OK I just have to say that the first PFC Community interview is fantastic and you should absolutely read / listen to it. I’ve been involved in this community for quite a while now but although I already knew the answer to many of the questions I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Actually I have not been able to listen to it and could not access the sound version but I’m sure it will be available?

Congratulations all round to Judi, Angel eyes, Raissa and Dov and anyone else involved for a great job. Some things do need to be repeated as there are new readers arriving on the site continually and I think that this interview covers many of the basic questions along with some new info.


So this is just to say that I warmly recommend everyone to read this interview when you get the chance. Many of us are feeling somewhat both spiritually / physically tired at this point in time and listening to or reading what Cobra has to say always gives a greater sense of ‘we are definitely going to get there’ in the end.

Link here directly to the transcript – which otherwise pops up when you open the radio link at the top of the page here:


Love and Light

Therese Zumi

23/02/2015 at 1331 PM


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  1. Cobra monthly interview Feb 16,2015 by Rob Potter:

  2. May we somehow find one day another interview with Rob Potter and Alfred Webre?
    Who will the next time be interviewed by the 3 sweethearts?

  3. What do you mean by “Light city of Sedona”?
    Is it?
    Would you not also agree a short interview with Dave Schmidt with his ‘Sedona Connection’… Maybe, does he know something more.

    • Dear Angel-eyes which are the subjects of work of your ‘healing group’? Who are the members of this group and where are the posts.
      Some of my questions were already erased.

      • Ghjkjlj, we actually have healers all over the world that are successful with many different modalities of healing. Cobra told me in our interview of 2 weeks ago that there is not enough attention on healers and their healing methods. I am asking various kinds of healers to write in to me with their true stories of successful healing events and to talk about the type of healing methods they use. I will feature these under the healing blog. I also plan to start a Worldwide Healer’s Directory…..it is in the works. We need to find the proper and easiest way to display a large amount of information in an adequate space & format by country.
        Angel Eyes ~**~

        • Thanks for your attention!
          It s very good if we may share healing methods.
          Where is the link in which may be shared posts.
          I will post only what may be verified by anyone, not what I only may or may not.
          It is surprisingly that many of you, at least nowadays are not aware of their healing abilities…

          I repeat a question, Had you ever put your bare bare hand and to wait a bit and see what happens. (not only you, but all who are interested?)

          May we see together…

          Kind regards!

  4. obrigada pelo site de voces, ainda não me aprofundei o bastante, mas já me interessou muito, agora vou começar a ler boa parte deste material e depois me comunico novamente com alguma questão em si, por enquanto fica a alegria e contentamento de ter acesso a todo estwe material, já li muitas coisas e realmente achei incrível pois difícil reunir todo este conteudo direcionado a ajudar as pessoas a atravessarem esta situação que fora criada pela elite…..abraços e muita Paz, para a equipe e vou estudar a forma de colaborar com a causa….abraços!!
    Simone de Paula


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