How Frequency And Vibration Create The Structures Of Matter And Life

In an article by PL Chang on, How Frequency and Vibration Create the Structures of Matter and Life, he discusses the neutral point and its role in vibration and ocsillation, but ultimately uses a computer analogy to explain how this works.  While we can truly envision that matter and energy are made of frequency and their interference with each other, it remains a work-in-progress to know how this operates in detail.


CL Chang

If we want to understand how the material world is created and what keeps it in a perpetual motion, we need to study the language of the living energy codes of matter, which is made of light, sound, and vibration. Most of us know that the material world is made of matter, but we do not understand the mechanics behind it.

Conventional science taught us that the material world came into existence by accident. If we study the science of matter deeply enough, we should eventually come to the conclusion that the material world did not occur by accident. The fact that physicists can describe the Universe using only mathematical formulas is proof that a divine being designed and created the material or external world.

When we look at frequency and vibration from the perspective of the external Creation, frequency and vibration have their differences. Frequency is the cyclic pattern of scalar waves that flash on and off. The frequency rate is determined by how fast energy units (partiki) contract and expand. Partiki units are the smallest building blocks of matter, even smaller than the smallest particles known to the human race. For this reason, modern scientists are not yet aware of partiki. Partiki are made of units of conscious energy that act like the template upon which consciousness enters manifestation.

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