World Wide Facebook Network Update


Hello Loving Beings,

The world wide Facebook network page has been added to the website archive and you can view it at the following link: You will be able to locate it under the navigation menu ‘Participate‘. Nova Biscotti, Rob, & I have put a lot of work in to get this page up and running functionally for our benevolent community. In the future, we ask any other PFC participants to send a message to the leader or comment below to add their Facebook group to our website Facebook group archive.

We have a lot of important updates & awesome updates to come for the future of PFC, but are needing more donations to help us proceed. If you would please donate to our benevolent organization, we can move forward to building a website to accommodate our community with important updates like this one.

The future is bright & shining for PFC and we have so many great ideas to make PFC a better centered hub for all the community hubs partaking in this important cause. With your donation & support we will be working to bringing a more responsive layout, theme, & much more individual functionality to the website to accommodate our world wide community. If interested in helping a good cause, please click the donate button at the bottom of this message.

Much love & thanks to all!

PFC Admin
Charles B. Sharpe

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