Benjamin Fulford 2/22/21 Report: Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocracy

The Khazarian Mafia Cabal that controls the West and Communist China is rejecting the Gnostic Illuminati’s demand to surrender and is about to face a massive March campaign to permanently eradicate its membership, multiple agencies and secret society sources say. The Cabal is now in panic mode after planning to institute global idiocracy featuring diminished … Read more


  As part of the program, gyms, theaters, hotels, concerts and synagogues registered under the green passport program will be able to operate beginning at the first of the week.   Everything you need to know about Israel’s green passport program The country is expected to further return to routine on Sunday and to facilitate … Read more

Nothing Like Bicarbonate for Cancer – The Science Part Two

By Mark Sircus, Now we have more reason than ever to focus on bicarbonate therapy for cancer. The science that sustains the use of bicarbonate is as profound as it is multidimensional. It is with great pleasure that I am refocusing my attention on sodium bicarbonate (writing the third edition for my Rich Man’s Poor Man’s … Read more

Benjamin Fulford 2/15/21 Report: Gnostic Illuminati Demands Khazarian Mafia Surrender

The city of Jerusalem will be “utterly obliterated” unless the Khazarian Mafia surrenders, according to a Gnostic Illuminati source.  The destruction of that city is needed to “put an end to messianic delusions” held by religious fanatics including U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the source says. Any move against Jerusalem would be part … Read more

Stop Cancer: Bicarbonate Miracle and Cancer – Part 1

By Dr. Mark Sircus, Sodium bicarbonate is a surprisingly useful tool for treating and preventing cancer. The basic reason that sodium bicarbonate is such a wonderful cancer treatment is that it directly increases CO2 levels in the body. Cancer tumors respond to increased CO2 in a way that does not favor their continued growth. Sodium … Read more

Israeli court wants to ban film about Israel’s 2002 massacre of Palestinian refugees

“Jenin, Jenin” documents a deadly Israeli assault on a Palestinian refugee camp that left hundreds of civilians dead and over fifteen hundred wounded, and its release has caused an uproar in Israeli society. (NOTE: Israel has a long history of massacring Palestinians – read about it in Israeli Massacres: A Brief and Shocking History) by Miko … Read more

7 Dead And ALL Residents Infected In Spanish Nursing Home After The Experimental Pfizer MRNA Shots

In what is becoming a very familiar story all across the world, 7 residents in a nursing home in central Spain have died just after being injected with the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID shots. is reporting that all 78 residents and 12 staff are now testing positive for COVID-19 after receiving the injections, while prior to the … Read more

Super Soldiers Talk – Living in Resonance: The Secret Space Program Conversation

Join Michael Jaco & Jay Campbell for Living in Resonance as we interview James Rink and Johan Fritz who were members of the Secret Space Program. These gentleman were so amazing on Monday Night in our Private Optimized Tribe Group, we invited them back for Sunday Night on our public YouTube Channels. Their intel is … Read more

Kerry Cassidy – Who is in Charge of Our Country?

“This is a call out!” In this video from January 27, 2021, Kerry Cassidy implores all of the journalists out there to truly investigate, use critical analysis and find out what is truly going on. She asks the leaders of this country to come forward and be honest with the citizens of this country. “Someone … Read more