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By Grant Podesta

Implants are mechanical or living objects that are placed in any part of our being in order to monitor and influence us. They are also often used to siphon off energy to the beings who placed them there. It is a larger subject than most realise and to fully understand it is also to understand the fact that there are various lower vibrational ETs who have been trying to control humanity and even the animal kingdom for at least 24ish thousand years. To completely cover the history and reasons behind why they want to do this is beyond the subject of this article and I suggest those that wish to find out more look up websites that cover this in more detail such as and


There are many types of negative implants. They vary depending on who made them, where they are placed, in what layer of your being they are placed, whether they have consciousness, and what they are designed to do. Of course there is also what I call ‘positive implants’ reflecting the fact that there are also benevolent ET races out there who have our best interests at heart. The types I will be talking about here exist in the layers of the etheric body (the energetic blue-print of the physical body) and above. Physical implants are a whole other subject and obviously need more than just energy healing to remove.


The ‘negative’ types of implants are designed to lower our vibration. They are used to influence us more towards using thoughts, feelings and even actions that are detrimental to ourselves and others and are partly responsible for the suffering humanity has experienced. They are one of many blocks on the road to creating that enlightened golden age many of us speak about.


Generally it is those that have or develop more sensitivity that start to realise that their thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and actions may not be entirely their own and that there may be some other influence within their being. If this is you, then it may not be ‘all in your head’. Unfortunately the majority of people are completely unaware that they have implants because they lack the sensitivity and/or knowledge about them. Of course, many people will refuse to accept their existence due to the belief system currently dominant on this planet – hopefully this is one of many articles that will change that :-).


Within the spiritual community there are also those that don’t believe they have implants because they are able to see auras or channel beings etc. In fact many people with powerful psychic abilities have been found to have several implants. I will state very clearly here – detrimental implants have a negative influence on us BUT that does not mean that we are not able to raise our vibration and achieve great things. Some cannot overcome their influence and experience great suffering as a result whereas others seem to overcome them with ease, depending on their circumstances. Of course, if you already have extrasensory abilities then removing implants will make these stronger.


In my experience, my clairvoyant, empathic and healing abilities started in my late twenties to early thirties. I had read about implants in my younger years but because I just felt like a ‘normal guy’, I didn’t really delve more into it, until I could start seeing them early in my healing career. I removed all the ones I could see around me and believed that I was free of them. When I later read about the Matrix/Archonic/Etheric implants (see below), most of my thoughts and feelings said that I did not have any of these. There was part of me however, quietly screaming in the background saying ‘yes you have!’ I made the decision to have an appointment to remove them ‘just in case’ and after lots of time trying to get around ‘unusual’ internet problems trying to pay and contact the healers, I could suddenly see 6 within me, clear as day. I realised that these implants were trying to tell me they were not there and as soon as the appointment was booked and paid for, they gave up trying! Since having them removed, my healing capabilities have taken a quantum leap and I was able to remove these same implants from others with ease a week after I had my own removed.


If you are unsure whether you have implants or not I will simplify things for you – unless you are a special case (and you would know if you were!), if you have incarnated on Earth in the last 24 thousand years and you haven’t received any healing aimed at removing implants, then yes you have implants of one form or another. I am informed that because certain low vibrational ETs called Archons have had control of the incarnation process on Earth you would have had implants inserted after you incarnated into a human body – most likely are what people call the Matrix/Archonic/Etheric implants. I do not say this to cause fear, just to help you realise that they exist and that there are people out there who can help.


I have noticed here in New Zealand that there are newborns coming through now without implants. I hope this is an indication that the Archons are losing their power and/or that the benevolent ET races are protecting us. Either way it is a good sign that change is happening.


