing live streamed around the world in 2009 with Dr Emoto and many others. The solfeggio scale is healing

    • Thank you for your information Roger. Your passion is showing. Even if Len Horowitz wasn’t exactly correct with the 528 frequency, his information about how the music industry was hyjacked is very benificial. I am very grateful you brought this to my attention and further study. We sometimes need to go through several layers of revising before we get to more and more truth. Thank you again. And let’s get our music on. and in the right Hz.

  5. Thanks Rodger, you are right on center with that video. I also found that no cymatics video exists on you tube for the 528hz frequency, at least not on a shaker table. It becomes very apparent that 528hz is not “the love frequency”. I would recommend the video “Cymatics experiment tonoscope 432-440Hz” for an intro to cymatics.

  6. The Cosmic 432 – Part 2

    In this 2 parts video you will see
    and for shure hear that 528 Hz mixed
    in the understanding of 432-VS 440
    is wrong.

    This is part 1 and I recommende as
    a musicproducer that you watch these
    two videos to update your knowledge
    about 432 VS 440 Hz


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