Here is the YouTube video posted by Smaly7:

Here is the link to the transcript and mp3:

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  1. I refuse to hear anything Corey Goode says, he is not being honest, and even if everything he says was true he has revealed nothing that anyone can verify, accept through some lose interpretation by wonder boy Wilcox who is another one out just for the money….I listen to Cobra because I have yet to see him take advantage of his information for capital gains…but when you try to sensationalize info the way Goode has you have to wonder why…Cobra is not charging for his info…Goode and Gaia TV are looking to make a buck….sorry his info is lame anyway….Blue Sphere beings…yeah, why has no one else ever reported seeing such beings..?

  2. Thanks Cobra and PFC for the great interview with interesting and awaited news!

    May be also taken into consideration the necessity of a parallel blog of the RM or Prepare For Change with the scope to prepare questions for Cobra after some discussions between the bloggers. Discussions from which may result a prevalent question and question details concerning a issue.

    In order to spread the truth, we must at first have the confirmation of the truth we spread, and this kind of blog moderated by RM or PFC may be a good source of truth.
    Only spreading a supposed truth (as each of us consider to be the true) may be based in fact on many disinfo, and may last the nowadays confusion, isn’t it?.

    In respect of good results the blog may provide access for anonymous posts followed by moderation of an administrator who deletes contents which are inappropriate.

    Don’t forget that not everyone worldwide has his own PC or broad band net connection. Many of us use the office PCs or public ones, therefore the access on the blog or forum must be anonymous (without open ID, google account, wordpress, live journal, and so on).

    Sadly Cobra’s blog do not work in this way, while fortunately allows this way of access for comments.

    With kindest regards

    • In order to make it efficient may you allow to start with 2 important discussion themes:

      1 – How will our society look like in 2025?
      If classified, may Cobra release as much as possible to understand the general lines of this issue:
      How will the human body look like? How will humans be living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
      Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

      2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
      As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
      Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this?
      How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed? (Many questions are already raising about these)

      Until a supposed blog or forum moderated by RM or PFC will start, please indicate us in which section of PFC website may we start a discussion on these issues?
      With kindest regards

    • Here is a url to a page with the lyrics and mp3 of the song “Anthem”.

      It ties into a question by Rob & answer by Cobra roughly in the middle of the interview. Watch/read the interview first, then listen to the mp3 of the song and read the lyrics if necessary.


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