Let´s suppose you are awakened. You understand spirituality and esoteric things. You meditate, you relate as much as possible with your inner self, with the true you. You raise your frequency on top of the Veil and see clearly how things are working below, inside the Matrix. You hold on lots of time with your fellows of same vibrations. You are very connected with the Source. From this point you are a menace for the Matrix and for the System that keeps trapped everybody inside. So the Matrix tries to get you back in but not suddenly and visible but in a filthy and unnoticed way. The Matrix will do all kind of things to suck you back in. They know the week points that they created through false education for millennia, they know any move you make especially bank movements.

So they start to push buttons. And what really happens?

If you have many friends of same frequency, they will put you in the head small thoughts (that appear to be as yours) to make you do things in a different manner that you usually do. This will disrupt some relations that were working well based on that same action of yours.

Things to do differently – are for situations where things are not working. But they have the trick prepared for that also, making them to look as if it is the only way it can be – that one that is wrong and not giving the desired results.

Once you find yourself in such slightly destabilized situation or if you are some lonely wolf person or you don´t meet on a daily basis with a regular good friends wonderful group they have the “general purpose scheme” to push further the buttons. What’s next?

Suddenly, opportunities come towards you. A job. A new job. A better job. A partner. A new business. A better business. A new cheap house. A better cheap car. The so much wanted social status that you dreamed of etc. It´s ok. Everybody needs better life conditions and better life situations. So they show up to you like in a miracle. It´s ok. Go ahead and follow this new (let´s call it) path!!!

Now step by step, you get more and more involved in the new situation. And as long you start to get to the new and improved winnings, you get more and more involved and Occupied! The time you need to keep up with the so marvelous new path asks more and more from you so slowly you get away from the old habits. You skip meditations. You don´t hold so much with those so nice people that talk about spirituality. Now you have a new life standard and you are pretty busy. Of course you need to pay the rent and those phone and electricity bills. Everybody understands that and they don´t say anything. You need money for that and spirituality doesn´t bring you much money.

After a while the situation stabilizes and you almost forgot how it did start this state that you are in at the moment. Let´s recap a bit. You were very high on a spiritual path but with not so many financial resources. And like in a miracle, opportunities showed up. Remember that the Matrix knows everything about everybody. And when they decide to get back “on track” on somebody they push some buttons and persons that are just in normal need of a something they are driven towards you this time, one way or another. And now you are at a stage where you are satisfied with your life, it looks like you are breathing again. But do you really? Maybe… Wait up and see what´s next because now comes the first theatrical move of the Matrix. Slow by slow, all the natural elements that concurred to your “new path forming”, that drove you to actual “state of things” are starting to “fade away”. Exactly. At a push of a button. So you got used already with the new state. And that state starts to crumble. More and more. Slow by slow. And now you are really busy because you consume much more energy for the same status and state that you had before the theatrical move of the Matrix. You begin to lose what you had. And you enter in a “protecting state” mode and you don´t understand (not how this came to you but) how this goes away from you! One by one, the elements that were composing the (so called) surety of your state are flying away driven to other relations that are excepting you. Check!

Now here, if you don´t get it fast and you don´t completely control those type of situations, you will be very “inside”, my dear friend, completely stuck in the Matrix, and completely controlled by the money concept and all that in a desperate state, maybe fear of loosing what you just gained and had and it was so nice and beautiful.

At this point the Matrix makes the second theatrical move. They attack you. Either with a big and hardly or at all payable debt or with a sudden illness, or with a sudden and obligated move of things around you that is very hard or almost impossible for you to adapt to in short term. Checkmate! Disconnected…

It was only the illusion that finally the sky opened for you too and you could than start to get better and better up to where you needed to. False! Everything is controlled. The Controllers of the Matrix have it all at hand. They only give you this illusion when they consider you as somehow escaped from their control. But they will never allow anybody (except those very well programmed and controlled or bounded by contracts) to rich high levels because you could attack them from equal positions then. And that is also not to be accepted or allowed. It´s simply not in the rules of this game. They work in invisible ways for those unable to see it. Anyways, if you were already in this situation then it was needed for you to experience it so next time, maybe, you are able to comprehend what´s going on. If you were not yet, than just pay some attention to this and maybe it will be helpful someday.

If somehow, anytime you know, you feel, you are out of the Matrix, with your consciousness, but still live inside it within your body, than better be prepared for this. No fear, open mind eyes and go with the Love and with the Light! The Liberty too will come then on board.

In Light and Love,
Energy Kool

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