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We heard that the energies were going to be intense with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it seems like that was the case.
And this is just the first of the four Blood Moons…

Interesting times ahead…all to activate change through this year and the next.

Hopefully this will open doors to advancement in society from bottom to top regarding our technologies, our compassion, our abilities to live in harmony on Earth.

Both Raissa and myself were at the very first Laguna Cobra Conference I personally had a profound experience on top of the hill where we all gathered to meditate and prepare for the opening of the conference. Cobra led us in a walking portal activation on the grassy park and and then we all gathered in a circle, and spoke aloud our intentions for planetary transformation.

 After, that we were meditating with our eyes closed, and I happened to open my eyes, and noticed that Isis was directly across from me and at the same moment saw a streak of light that arched and swept across the sky directly overhead.

After I mentioned what I saw and Isis said she saw it too, which Cobra remarked, yes, our Galactic Brothers and sisters are in the skies above us and connecting with us as we were doing the activation.

Since that time, there have been many other portal activations at various sacred places around the world.

Raissa and I are just beginning to head up the Renaissance Group and we are delighted each week to share with you some of the inspiring art and music that are the visuals and soundtracks for this new Renaissance.

To get the ball rolling, we would like to share with you something that I recently put together, a music video called ‘Power of the Sun’. This song from my upcoming CD ‘Dream with the Earth’ celebrates our magnificent Sun, and the opportunity it brings to energize our power grid as we transition away from ‘fossil fuel’ into sustainable energies such as solar energy, free energy and wind, waves and beyond.
The second link is a rendition of battle hymn of the republic, galactic style, which address the grand reunion with our galactic brothers and sisters.


And this link is to connect us with the energy of Mermaids in Dov’s song, Mermaid Caverns.
We invite you to use this video and peaceful music to feel your connection to the underwater worlds, and to visualize  healing energies, to sweep like currents and restore the pristine qualities that existed for millennia. We invite you to sit quietly and as you listen, picture connecting with all the elementals and nature energies in the oceans, forests, and across the world so we can begin greater dialogue and connection, nurturing our planet.


We invite you to submit ideas for future newsletters to share with everyone, and do your part in raising your own vibration awakening the new Renaissance.
Make each day Brilliant!
Raissa and Dov

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  1. I enjoyed the “Power of the Sun,” video and noticed that on of the scenes in the video appears to be an area not more than a mile from my home in New Mexico. The “Mermaid’s Cavern,” video is a fascinating combination of enchanting under-sea images and haunting, fluid and relaxing music.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity!


  2. “The Event” is on Facebook!
    Please join and let’s get this party started! Our Galactic Family is tired of waiting! It’s TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!

  3. Hi Raissa,
    You already have all my information. I am just writing to tell you I loved all these videos. Thank you so much!

    Love and blessings,

  4. Elisabetta Errani Emaldi’s poema

    The soul of our Mother Earth

    Love doesn’t triumph when stupidity of man contained
    in his ignorance does not respect our Mother Earth.

    Humanity suffocates, slowly,
    very slowly, in its total indifference.

    Our Mother Earth, the great alive soul
    warms us on her heart and
    nourishes us, but we are enveloped by ignorance
    we are blind and deaf to her appeal.

    Maybe, are we waiting for the ill fruits of our
    Mother Earth poisoning us?

    Let us not being suffocated by her, we must cure
    our Mother Earth with devotion, because she
    nourishes us with love and energy.

    I feel my spirit tremble,
    while her great sick soul is suffering and
    desperate because her children are ungrateful,
    they haven’t respect for themselves and not even for her.

    While she dies slowly and in silent
    I feel her sorrow, her suffering and her tears
    falling on my anguished heart.

    Love triumphs only when
    we respect ourselves and our Mother Earth.

    Life will continue only if we wake
    up from the sleep of indifference.

    I feel her suffering breath, acid rain that falls on me and
    consumes my members, while she implores us
    to listen to her echo of pain that flies to our deaf
    ears and to our minds away from heart.


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