As a follow up on the Newsletter article of August 18, 2014, here is another more in depth video from Dr. Levy on vitamin C and how it brought a New Zealand man back to health at a point where he was dying from swine flu. Alan Smith was given high doses of intravenous vitamin C.

Dr. Thomas E. Levy is a cardiologist and a lawyer. He has written 8 books covering many disease states and the keys to overcoming them:
Death by Calcium
Primal Panacea
Curing the Incurable
Stop America’s #1 Killer
GSH Master Defender
Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health
Uniformed Consent
The Roots of Disease
The descriptions for these books can be found at his website:

Although this talk was given in New Zealand and based upon New Zealand laws, there is much that can be learned from this video given by a brilliant doctor. Enjoy!

Peace & Blessings,
Angel Eyes

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  1. Truth and Research regarding health programs will soon become the real cures for the benefit of present suffering victims with cureable health problems, cures capable to save several hundred thousands who suffer and die at the hands of drug sellers, and the real killers will soon be looking for new jobs. Every one of the millions suffering from health problems need to promptly find a way to read Dr. Levy’s books of how to cure thousands of diseases. Go to your local library and read the books, then call your local representatives and politicians to get this message across. We want the easy and affordable cures, and we want them NOW!!

  2. Hello. Thanks Angel Eyes for all your wonderful health information. As an RN I appreciate hearing about alternatives to traditional medicine. I agree with research on Vit. C. I was interested in natural health when in my teens mid 1970’s. I was having health issues migraine headaches,allergies and mild asthma. Not much help available in rural Ky. I began reading books in the library about natural health I found an Osteopathic doctor who taught me all about organic food and the importance of eliminating chemicals in our food and air. He gave me two Vit C IV infusions and presto I was better. I have taken 1-4 grams of oral Vit C daily since my teen years. I can tell you it has kept myself and my family healthy. Another benefit… it slows the aging process.

    • Hi Lori, thank you for your comments. I’m happy you enjoyed the article. It was no accident that you found the osteopathic doctor. Our teen years can shape the rest of our life. I know both sides of the fence myself and personally I prefer the non-toxic. I’ve had my own share of horror stories! ~**~


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