Are We There Yet?  (Just A Little Further!)

I do not think I am alone in having similar sentiments.  I personally had hoped the EVENT would happen by now, but based upon Cobra’s latest interview with Rob Potter and also the most recent Planetary Situation Update it appears that the last steps toward liberation are difficult and dangerous.

I had intended for the extra time to be used regarding additional EVENT preparations, but the month of October has not gone as planned.  This has been one of the most difficult energetic months I’ve experienced in my entire life.  Given that I have endured nearly two decades of severe depression earlier in my life, I believe that is a pretty strong and sobering statement.  Nonetheless, it has been forcing me into a period of introspection which has been necessary but painful.

Admittedly, I was quite naïve before joining PFC.  I thought we were very, very close to the EVENT happening early this year and did not realize what a long, hard slog lie ahead.  While in a cosmic sense it is virtually an instant away, for a terrestrial human the waiting is interminable.  It is like one of those hallways in a horror film – you keep walking and walking while the end of the hall aradoxically keeps getting further away.

Furthermore, throughout 2014 I’ve been facing unforeseen obstacle after unforeseen obstacle.  If I didn’t fully understand the reality of ‘archonic interference’ before, I certainly do now.  Many conversations have ensued – all necessary, some painful, and always resulting in me realizing that I must be more careful to not let my thoughts and actions drift toward the negative.

When I speak of the negative, it comes to be in form of crippling self-doubt.  Anyone who has read A Plan To Maintain The Safety And Well-Being Of The Populace During The Financial Reset may realize that I’m planning on trying something very ambitious at the time of the EVENT in an effort to reach as many civic leaders as possible.  Honestly, it is very scary and there are times when I wonder if I will be able to pull the whole thing off.  I am not a trained public speaker, and under stress I can say and do stupid things.  Hence, I’ve been fretting most of the month as to whether I am ready to do this.

Well, serendipitously I’ve been making mistake and mistake this past month in my personal life.  While this may be ankle-biters (in fact, I’m certain it is), I am trying to use this as an additional crash course training to get my mind in the right place when the EVENT happens.  This has required a lot of extra rest as well as facing the fact that the ‘Nova Biscotti’ moniker will be retired permanently at the time of the EVENT.

Personally, this is a bigger deal than it may seem.  I’ve more or less become a hermit due to ridiculously long hours working my ‘real’ job and also trying to get my arms around the needs of the website.

Hence, I go weeks and even months without talking to friends or even family.  I’ve decided recently that my being so secretive needs to stop.  For job-related reasons, I need to remain anonymous – but that I need to share with people what I believe will happen and how I am planning to assist at the time of the EVENT.

This has left me feeling drained emotionally at a time when I desperately need every bit of energy available to me.  Nonetheless, I see that this is vitally necessary on a personal level such that I can proceed without fear and worry.  This particular saga is not complete – I am quite literally in the middle of this particular sub-journey.  But I am learning much about myself – in particular how to deal with doubt whether it originates internally or externally.

To those of you who are reading this, I hope this finds you in a place where you have already dealt with personal issues.  If you are someone like me who still has ‘loose ends’ to tie off, all I can say is that I empathize with your plight and wish this to be a catalyst to deal with your own relationship issues – be they of the ‘relationship to yourself’ variety or whether they truly involve other people and longstanding and unresolved emotional pain.

To truly heal the planet, we must heal ourselves as much as possible.  When we are sad or in pain, it is difficult for our light to shine externally – sometimes all others see is the darkness of our own hurt.  Every leader with good intentions who has been compromised by the Cabal has suffered on a deeply personal level – sometimes to a degree where we could only react with horror and disbelief.  It is much easier to hurt others if you’ve been hurt yourself – but only if you’ve been trained to view pain and suffering as necessary for the ‘natural order’ to remain intact.I put that particular phrase in quotes because I simply do not agree with it.  I do not view the natural order’ as survival of the fittest cruelest.  Rather, I believe that true evolution occurs when a species exists in harmony with their environment.  This planet is quite screwed up in that regard, IMHO – especially humans.  I believe our own evolution will arise based upon cooperation and not competition for limited resources.

In a similar vein, I believe one does not learn compassion by viewing suffering as a necessary consequence of existence.  When one crosses that threshold belief-wise it becomes possible to commit horrible acts of evil because one can convince themselves that they are doing the ‘right thing’.  For me, doing the ‘right thing’ means admitting your faults and working to address them.  This requires honesty both to others as well as oneself.  It is never easy and almost always results in strained relationships temporarily.  But those who are worth keeping in your life will honor and accept you no matter what…eventually.

We are all siblings of the human family, and it is time for us to come together as such.

Victory of the Light!
Nova Biscotti


Greetings everyone. This is Judi reporting for the Media Group in the first week of November, 2014. As you know, I have shared reports about the Kalapana Star Visitor’s Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Subsequently, this area in the Puna District of the Big Island of Hawaii has been featured in the mainstream news on such outlets as CNN, showing the progress of the Kilauea Lava Flow which has been approaching the tiny town of Pahoa.

