Hi, it’s GypsyLove again. I hope our readership is feeling well. July and August continued with huge energy upgrades to our beautiful planet, and I’m sure we have all been feeling it.

I would like to begin sharing some personal recommendations of tools I have used for my own ascension process. I have been racking my brain on where to begin, since our ascension is not only physical but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. My own journey has been full of trial and error, and not easy, to say the least.

I believe the first thing I should start with is nutritional support. I think I should just get real and explain what I have done so far. There are lot of great articles on the Net about crystalline body support, etc, but they can at times be a bit daunting to read. I will also mention that I have always done my best to eat well with consideration to our planet and resources. I’m sure you all know this isn’t exactly easy when one is trying to free themselves from propaganda and industries that are more concerned about profit than animal and plant kingdom welfare. I have spent countless hours since my early twenties researching various food issues, and I must say that I feel comfortable stating that I am thoroughly familiar with the barrage of conflicting ideas behind how to simply feed ourselves.

So, here’s my two cents!

First of all, start with clean water. Stop consuming fluoride and other toxins in your water that are going to hinder your physical and spiritual development. I’m not going to go into the third eye calcification issue by fluoride today, as that is a very large and nuanced subject. But it just makes sense to me, that why be super vigilant about all your other food sources, but not the water that you are consuming and cooking with? Boiling tap water does not get rid of chemicals at all, and it some cases, such as with chlorine, it actually concentrates them further-so that’s what’s going into your pasta noodles, soup, etc. I invested in a simple countertop reverse osmosis system last year, and I can speak for the results. Water is life, my friends.

The next thing you can do to make the process much, much easier is to get some superfoods in your diet. The ones I found easiest to stick to using consistently are spirulina and moringa, in a simple pill form. I’m all for eating healthy, but we all know what it’s like to come home from the health food store with an empty wallet, then realize the smoothie that looked so good on that blog actually tastes like fish food…

Spirulina, moringa, chlorella, etc, are whole foods with a variety of biological uses. They will support you nutritionally in ways your body may not have received in many years, depending on your diet. They are also detoxing and of a high vibration. Moringa is also very low cost right now, which doesn’t hurt 🙂 Spirulina originates in the ocean, and moringa is a land plant, so they complement each other well. There are no “dosages,” but I recommend starting off slow so that you don’t detoxify too quickly and feel bad. I am also going to post a couple of videos at the end of this post that hopefully will clear up some of the half truths and misconceptions about vitamins that you may have heard or not even been aware of. In my opinion, when you understand the history behind lab-created “vitamins,” superfoods are an a no brainer. I used to spend a lot of money on whole foods vitamins, always wondering if they were even working or just making expensive urine. Then there’s the headache of extra supplements like fish oil, calcium, etc. I say all this just to try and demonstrate that I know how frustrating it can be to be trying to take care of yourself and just not know what to do!

These videos are from a teacher that I rave about constantly, a spiritual master by the name of Ra Imhotep who covers a lot of bases on his YouTube station. I would never have come this far this quickly without his words of wisdom on various topics. This man has saved me a lot of time and frustration. So I publicly say, thank you, Ra! His style is a bit in your face, but that’s why I gravitated to him, personally. I love some real talk! <3http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxU1gu9tyoEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxyu9nUCmy0Also, to save you some more time, I recommend a brand of spirulina by a company named Earthrise. I chose this brand because of its high standards of ecological practices and purity. It also comes in a tinted glass bottle and is quite economical, especially if you purchase it from Amazon and have a Prime account. Moringa is even cheaper at about five dollars a bottle!Happy ascending, and keep at it.In Love, GypsyLoveIn La'kech A'la Kin!Namaste!Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun!

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  1. Great article Ashley! Anything to do with food always gets my attention 🙂 I really found the part about the water and fluoride very interesting because I’ve just been clued in about all this recently since having to make bottles for my daughter. I started doing some research online about why I needed to boil water versus just using tap and it really opened my eyes as to what I was putting in my body (and my baby’s ). I looked into the reverse osmosis system too but eventually decided to go with the Berky filtration system with flouride filters. You’re right about it being frustrating too. It’s sad when you have to question everything, even something as simple as water.


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