Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview—Coming Soon!

By Lynn (AKA Angel Eyes ~**~)

This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on meditation and other topics of interest appropriate for this joint interview. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause. We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire. It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

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THE GOLDEN ANGEL — A Christmas Story of Healing

Many things have occurred in our human history here on Earth that we never learned and were lost to history. I bring this story to you today, December 25th, on the day that the Christian world celebrates as the birthday of Jesus. Whether or not Jesus was really born on this day is really not important. There are truly good people all over the Earth that model their lives on this iconic being known as Jesus whose sole purpose for incarnating here was to teach humanity that the most important thing in life is LOVE. This story is an example of LOVE. If it makes you cry and makes you think; let it also make you LOVE.

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Etheric Field Clean Up

Those of us that have awakened to the truth of who we really are, know that we can transform our Earth into the paradise that it was meant to be. A step in this process is to clean up the etheric field. It is time to send low density entities away. It is time that they were transcended and transmuted by the galactic central sun. Read the impassioned article below which discusses this. Please also listen to the meditative and inspirational video below. ~**~

Etheric Field Clean Up

We must clean up the etheric field; If all those in the knowing of their light would focus this light and command those that are clouded with lower density emotions the world would clean up very quickly. Command: From the Lord God/Goddess of my being I command all discarnate entities to be transcended and transmuted in the love and the light of the infinite. Command them to return to the central sun for purification. There are many individuals on the planet that have entity attachment and full on possession. Time to clean house.

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PFC World Peace Meditation- You Can Help!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Please express gratitude for our success this last week! To keep the love energy high, we plan to meditate during the times below over the weekend. We are achieving our goals, so let’s keep it up!

PFC World Meditation Days

We made a huge difference last weekend with the Event Meditation and can see the outcome of our efforts in our 3D reality. We are on the cusp of the Event and need your help with an important mission that will help us manifest the Event and Disclosure.

By drawing upon the power of the Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love our victory moves closer – Please join us for 5 or more minutes each day starting Friday, November 27 through Sunday, November 29 at the times listed below. It will work best if we do meditate on the hour in order to create more a synchronous effect.

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11-22-15 Samuel Kiwasz – Sacred Geometry

Sam Kawasz-samfaceSamuel Kiwasz is a scholar of Sacred Geometry, an active social entrepreneur and a community synergist who shares his passion for assisting people to arrive at their next level of spiritual development. He teaches Sacred Geometry seminars around the country, provides products that enhance personal growth and maintains an extensive daily email community in Los Angeles dedicated to sharing information about meaningful events, products and services.

Listen to the Interview:

11-22-15 Samuel Kiwasz  Sacred Geometry

To Listen via MP3format click below

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MEDITATION FOR New and Experienced meditators

If you live in a community like me, you are probably the only one awake to what is happening in our world. Because I want to awaken people but not scare my neighbors into fear of extraterrestrial’s existence or the whole government fraud and the domination of our world by the cabal; I have created the following generic meditation that I feel that most people would agree with and in so doing consent to a meditation that will be unthreatening to their current way of thinking. We have reached those who are awake and with the program, now is the time to enlist the unawakened. Remember, at the time of The Event these will be the people around us and look to us for guidance. They will learn soon enough that there really are ET and beings of light that will intervene on our behalf because we are asking for their help. They will learn after The Event about all the world corruption and injustice that has been occurring for thousands of years. Let’s just get them to meditate with us for now. ~**~

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09-27-15 Dr. Dan Rogers: Successful Treatments for Cancer and Chronic Disease

Dr. Dan Rogers

Dr. Dan RogersWith almost 40 years of treating patients with non-toxic therapies, Dr. Rogers treats each patient with care, respect and understanding, using any and all modalities at his disposal. The timing of when a particular treatment will be started is a decision arrived at between the treating physician and the patient or guardian. The timing and the mix of treatments given an individual patient are part of the art of medicine and require experience to be done expertly.

09-27-15 Dr Dan Rogers:  Successful Treatments for Cancer and Chronic Disease

To Listen via MP3format click below

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New Moon Virgo – Session

A gift to Sisterhood of the Rose from Florian
Florian Boschi-photo
Florian Boschi

Published on Sep 17, 2015
This is an online Multidimensional Awakening Session to align yourself to the energetic influences at the time around the moon phase of virgo. You can listen to this session once or on a daily basis. By listening to this session in a meditative state you allow your energy body to adjust in way so you can optimize your growth at this time.

This session will bring in very specific energies needed for changes that will lift you into a higher and different realm of consciousness. It will bring a more locked in and stronger pathway into our next level.
This session is valid until the next new moon. Florian watches the energy and relays what he sees.

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Tachyon Chamber

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes

The following article was submitted by Dr. Joseph McNamara. Using Cobra’s Tachyon technology, Dr. McNamara designed a room where this can now be utilized. This is just a precursor to the technologies that will be in our future. To read more on tachyon: http://tachyonis.org/



The Tachyon Chamber

The technology of the chamber at its basis involves tachyons. These are particles that move beyond the “speed limit” of 3D light, 186,000 miles/sec. Hence the term “tachy”, meaning rapid in Greek.

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The Lie We Live

Infinite Possibilities-Manifestation2

Chances are if you are reading prepareforchange.net you are one of the awakened beings on this little blue planet. How many of your friends are you not able to have a serious conversation with you because they think that you believe in crazy things? Okay, many if not most of us experience this.

I am posting a little 8 minute video The Lie We Live. This is food for thought. I encourage you to watch it and then share it with your friends. Maybe, just maybe, we can wake enough people up to get at least 144,000 people wanting a peaceful, healthy, loving change for our Mother Earth and us. Just because we have been lead to believe that we are living the way “it should be” doesn’t mean that we have to keep doing things the way they are currently done. We are the change we are waiting for!

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