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Survey – Help us Improve Our Public Calls

Please Help us Improve our Public Zoom Calls Lately, the participation in our public meetings has fallen off.  There are some obvious reasons this may...

Please Help – Donations are Needed!

Dear Members and Subscribers,We need your help! You are aware of the state of the world and issues we are all facing.  Higher gas...

Urgent Request for Donations

Dear Members and Subscribers,If you ever wanted to make a difference with Prepare For Change this is your opportunity to do so! PLEASE HELP...
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The Solar Flash from the Galactic central sun

Ancient knowledge + New Age + Quantum Physics + Spirituality + Dolores Cannon The Solar Flash / aka The Event or The LiftingThe Solar Flash...

Journey Into the Resistance Movement

The main body of the Resistance Movement came to Earth from Planet X with the aid of teleportation chambers in  December 1999. They have...

How the Insurance Industry Can Help If the ATMs Stop Working

The Black Swan The “unthinkable” happens pretty regularly in the world of finance (roughly every 7-10 years), yet executives always seem to get blindsided when...

Prepare for Change Needs Your Help – Newsletter Update March 18,...

The "Prepare For Change" website is a group of dedicated volunteers working for free for the greater good of humanity. We are driven by...

Intel, Cabal and Our Co-Creative Group Consciousness

So, where's all the new intel?Why does a reduction in intel cause such wild speculation among so many (Social/Genetic Programming or just fear of...

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: History of the Solar System and...

WHAT IS THE SECRET SPACE PROGAM?:David mentions there is a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is...
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2-22-15 Cobra Archive, Transcript and Web Bio (Fr)

From Cobra's first blog entry March 31, 2012      2012portal.blogspot.com About this blog We are living in extraordinary times. This is the shift of the ages. The...

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