Dear PFC Another Update From Paris
From PFC-Romainville-Paris: Our last Sunday Meditation was very special

Last Sunday, in our weekly meditation, something really different occurred for the first time.

Just before the meditation, I suggested the group to have some closed eyes visualizations.
About what would the Earth and Humanity look like at the time of the Event or after it.
What would be the feelings, the emotions, and in a concrete way what shall we see in the streets, in our daily life, in our relationships, in all aspects of life. I suggested to feel the emotions, to rejoice “as if it’s happening now”, as if it has already happened.

Well!, it was about 25 minutes long all together and we were 16 persons to do that.
After the visualization, I suggested that everyone that wishes to, can record a few words about what was visualized.
The recording in french is on my website (link). A few minutes later, we began our Sunday Liberation Meditation.

Well, it was surprisingly uprising, and after the meeting, there was a huge energy in the room, and people didn’t want to split apart and go back to their homes. We kept on sharing an unsual long time, made hugs, and a tremendous “soul excitation” was in the air with us all the time.
We shall do it again next Sunday, and I feel this occurs to be a tremendous benefit for the Sunday meditation.
May I suggest that every group that feels to experiment this, can do so before the meditation, as it happens to rise up the vibratory level in a very efficient way. I am sure that the consciousness level during the meditation can improve as well, and that our Space Brothers can feel it too.

I myself visualized a huge space ship landing in my neighborhood, and the “captain” invited me : “Hey, Avi, we’re taking you for a small trip ?”. I sat inside and in a few seconds, I saw planet Earth begin to shrink incredibly fast. “This is my home” were the only words I could say.

Is what followed the result of my visualization or not ? On next week, four of us are planning to visit a contactee in the center of France. He told us he had a 40cm distance contact with an extraterrestrial being, could touch him, and that he sees vessels in the sky almost all year long. On his television screen, that was off, he saw the words in French : « Salusa, the Truth will win ». And we decided this trip on Sunday evening, just after the meditation!

I’ll keep you informed, but I can’t help but think it’s the result of my visualization.
Thoughts create reality! It’s the way the creation works!

Love and Light to all.
Victory is near
From PFC

Leadership Team

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  1. As a member of the PFC-Romainville-Paris, I was attending to this very special and powerful visualization/meditation on Sunday, May 4,2014.

    Thank you, Avi, for this summary of a great moment we’ve had all together.

    Victory Now! Liberatrion Now!
    Véronique Fratila
    From PFC Paris


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