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Prepare for Change gathering at Eduardo`s office on Easter Sunday was awesome. There were about 40 beautiful people of all ages.We were definitely like a true Family of Light – meditating together, sharing our thoughts, observing Max`s informative orgone demonstration, being healed by the use of the Tibetan Buddhist`s mantras, meditating again for the Portal opening , sharing food, hugging and just being together in joy .
True sense of belonging was all around the big room.There was magic in the air, some tears of gratitude and happiness in the circle of light beings.Wish you were all there.

Next Sunday, April 27th we will come together in the most naturally uplifting location by the lake
in Beverly Hills (Judi`s amazing find).

Love is in the air ! Our Family of Light within the Prepare For Change Group is expanding rapidly. There were many
first-timers at Eduardo`s meeting .This is so exciting , encouraging and exhilarating ! We`ve gained the momentum.
The PFC movement has caught on . All the right people find their way to apply their skills and march with all of
us to the Victory of the Light ! Fasten your seat belts. The Victory is upon us, dear ones ! The Shift of the millenia
is happening, it`s in the works.

We are living in one of the most special and unique times in history. Earth is the last planet under the occupation of the Dark Forces.We are the last planet to be liberated. All the galaxies will be liberated. We are the most skilled. We are working for the Victory of the Light.
We have been taught :1) polarity and 2) duality (the concept of duality is a mind program) but they are no longer needed. The key is balance. By helping to lift the veil we will have eternal happiness in paradise. This is our natural right in the universe. We have almost forgotten this.
Russia plays a very important role. Putin is working with the Russian Military Light Resistance, advancing the agenda of the Light Forces. The Eastern Alliance includes Russia and China, who are pressuring the financial system, especially the Rothschilds.

Some wisdom from H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar`s “Life at 100%” …”What is succes ? Success is measured by the strength of your smile.It is the confidence you have to face challenges. Success requires you to focus on others, not yourself.This may contradict what you understand to be success. Usually you think of success as getting what you want in life. If you only think of yourself, your vision, creativity and motivation will always be restricted by your personal situation. However, you will move toward lasting success if you step back and ask, “What is needed in the world ? What do others need to be happy, more comfortable and content ?” When you think of others, your focus expands, vision broadens and creativity grows.”

Sending our Love & Blessings ! Victory of the Light !
~ Raissa & Dov

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  1. Simply amazing! I watched the video and never had heard of Eric Whitacre and was just blown away. Watch “Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2000 voices strong” to see how Eric works his magic. Big thanks to Raissa and Dov for bringing this to us. Great job Ladies!


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