The piece that I just watched on CNN a few minutes ago featured Uncle Robert, who was asked how to best handle the current lava situation. His response was, “accept it”. For those of you who would like to follow this story, you can do so with Big Island news reports. Here is the latest link.

And here is an interesting summary of what has been going on.

Last week I was booked on the set of the TV show “MOM” at Warner Brothers and at lunchtime I was sitting at a table in the outdoor courtyard when another woman working on the show sat down at my table and introduced herself to me as Joan.

Joan and Judi on set of ‘Mom’ at Warner Brothers


We had a lovely conversation and she shared with me how she came to be an artist and that she had been bringing forth messages from the divine through a series of paintings of angels.

Later on that week I visited Joan’s art studio and experienced the high spiritual energy of her exquisite paintings.

Today I would like to share the first one in the series with you and Joan will introduce it.

Earth Messengers:  Beings Sent by the Divine

Archangel Michael 30×40 Mixed Media

by Joan Hangarter

This great white winged one, Archangel Michael, came to me in many forms, almost unwilling to be committed to a canvas, or captured through time onto a 3-D reality.  His essence is unlimited and pure love.  He supports integrity, power, manifesting your vision, standing up for your truth, and the cutting away of attachments, challenges and beliefs standing in your way from attaining personal freedom and achieving your destiny.

He is firm, but resolute. He understands your human dilemma but stands as the guardian of your higher self as you step into your personal powers. Let nothing stand in your way of attaining your true destiny in this life.  Be the best, stand up, walk tall, and know you are NEVER ALONE.Know, with Archangel Michael by your side, the master is always with you.“It is safe to be powerful. I am brave, courageous and bold” is your affirmation with this painting.


This morning as I was writing this newsletter I received an email with a channeled message from Arch Angel Michael from a different source Ronna Herman. Here is a link to her site:

I hope you enjoy it. It was timely to receive it just as I was sharing about Joan’s work.

Stay tuned for more of Joan’s work in these newsletters…

As always, keep your eyes to the skies. Disclosure is very near.


PFC Media Group

Warm Aloha Wishes from Judi and Smaly7 Co-chairs the media group.

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission

Greetings from Dov and Raissa of the Renaissance Group,​

This week NASA has released a photo of the moon Titan, a moon of Saturn, and it shows a reflection of the sun in the surface of it’s sea. Larger than our moon and Mercury, this moon is composed of water ice and rocky material, with hydrocarbon lakes and methane clouds with rain. This cycle is similar to earth’s water cycle. It is thought the conditions in these subsurface lakes are biotic environments and are potentially life friendly. Reports of anomalies in the atmosphere indicate the possibility of methane producing life forms although there is no water on the surface.

The rivers and seas on Titan are of curiosity and intrigue, and now the image of the sun reflecting on it’s lake is a symbol of a breakthrough, and we can now imagine among the rings of Saturn a glistening moon coursing with liquid rivers and seas.Titan has the highest current habitability rating of any known world, other than Earth.


And speaking of reaching for the stars, here is a message from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman:  “Know that the challenges and opportunities before you will bring rewards beyond anything you can imagine, and so do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as you reach for the stars” and FEAR, HATE AND JUDGMENT DIVIDE. LOVE TRANSFORMS AND UNITES. You must learn to rise above the everyday stressful situations so that you may transform moments of discord into hours of serenity.

This is very interesting to contemplate.

If we think, live, act or be in energies of fear and hate and judgment, jealousies and greed, then we are literally creating dividers in the world. Discord must be resolved into serenity, and it is the arts that are designed t help break down these barriers. However if the art and music or dance or movies that we create or watch are filled with fear, hate, judgment, then the arts are not fulfilling the role of transforming and uniting.

We have important tasks at this time, including healing the planet and purifying the environment, sharing abundance and creating new systems of peace for all. The rest of this channeling addresses how to do this…


Best to all and see you in the new Renaissance!

Dov and Raissa



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  1. Dear, why did you erased my message in which I told you that the atmosphere of Titan is very cold? (Temperature93.7 K (−179.5 °C))
    It is true, you may verify!!

    As a lightworker or a true spreader you should not fear about the truth!!

    As I told previously we may have interesting discussions about stars and planets, let’s try!

    With kindest regards!

  2. There are of interest the information about
    Titan satellite of Saturn.
    But we have to question what else may it habitable? Its surface is very very cold, at 93.7 K (−179.5 °C)!
    But it may also be inhabitable by higher density (i.e. 4D)dwellers.
    This may be also the case of planet Venus, which is very hot, at 737K[462 °C].

    None of them do not have exoplanet living conditions

    This may be also the case of Planet-X, about which we may ask to Cobra more details for the next interview.

    May we also have interesting discussions about any other habitable planet or moons!

  3. Which may be the truth resulting from the video and news?

    Is it true, only in part, or not??

    May we have an answer or a comment from Cobra if possible.

    Another supposed way to first contact…
    May it be so?


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