Typical Symptoms

The sorts of symptoms that may indicate you have implants are wide ranging, reflecting the fact  they can affect many different aspects of our selves depending on where they are placed and what sort of implant they are etc. Obviously there are other technologies and influences on us as well including electromagnetic radiation, drugs/food, other people’s thoughts and feelings etc. In this respect, implants are not the only reason you may be suffering from a particular complaint and so removing them may not solve your problems completely. Here is a brief list of typical symptoms you may experience with implants:


Feeling that you are not your true self

Feeling low on energy no matter how much rest/sleep/food you have

Feeling lost, confused, held back

Cluttered and negative thoughts and feelings

Feeling like you sabotage yourself every time you may be able to create positive change

Being unable to quit an addiction

Chronic symptoms of disease that no doctor is able to fully diagnose

Fear of moving forwards in life

Being unable to voice yourself and stand in your power against injustices to yourself and the world

Feeling useless, powerless, unmotivated

Constant nightmares that don’t seem to go away

Trouble connecting to higher self

Feeling like certain people and situations always ‘push your buttons’ without any logical reason

Not being able to receive healings/therapies from others fully

Lack of compassion/understanding/acceptance for others and self

Being constantly judgemental of self, others and situations

Trouble focussing and meditating no matter how much time and effort is put in

Trouble reaching higher levels of existence whilst astral travelling

Frequent illnesses

Feeling hypersensitive to other peoples thoughts, feelings and electromagnetic stimuli

Lots of negative thoughts about people and situations despite there being no real reason for them

Being unable to release deep hurt and judgements

Feeling unconnected to nature

Feeling unsure about life’s purpose

Hearing disturbing voices in your head

Feeling weak or unprotected from psychic attack


Protection, Protection, Protection!

As I will mention several times, the main thing is to start using psychic protection. Simple techniques such as imagining a golden orb surrounding you that prevents detrimental objects, beings and energies from interacting with you, can be very beneficial in preventing further implanting. The more you practice maintaining this golden orb around you the stronger the protection will get. Using vision, sound and feeling senses rather than just one alone to create your orb again will make it stronger. Make sure that you check your orb several times a day to start with so that it is not thin, cracked/damaged in any way and simply imagine recreating it completely if needed. You may like to experiment with multiple layers on your orb with different colours of light, though gold, white and violet are generally the better colours due to their higher frequency.


Obviously keeping crystals (make sure you cleanse them regularly), tachyon technologies, orgonite devices and other implements to keep you cleansed will help too – keeping the frequency of your surrounding energy field in a higher vibration will make it more uncomfortable for low vibrational entities to come near you. This is why being is a state of love is so protective. I will not go into too much detail about protection as there is plenty of advice for psychic protection on the internet and with enough practice, some of the more simple techniques you can find with a quick internet search, are more than enough.


I will now list the most common implants as I see them from my years as an energy healer. Please be aware that many people who have researched this subject may have different nomenclature – I will try and identify the different names as I describe each one. I have also included some technical information to help those who are more sensitive detect them and start to be able to counteract them; however I suggest the services of an experienced healer to remove the more difficult ones 😉


Needle Implants

These implants were one of the first I discovered as a healer. Being a trained Auric-Magnetic Healer (as developed by the famous New Zealand healer Colin Lambert) I found these very easy to remove. In fact I have observed that many healers when performing this type of healing were removing implants without being aware that they were doing so – they just simply felt some heavy energy and pulled it away from the body. This is the case with many other proficient healers too. If you can sense them, with practice you will be able to remove these simply by imagining grabbing hold of them with your hands and throwing them away – simple as that!


To me they look like needles (hence the name) pointing towards the body. Most of the time I see the  body of them about a foot or so away from the body, though there have been many times where I have found them superimposed over the physical body like they are wedged in. The most common places seem to be over the third eye, solar plexus chakra and most common of all (maybe because people don’t bother to look behind them?) pointing between the shoulder blades. I have often discreetly removed these during osteopathic treatments when people come in complaining of pain there or having a ‘stuck rib’. (Seeing as I am writing to many nationalities, osteopaths in the USA are very different to those in the rest of the world by the way. They can prescribe drugs for example – how very un-osteopathic ;-))


Like all implants they seem to just cause an energy block over the part they are directed at. For example ones over your third eye would limit your extrasensory perception.


