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Hello, Niki.  I see you are now coming to the “Prepare For Change” website.  I’ve been unable to comment on Cobra’s blog for a while, but your comments always stand out given that you are a skeptic regarding these meditations.

For me, ‘proof’ is a relative thing.  My degree – and partially my career – are based upon Statistics or at least the usage thereof:


For a Statistician, the concept of proof does not really exist; rather it is necessary to view reality in terms of probabilities and likelihoods.  Many things that are considered ‘theories’ or ‘facts’ are based upon a large number of replicable studies** in which the degree of chance involved is considered astronomically small (i.e. a “False Positive”.

Cobra himself uses these same ‘Statistics’ metrics in order to demonstrate the impact of human consciousness as it relates to certain events:


I urge everyone to read and understand (as best as possible) the following link in the above article by Cobra:


This was done by an actual academic research department at Princeton University, so in addition to providing the expected legitimacy of the research they also include the usual caveats:

“It is important to keep in mind that we have only a tiny statistical effect, so that it is always hard to distinguish signal from noise. This means that every “success” might be largely driven by chance, and every “null” might include a real signal overwhelmed by noise. In the long run, a real effect can be identified only by patiently accumulating replications of similar analyses.”

Despite the language above, the effect demonstrated is quite extraordinary once interpreted in the context of our reality.  While I doubt I can completely convince you of this (Niki), I should add that every possible effort is made on the part of the Cabal & their Chimera masters to mitigate any positive effects from mass meditations.

Most studies relying on statistical significance do not have a significant conscious opposing force which negates the strength of any correlations of cause/effect.  I.e. when demonstrating the relationship between gravity and speed of descent in a vaccuum you do not have any conscious entity (usually, anyways) trying to disrupt the effects of gravity.  However, when demonstrating the effect of a meditation there is a consciousness that is attempting to suppress not only the effects of a positively-oriented meditation but also to convince people that such a mass meditation does not work.

After all, how much ‘evidence’ do you see out in the world regarding the ability of large movements being able to effect positive change in the world?  Not much – in fact, I’d say it is less now than at any point since the end of the 1960’s.  I stress that time period because the late 1960’s in particular scared TPTB due to the unexpected ability of large numbers of Western ‘youths’ to mobilize peacefully and demand change.  While a more dramatic effect was probably seen in reaction to the Vietnam ‘Conflict’ (War was never formally declared by the U.S. Congress) as public protests eventually were successful in turning voter opinion against military involvement, the following is the most dramatic effect of ‘peace’ being a conscious intention of a large number of people:


“When we got home we learned the concert had been the top news story of the weekend. And also, something most unusual was reported about Woodstock-evidently there had been no violence observed there the entire time (one fistfight was seen, according to another report). Three babies were born, and two deaths had occurred-about the statistical average for a city of half a million. But a city of that size also would have had a predictable number of violent crimes in a three-day period, and this simply didn’t happen. Which was the third revelation of Woodstock – love had beaten the odds. The miracle of a multitude at peace with one another had occurred, and no one who was there will ever forget it.”

The paragraph above is the last one in the link regarding Woodstock.  This is something I only discovered in the past five years after watching the movie.  Now contrast that to the 1999 Woodstock:


Keep in mind that the 30th anniversary “Woodstock” occurred after the 1996 Congo Invasion (see various Cobra Posts at 2012 Portal) and was considered one of the most violent and sexist concert events ever.

Personally, I’m sure that a substantial amount of drug use – relative to the size of the overall crows – took place at both events.  I state that because it is commonplace to attribute any violent and antisocial behavior to drug use.  Nonetheless, there was hardly any violence at the first Woodstock.  This was likely due to the spiritual intention of the audience – an overwhelming majority of the original attendees were against US Military involvement in Vietnam, and if nothing else nonviolence was perhaps the core shared Ethos amongst the crowd.  Comparatively, 30 years later you had no such galvanizing force of peace; rather it was a parade of “Nu-Metal” bands whose music was tuneless and often brainless.  Hence, the audience reflected both the times and the performing artists.

I am not sure if this is convincing in any sense, but I have tried my best to provide both anecdotal and statistical evidence regarding the power of large numbers of people holding the same idea consistently in their minds at the same time.  That is all a mass meditation is – concurrent holding of the same thought(s) by a large number of people at one time.

When I was in college as a student between 15 & 20 years ago, I often laughed at people who believed that meditation had any positive effects whatsoever.  However, once I realized that there were studies done on the “Maharishi Effect” and additionally was a theoretical reason why this effect actually worked I was able to change my tune substantially.  This has only occurred within the last ten years of my life – where I have realized there is actual substance behind the meditation effects.

