8 thoughts on “Apocalypse: A disclosure of something hidden. . . .”

  1. PLEIADES – the ‘seven sisters’ or the ‘tiny little dipper’:

    • Cobra asked us many time to look at the sky…
      For those of you who live in areas with a sky, may you do a search on night time.
      You will find a ‘tinny little dipper’ of about one and half lunar diameter:

      • PS
        Do not look for Pleiades to be near the full moon. It might for usual not be there. Look rather for a tiny little dipper. But you need a clear sky.

        • I always look for Orions belt, the three stars in the middle. then follow where those three stars point to, usually in the upward direction. And bam there’s the Pleiades.

          • Yes, it is correct.
            On the northern sky Pleiades are on right looking to Orion belt (stars: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka), almost twice the length from Betelgeuse to Riegel, looking from Alnitak towards Mintaka and away on right.

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