We are prepared for the contact with technology since we are kids.

Later, when we go to school, it is supposed that we begin the preparation for the contact with and ways of manipulating the technology.

I like to think that everybody reading this post went to school. I hope so. And not only 4, 6 or 8 grades but completed cycle, with college graduation. If not… well you didn’t lose pretty much of a thing for what’s to come. What we´ve learned in school? Some social behavior and a million and one ways to win money. Ok. How many of you really are living the prosperous, calm and peaceful life that you dream of? Mmm? I like to think that everyone, but my guesstimate is – not many. How is that coming? So you learned that in school but it looks like it was useless. Did you make something wrong? This is a question that everybody surely asked himself. The answer is: No. You didn’t do things wrong. The truth might be that the teachings were wrong.

I remember somebody was telling a story of when he was at university at the economics class, listening for the teacher that was speaking with big mouth about business plans and company winnings. Few hours later, in the parking place, he sees the teacher getting into a very old car. He decides to follow the teacher to see where it lived. And he was living in a pretty poor periphery house. The only thing he could think at that moment was: how could he trust somebody that teaches you something that even he does not handle it?

The fact is teachers can’t be blamed so easaly for nothing. They are really trying to do their job, most of them – the best they can. The wrong is the rotten part stuff that they teach and they also learned the same rotten part stuff so they are just not realizing they teach at their turn that rotten part stuff.

Maybe even today might be a good day to start thinking at yourself as the prime teacher for your children. And what would you teach them in first place? I can only say here: that depends totally on you. Maybe start with small steps and see how it goes. And if so isn’t really working, than find somebody that suits the need.

These are just some thoughts, this time related to education system all over the planet and, as a result, about parents expecting school to get the best out of their children. We already went to school. Was it useful what we learned? In a percent – yes, of course. What about the rest? What’s that rotten part?

I think here is a good moment to say that now and then it might be a good idea to throw and eye again and again to this video just to see about where we are, after so many years:

And here is another thing – when dreaming and searching what we would want as the best future for us, at least one or two ideas we should have them pretty clear, but if it is a drastic change that we want, then the main problem in not getting there but to Start, Build, and Pass the TRANSITION STAGE. So once we have the idea, the main thing to focus on is what action is needed to be taken to START THAT TRANSITION STAGE.

“All the marvels and wonders of technology can amount a nothing unless it elevates humans for the highest potential.” Jaque Fresco – Venus Project

In Light and Love,
Energy Kool

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  1. Luckily, as a child my parents taught me don’t trust someone just because they claim to have authority its a timeless listen parents should never forget to teach their children. Authority is an erroneous tool of enslavement public schools is certainly no exception. I agree parents should take control of their child’s education. Ultimately if I hadn’t learned that valuable lesson i would probably be eating gmo right now and worshiping celebrities and going to church so mother Circe could turn me into a dumb animal and feed of me and my money 🙂 PS I was also taught to use my discernment and critical thinking at a young age needless to say once parents teach their children these lessons the child must continue to develop these skills into adulthood.

    • After your comment I don’t think it is much left to be said. Still, what you just said it might be a first good item to start with in a family private education type. Thanks for your comment.


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