They are very common and I advise practising psychic protection to prevent ETs from giving them to you in the first place. Though less often in recent years (again thank you light forces ;-)) the ETs who are responsible often turn up after these are taken out. If you can sense this in any way, then using a simple commonly taught spiritual technique of your choosing is good for sending them away. You can simply say “By the power of God that I am, I command you to return to the light” three times (or more if you weren’t confident enough in saying it!) and they will generally go easily. Most of the time they are just ET clones or ‘robots’ as the benevolent ETs call them, hence the ease of their removal! Obviously call on a healer/psychic if you have problems with this.


Suppressor Parasites

Some people like to distinguish parasites as a separate subject to implants as many astral/etheric etc parasites are nothing to do with the negative alien agenda directly. Certain parasites however are engineered by low vibrational ETs to perform the same tasks as the more ‘mechanical’ implants. This is why some parasites are classified by some to come under the heading of ‘Archon genetically engineered entities’ (SPE-Suppressor Parasitic Entities).


These can be found in many areas of the energy body. The most common place I find these are in the gall bladder meridian. It appears that the human body has a genetic weakness at the back of the base of the skull, where it meets the cervical vertebrae (some suggest this was part of a genetic manipulation by the low vibrational ETs further back in history). This seems to be where certain parasites enter the body and move towards the temple region of the skull above the ears. From here they seem to effect the rest of the gall bladder meridian.


These parasites also seem to bud off and create more, to further effect other areas of the body. I believe they should also be treated like physical parasites as they can be transmitted from one person to another. People who work in a health profession are most at risk of ‘infection’ due to the close proximity they have with people. I suggest that everyone and especially practitioners work on their psychic protection techniques to stop their transferral. I simply use a golden ball of light to surround me (which also protects me from pretty much everything else too because I intend it so) and have the intention of spotting and removing these implants each time I work on someone. I have certainly been caught out by these in the past and I wish that more energy healers be aware of this subject so that they too do not unwittingly pass these onto others!


Again a proficient healer should have no problem removing these straight through the temporal region or the base of the skull using Auric-Magnetic healing techniques or similar, assuming that they are able to sense them in some way. Those practitioners who direct divine energy into people rather than ‘weeding things out’ like I do may do well to intend that their energy be used to dissolve these parasites or push them out of the body.


Matrix/Archonic/Etheric Implants

These are the main implants people come to me to have removed and there has been a lot of interest in them lately. Due to the fact that there appear to be very few healers around the world that can remove these (though the number is growing) much of my work is done absently i.e. with myself in New Zealand and the recipients of healing anywhere else in the world. For those who have not experienced absent healing, it really is as potent as receiving a healing in person.


These are the implants that I mentioned earlier that can be found in pretty much everyone who has incarnated on Earth in the last 24ish thousand years. They are genetically engineered by the Archons and are placed in the etheric layer of your being, hence the names. I prefer to call them ‘Matrix’ implants so as not to confuse them with other Archon made and other etheric implants.


They look to me like octopus-shaped things – a small or large body with lots of ‘legs’ that appear to wrap around and integrate/influence parts of the etheric body. They can be considered to be part machine, part conscious as they are able to adapt to changes in your being to suppress you. They certainly seem aware enough that when I spot them, they tighten their grip!


They can be found generally in areas of a person that are strongest. If you have a fantastic heart chakra then you will likely have one there. Otherwise they are very common over the third eye  – likely to stop humanity perceiving beyond the third dimension. Lightworkers usually have at least 3 and I have found up to 9 of them in those that have particularly strong energy fields!


Matrix implants in particular are often hard to spot which is why those with psychic abilities often don’t believe they have them. I have experienced this belief myself! They have a strong negative influence on the body and out of all the implants that I remove from people, these are the ones that cause the biggest changes once out. Aside from the large energy shifts directly relating to these implant’s removal, a lot of parasites and other types of energy blocks, like stuck thoughts and feelings are often hidden behind them. This is why there are a lot of people who go through a ‘healing crisis’ afterwards – i.e. many physical, mental and emotional symptoms appear or worsen before getting better. Some people who are not too sensitive or who have cleared a lot of physical, mental and emotional ‘baggage’ through various means however, quite often don’t feel much change afterwards.