Yet the original study of the Maharishi effect took place in the mid-1970’s.  It was so well-publicized that I only heard about it 40 years later!

Yet there are always haters, as can be seen in the following link:


Yet, look at the following link with which the author is associated:


In short, I believe he had a vested (financial) interest in writing the attack peace at “Cult Awareness And Information Library”.  Also, I know that if you wave enough grant money around, you can find any ‘scientist’ who is more than happy to debunk anything as long as it ensures he or she can remain tenured at ‘ABC University”.  This I know after a two-year dalliance with the field of research psychology.  I was so disgusted at how much politics interfered with legitimate research that I actually went into the Corporate world instead.  Now I am volunteering at Prepare For Change – because after 15 years in that world I’ve come to feel that every worthy cause, product, or service has been tainted by the Cabal/Chimera/Archons.  The only way out from this mess is a complete reset of our governmental and financial institutions.

The easiest method – by far – for any individual to assist in the process of fixing our world is to participate in the meditations.  It’s not necessary to write novel after novel – simply raise awareness of the power of positive thinking…in large numbers that are statistically significant!




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  1. Dear Nova,

    Thank you for such detailed explanation, as well as providing some ‘scientific’ evidences/proofs and ‘researches’. I respect that.

    Unfortunately however, even just a simple google search have yielded results that the “Maharishi Effect” has been debunked.

    Here are just a few of the links of the debunking:

    – From Skeptic’s Dictionary :

    – From Cult Help, with article titled “Meditation, Delusion and Deception” :

    What is your response to those debunking above?

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandrasekhar_limit

      I’ve attached a Wikipedia link to illustrate a fascinating point – that a scientific ‘fact’ can be considered absurd and ‘pseudoscience when it is first introduced. Look at the “History” subsection specifically in that link.

      I’ll provide a little more color. My understanding is that during the 1930’s Arthur Stanley Eddington was viewed similarly to Stephen Hawking regarding British Astrophysicists. Even though he agreed with the mathematics of ‘black holes’ (they did not yet have that name), he publicly ridiculed the concept to such a degree that it was decades before the concept was formally accepted in the Astrophysics field.

      This is now considered one of the most important discoveries ever within Astrophysics, yet it was ‘debunked’ by the preeminent astrophysicist of the day which caused it’s mainstream acceptance to be delayed many years.

      Moreover, this was a concept which could be ‘proved’ to work mathematically. Now consider meditation in that same light, but as a harder concept to prove since the mind cannot be easily represented via current mathematics (Personal note – I think it could be illustrated using matrix ‘linear’ algebra, but there would be millions of possible variables involved which cannot be done with our existing level of computing power and sophistication).

      Frankly, I am quite surprised that you take that second website seriously. That website appears to be built on the idea that ‘established’ world religions are OK but anything new or relativistic is bunk. Personally, I am skeptical of anything called a religion regardless of how long it has been around. I find that most religions behave the same way – after a certain time frame new ideas are ‘shut down’ and the dogma becomes fixed at a specific point in time. In this way the establishment of a given religion can maintain its authority by branding any dissenting viewpoints as heresy or ‘cult worship’.

      Any new idea – especially one that is controversial or poorly understood and described – gets debunked or branded as pseudoscience until eventually it fades away or becomes adopted by the mainstream. My thought is meditation will eventually be understood in much the same way that cloud computing is viewed today…within 100 years at the longest.

      • To elaborate – I think the ‘ether’ actually works much like the internet. So group meditation – much like cloud computing – uses multiple CPUs for faster and more powerful processing.

        To paraphrase – mass meditations with multiple minds focused on the same idea can more powerfully and more quickly manifest a change in reality. This is due to the universe functioning much like a ‘self-aware’ computer network where each person represents an IP address of sorts.

  2. Thanks for your informative response, Nova.
    I attended Maharishi International University in the late seventies and participated in the studies. A lot of things happened there that I was personally witness to. One of which was the weather change in mid winter during the construction of the first flying dome. Golden Dome (levitation building). I worked on that project and all winter the weather was very cold and icy. Iowa gets ice storms. However it was never bad on the construction site. Ocassonly I had to salt the beams 80′ up but it was never bad. I sustained the only injury on that project and it was caused by human error and it was relatively minor. We all believed it was because of the collective consciousness that the job was accomplished way under budget and time, and there were no serious accidents. None of us tied off while putting the beam structure together. No one slipped off the decking. It was all very amazing. And we were all happy.

  3. Details about the supposed Congo invasion are also in Alfred Webre’s interview



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