18983_1128023657213982_9023973603022914702_nImportant Gridwork Information for Sisterhood of the Rose / Event Support Groups
Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

The newsletter from PFC provided this link which may be vital information for some of those groups and individuals that are now doing Gridwork. Remember that gridwork suggestions are just that suggestions and should not be seen in any way as a necessity for the above groups to participate in. The work we do should all come from the heart and is never a requirement. The following lines are taken from an article I wrote in January 2013 ‘The Veil That Hides the Truth’ I am providing these lines as they might be of support to some readers  to having a greater understanding of the Gridwork suggested here.

How the ‘Veil’ was Created
Twenty thousand years ago the ‘Cabal’ took over the ley lines and vortices of our planet and that is how they created the veil. There was a positive Light Grid of protection around our planet. The Cabal knew about this and worked and took over this grid. Here is an example of the type of things they did to affect this. Light temples that had been built on the positive Light grid were destroyed. 1600 years ago the Catholic Church with the help of the Reptilians tore down each Temple or Church. They then built Archon Temples over the sites. They built cell phone towers inside the buildings! They built Temples dedicated to Satan all over this planet. Link to original page for those that might like to read more; http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/cobra-school

We just heard the fantastic news from Cobra about the sub lunar phase in the MOSS operation to clear the remaining Chimera power around this planet and simultaneously we are clearing away the negative energy on the planet’s surface – we are piece for piece disintegrating this archon control veil and recreating the perfect Light Grid around Gaia – which will inevitably lead us to The Event.

Here is the article from the newsletter;

Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

Many of the churches have spheres with antennas on their tops and a Goo stone under the altar. Those are technologies used on purpose since hundreds of years. The sphere-antenna technology is actually a Vril-free-energy-technology sending and strengthening the emotions/information that are being created in the churches and amplified through the Goo stones.

Emotions are the most powerful manifestation tool. In most of the cases emotions created in churches through the misuse and in the name of Jesus Christ and Maria are variations of fear, shame, guilt and suffering, sadism and masochism despite the good intent of the visitors. The crucified Jesus Christ hanging directly under the sending spheres indeed shows very visible what the masses experience on their own skin, blasphemically in the open, yet staying unrealized (the true message of Christ was that he wanted us to understand that we are creators). The energy of the catholic rituals done in public -and very abusive rituals secretly- is also sent out in this way and manifested in the unconsciousness of humanity. So not all of humanity has to visit the churches, as the emotions and information created and amplified there are sent out for all beings. Now we will use that technology for the positive direction, for deprogramming those exact patterns.

To continue reading this article go to this link here;
See the original article here: https://eliana17.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/transform-the-jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network/

As there are many symbols etc. used to illustrate how to do this the writers have also provided these other two links;
If you want to see more symbols for other actions or private use, see more here: http://www.paranormal.de/paramirr/geo/symbol/symbole.htm

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