The video below, 11/19/14 Leaked! Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System-Coverup, has been on the Internet since November 2014. In spite of this length of time, there has been little follow up about this anomalous object. If you listen to the audio that discusses the large object behind Saturn you realize that the narrator is not including the general heating up or “energizing” of the solar system due to incoming high energy particles from our current location on the other side of the Galactic plane. He does not acknowledge the large number of giant spheres that have move into the solar system either.

There is a cover up for sure, but this video is likely part of it. It has a fear porn quality that is not necessary.  He says it is a solid object, but how solid can it be and not reflect light except as a haze?  I think this another bit of “Nibiru” disinfo, intended to scare the bejeezus out of the just awaking people.

Connecting the dots, we now have reports that the Sphere Being Alliance has many (2500) giant sphere-like craft in the solar system, ranging in size from our Moon to as big as Neptune. These craft are from civilizations of the sixth through 9th densities that exist near the Galactic center and have been coming into the solar system since 2000. At these densities it is not possible to exist in service to self mode and this assures us that these civilizations are here on behalf of  Source to accomplish a mission.  They have been here to stabilize our solar system while it adjusts to the higher energies of the space it has recently entered as well as the waves of energy coming from the Galactic Center. They will be needed for this purpose for another decade at least. During this time we will experience what is commonly called “ascension” and this is another one of their ‘nurse maiden’ roles, to make sure that this process goes smoothly, and  is not derailed by anything or anyone external to the people of Earth.  During the last six months the Sphere Being Alliance has made contact and begun to assist those acting on behalf of of all beings and against those acting in service-to-self mode.

The video voice-over infers that this craft may be responsible for the disturbance in the solar system that is causing the planet’s to act differently than in the past. This ignores massive data to the contrary that the high placed commenter should know.  Please ignore his suggestions that he is risking his life to bring us this news. Highly unlikely.



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  1. If it will come anunaki
    It will be even worse than it is now.
    I do not feel they will respect the people
    of the people they will want to make employees for their pleasure
    .Please For forgiveness if I’m wrong…


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