My Introduction to PFC – Healer’s Group

I am myself relatively new to the PFC Leadership Roundtable Council. For the purpose of these posts I will be known as Angel Eyes. Our beloved Reiki Doc is on hiatus for now to deal with issues that have come up in her own life. We send with her our love, best wishes and blessings always. She will return as her schedule permits with her own beneficial and timely posts.

It is my pleasure to announce my new co-chair for healing: GypsyLove. She has many experiences, enthusiasm and topics of interest to share. I whole heartedly welcome Gypsy Love!

My concept for the Healer’s page and the newsletter is that we share with our worldwide community anything that is of interest in the areas of health, healing, nutrition, exercise, psychology, spirituality, meditation, as well as Mother Gaia’s healing,

We invite our readership to contribute new, innovative ideas to our worldwide family that deal with this broad area of healing. They will be reviewed and if found useful will be placed either on our website or in the newsletter. You can submit them to us on the PFC site.

As a word of caution, anything posted within the PFC website Healer’s page or the PFC Newsletter is to be given due discernment by each individual and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. We offer these topics to you for the expansion of your own knowledge base and understanding. There are no hard and fast rules in life. We must all decide what is best for ourselves.

With much love and enthusiasm I look forward to many enjoyable and exciting exchanges on this site.

Angel Eyes

2 thoughts on “My Introduction to PFC – Healer’s Group”

  1. I especially am interested in the ‘laser devices’ which accommodate/supplement healing

  2. I want to be connected to your healing portion of this site in particular. I believe healing modalities to be a ‘wave of the future’ in which I want to be involved. I especially am interested in the ‘laser devices’ which accommodate/supplement healing. I couldn’t think of the word I was looking for so I used those two. Send any updates if you wish. Steve Filkins

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