Who Is Richard Gilder Rockefeller?

This is death is more than a bit confusing.  Small-plane and/or helicopter crashes are a commonly-used tool of the Cabal to take out those who threaten the overall agenda:

Given that he seemed to stay out of the limelight…is this an instance of the Cabal taking out one of their own who was threatening to go public in some fashion?  If not, who else and why?


  • Graduated from Harvard University
  • Practiced Medicine in Portland, Maine
  • Was presently on the board of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and served as chair from 2000-2006 (per link).
  • Recently working on PTSD treatment for wounded veterans.



  • His own Wikipedia entry is very sparse.  The information regarding his death is almost as long as the information regarding his life.
  • Richard was 5th out of 6 children, and is by all appearances the first of David Rockefeller’s children to die.
  • In addition to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, he is mentioned as serving on the boards of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)


  • Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) – Chairperson of U.S. Advisory Board from 1989-2010


  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund – Trustee

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  1. I asked a friend who is a psychic about this. She said that members of the cabal are going to start disappearing but they’re not dead, just escaping because they know they’re going to go down pretty soon. She doesn’t think he’s actually dead. So, that’s one point of view…

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