Nova Terra Flag – A team work of Sisterhood of the Rose

At the beginning, working on a project, it came the idea to define a flag to represent us as beings, as a race of this planet called Gaia/Terra. I started with some elements that could be included to symbolise this idea. I made a few designs but the idea had tremendous potential for the stage … Read more

Anchor the Peace in Syria Eternally – PFC.COEO event

One of the main womb chakras of Terra is in Syria. That is why the Cabal maintains a war state in this country on top of this positive chakra of Gaia. This is the least we can all do in unity to Anchor the Peace Eternally in Syria and to prevent so much suffering of … Read more

Just in Case You Might Decide to Do It

This article is mainly designed to bring some organizational knowledge for street demonstration, for people to stay out of any unnecessary risk and to achieve your goals with the maximum of efficiency and with the minimum or effort. When well organized, everybody knows what to do and there is no room for fear, error or … Read more

Hello, Hallo, Hola, Olá, здравствуйте

On January 14th another step towards dissolving the inter-language communications barrier was made by Google. It was announced an update of Google Translate service for Android and IOS (Apple) for mobile devices that will improve the simultaneous translations of texts through camera and voice communications in a foreign language through the microphone. “The Translate app … Read more

Technology Goodies – January 2015

Yes, I know me too. Everybody waits to see a real change in today´s technology. We are really stuck in the past century yet. Still brilliant minds are thinking at what people might need in the future, behind the scenes because the powers that we let them do everything still want to have it all … Read more

Forgotten hundreds of millions of euros appear at Vatican

The Vatican discovered hundreds of millions of euros forgotten in their bank accounts, a fortune that was not on their balance sheets and this saves the finances of the Holy Seat. The money, which was not hidden, nor comes from illegal businesses, was simply forgotten, according to the Australian Cardinal George Pell, “minister” of Vatican … Read more