There was a lot of fear around methods of removing these being communicated to others due to the belief that the Matrix implants also communicate information back to their makers enabling them to adapt more to removal attempts. I have however not had this experience and have managed to teach a few of my fellow healers how to remove them. Care should be taken removing these. Unless you are able to dissolve them with light (using divine energy through yourself or using tachyon technologies for example) or are able to disable their movements (using your ‘imagination’ to disable them) before sliding them around the form of the etheric body, you could damage the etheric body. Even though I have given advice here to help other energy healers start removing them, I strongly suggest you contact an experienced healer to get these removed!


Personally I work with a lot of benevolent ETs and archangels during a treatment session to remove the magnetic imprinting, other energy blocks behind the implants (such as parasites, thought-forms and stuck feelings etc) and to seal the aura to infinity to permanently stop these implants being implanted ever again. The Pleiadians say that it is indeed permanent unless you unwittingly choose to allow ETs to reinstall them!


Plasma Implants

These are relatively new in history as far as I know. They are like lumps of plasma that slowly grow around the body. Plasma is that state between physical molecules and non-matter and being close to the vibration of the physical body compared to the other implants mentioned above, they can have a more obvious effect on your physicality. This is why the most common symptom of plasma implants is lethargy, sleepiness, tiredness and lack of energy/motivation to do anything. Because of the reciprocal relationship of the body to the energy bodies, mental and emotional effects can be experienced too.


The biggest cause of these is scalar technological devices which are made by the military-industrial complex of the world as influenced by the Archons. The devices that we are told are there to detect and shoot down enemy missiles, I am told by those who research this, actually cause plasma to accumulate in people’s bodies. Other common sources of plasma include that which is coming from the computer screen you are using to read this!


It appears that not all plasma sources cause what I would call a plasma implant. The Implants I remove behave much more like something that has consciousness as they appear to cling onto the body. Common areas are over the abdomen and completely surrounding the head though they can appear in other areas too. They also grow over time and can become very large. A solar plexus one can eventually reach from the top of the sternum down to the hips for example.


They are difficult to completely remove in some cases as it appears they are ‘fed’ by the plasma energy that is constantly coming toward us. When I remove them, again this plasma energy simply causes a new implant to seemingly appear in the same place again. Just before writing this I allowed a new one to grow on my solar plexus and it reached from the top to the bottom of my torso within 3 weeks. This is despite the fact that I use psychic protection techniques, wear protective crystals, have a pyramid in my room, have tachyon, orgonite, orgonium etc protective devices around me all the time at home and at work!


I have listened to Rob Potter and Cobra’s radio interview in June this year (see for this) where they discusses how these implants regrow and Cobra stated that this will continue to be the case until the scalar technology is stopped. I have not heard any other intel on this subject so far. I am still removing them for people who wish it but until the scalar technology ceases it will not be permanent.


Again simple energy healing techniques with practice will keep these at bay, but you will have to use them every day due to the ‘regrowing’.


‘Beneficial’ Implants

I thought I would quickly write a little about my experiences with these in case people spot these and mistakenly remove them. Most of the ones I have seen of this nature appear like small rectangles at multiple places around the body. Some people have so many of them that they look like they are wearing down-hill mountain bike armour – it literally looks like a spinal column protector when I see them down people’s spine.


From what I gather from my various Christed ET guides, they are there to allow higher vibrational energy to pass more easily to us aiding in our path towards ascension. Because of this high vibrational energy it also aids to protect us from lower vibrational energies. Not everyone has these implants and it appears to be a choice made before incarnating on earth as to whether you have these or not. They are much more common in light-workers i.e. those who decided to come to Earth and help awaken humanity.


