The Secret life of Government paid Trolls – 15 rules for trolls

Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls – 15 rules of web disruption

1.  Start a partisan divide and conquer fight

2.  Pretend it’s hopeless because we’ll all  be squashed if we try

3.  Demand fool-proof solutions and guaranteed solutions to the problems being discussed

4.  Suggest extreme over the top, counter productive solutions that will hurt more than help

5.  Pretend alternative media are untrustworthy and motivated solely by money

6. Coordinate with others to shut down reasonable comments

7,  Use an army of sock puppets  (govt. paid trolls)

8 Censor social media

9. When the powers that be cut corners -then protect them by pretending that it is an inevitable result

10. Protect the rich and powerful – by labeling any allegations of criminal activity by calling it a conspiracy theory

11. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues

12.  Use a straw man – create a seeming element of your opponents argument that you can knock down and make yourself look good and the other bad

13. Hit and run – brief attack of your opponent or opposite position and scamper off

14.  Questions motives – twist or amplify any facet that can imply that opponent operates out of ulterior agenda or bias

15.  Associate opponent charges with old news.  (that was already debunked).

Identify these tacts and call these trolls “out” and put them in their place.

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