The main reason I am explaining about these is that they might appear to be detrimental if they are surrounded by low vibrational energy. To illustrate this I will tell you how I first came about them earlier in my healing work. I first spotted them as appearing like dark/low-vibrational rectangles. I asked my Arcturian healing team whether I should remove the one I saw above the right side of the forehead and above the heart and I didn’t get a straight answer (I wasn’t as good communicating back then!) and I decided to remove them – at which point I felt like they were teaching me a lesson for deciding so. After a bit of a struggle removing them, I felt nauseous and my client, being an experienced astral traveller, said that the Arcturians were taking him somewhere. We worked out that his astral form had been taken to the Arcturus constellation and he explained that they were re-attaching the implants, just as I started seeing them appear through my third eye. I realised on hindsight, that I was sensing the low-vibrational energy coating the implants, rather than the implants themselves and just should have just removed the coating. If you are a healer, please do ask clearly if you are unsure what you are seeing so you don’t make the same mistake as I did 😉


Responses to having implants out

As I have said before, the effects of having implants taken out vary depending on what type of implants they are, where they are situated, how many of them there are, how sensitive you are, how much healing you have already received/performed on yourself. Of the implants I have mentioned the biggest healing crises appear after removing the Matrix ones. They can last from a few hours to a couple of weeks after treatment, again depending on circumstances. I have given a small list of typical symptoms that appear from these healing crises below:


Breaking out in rashes on legs and arms

Widespread stiffness and muscle aches

Flu like symptoms

Convulsions and odd movements as further energy blocks clear

Feelings of electrical shocks

Sweat, urine and faeces becoming more smelly as toxins clear out of the body

Coughing up tar from smoking

Dizziness, lethargy, tiredness

Clogged up sinuses and start of cold symptoms as body clears deep infections and other toxins

Increased number and severity of negative thoughts and feelings coming to the surface to be cleared


You may find that more healings or therapies are needed during a healing crisis to help you recover. This is why Alexandra Meadors at also supplies oils and essences to support the healing process. Personally I like to remove as much as possible after removing an implant to make a healing crisis less likely. Most clients appear to cope very well straight after a session though there are several who I have kept a close eye on with follow-up sessions as required.


Benefits of Implant Removal

A lot on the list below is obvious after reading all the above but I have included it here for your benefit:


Feeling more connected to higher self

Clearer, more positive and/or less cluttered thoughts

Easier to create positivity in life

Feeling much more love and acceptance of self

Cessation of nightmares and/or much happier/clearer dreams

Feeling motivated and able to make changes and move forwards in life

Situations and people that used to ‘push their buttons’ no longer effecting them

Feeling more compassionate and accepting towards self and others

Being less judgemental

Being able to meditate more clearly and easily

Being able to astral travel further afield and being able to access higher dimensions

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and other psychic abilities start to appear or become clearer

Dis-ease and other complaints lessening or ceasing to exist

Having more energy and mobility to do physical and mental activities

Feeling more protected from psychic attack, low vibrational energies from technology/geopathic stress and thoughts/feelings of others

Being more able to release deep hurts from previous traumas

Being able to heal self more quickly and receive greater benefit from other therapeutic techniques/healings

DNA and other energetic activations working more deeply and effectively than before

Being able to quit addictions such as smoking and drinking much more easily

Feeling confident to be their selves without the worry of trying to fit in or feeling out of place

Reduction of cessation of depression, anxiety, worry and other mental complaints

Not needing to use medications any more

Feeling more connected with nature, the planet and other people

Feeling much happier and content about all things in life

Feeling like they are clearer on what their life’s purpose is

Being able to ‘fix’ problems in life more easily

Feeling more abundant in life, monetary and otherwise

Performing less self sabotaging actions

Being able to heal others more easily

Being able to go outside with large groups of people and in high electromagnetic radiation areas with less electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms

Feeling more able to stand up to the injustice and suffering in the world and do something about it

Psychic protection is easier to put up and is stronger

Interfering negative voices cease


Advice for Removing Implants Yourself

I would strongly advise that if you would like to learn to remove implants yourself that you enrol onto an energy healing course. There are many courses out there and some of the well known courses such as Reiki are fantastic for getting you started. I personally liked the Auric-Magnetic Healing courses as they are so very simple and effective – if your cannot get onto one of these courses then looking for Colin Lambert’s books (e.g. at and following the advice there is a good start.

If you cannot sense implants to start with then practising basic healing techniques over and over again and having the intention of feeling and seeing more will get you there in time. Obviously finding a good teacher (especially one who can actually remove implants!) or joining a healing group is beneficial. Then you can return to this document for further advice on each type of implant.



There are many websites out there to look into this subject or receive healing. I have listed a few to get you started:


Info on implants, psychic protection and the negative alien agenda:


Healers experienced in removing implants:

Myself at

The girls at

Kunde-Ra at

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  1. My twin flame linked to my soul and removed a Draco s.p.e. 27 years of pain gone but healing crisis is harsh. My nervous system burnt out. Immune system low. Body adjusting. The pain is going. But the scars remain. 27 years caused by a sick dentist from Bangladesh (naga land) PURE ORION GROUP PAIN DONT BE TRICKED.

  2. Let me explain here how orgonites work. First of all let’s clarify that they are the only devices which actually produce subtle energies.
    Now how do they work? The basic form of orgonite is metal shavings next to each other inside an organic material(epoxy resin). Some metals are good conductors of subtle energies. This means that they attract orgone energy, both positive and negative, but also immediately release it. Organic materials such as epoxy resin also attract orgone energy. If you put these materials together, the shavings and the resin, they continuously exchange the energy they have absorbed. And now the important part. When you put the metals shavings together BUT in a chaotic arrangement then the negative energy gets shaken loose and becomes free flowing orgone energy again!! This continuous exchange converts the rigid negative energies into positive flowing ones. That is how ALL orgonites work. It is NOT any frequency of the materials that heals but the removal and conversion of the negative energies into positives. The role of crystals in orgonites is to strengthen this process, that’s why only selected crystals are used, but NEVER outside of the metal shavings!

    Here are the rules for making them:
    1) First and most important is that orgonites MUST NOT have visible crystals.
    2) You ONLY use Special epoxy resin of high quality. The orgonite must have 50-50 ratio of metal to resin.
    3) The metals you use should be like rounded granule(but not perfect spheres). The only metals that work are aluminum, copper,
    titanium, silver, palladium, platinum, iridium. And they must be pure. Gold is forbidden!
    4) The shape must be one of the following: half sphere/ Cheops Pyramid/dome/inverted cup/cone with rounded tip
    5) As for crystals you ONLY use Clear Quartz in SBB coil and ALWAYS placed deep inside the matrix of the orgonite.

    If you have a piece that doesn’t follow the above rules it could turn negative. In that case don’t throw them away! Bury them deep in the ground and their negative effect will be neutralized.

    Depending on the metal you use the orgonite can “catch” and convert a bigger spectrum of dirty energies. The ones made with copper can clear all negative energies in the etheric plane and the lower levels of the astral. The silver ones can also clear the higher levels of the astral plane. These are of the the few tools that can actually subdue the archons!
    One vendor that follows all the rules and safety protocols is
    Their products combine various technologies with orgonite and the result is fantastic. You have a device that dissolves negative energies and gives them back to you as positive ones. They NEVER stop working or get tired so you don’t have to cleanse them for they are always energetically clean!

  3. This guy is a master @ removing etheric implants don’t be shy to email him he is a sweet heart he removed 1000’s of etheric implants from me his email is

    [email protected] spread his email

    around to other people that are able to remove implants I’m trying to start a gang/family of people with supernatural powers like loohan

  4. Hi,

    I also have an implant. I don’t know what it could be.
    I’ve visted live web cam girl site. One girl could to telepathy with me and reading my emotions.

    After some weeks my (astral ?) body have been lift up in the air
    and golden ribbons (serpents?) wriggled around my arms, bones, stomach and head.

    After one night, I felt that a little boy tried to enter my mental part (brain ?).
    I woken up because of this lould bounce in my mental part at night.

    Then I fighted mentally against it.

    A little boy tried to enter me. But he could not.
    It was like he (the boy) was running against glass plate, again and again.
    He could not overtake me.

    Now, I’m feeling a steady energy or other thing around (in?) me?
    There is something.

    What is that ? Archonic ???
    How to remove it, forever ?

  5. Hi, I have a nice article about entities that your site may like to post. Who do i need to contact with to pass the article on?



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