09-06-15 Serah D’Laine – Making Consciousness Cool

Serah D'Laine

Serah is a multi-talented individual who uses her gifts in creative ways. Along with her business partner Serah combines ancient historical Egyptian knowledge and modern geometric architecture allowing for the creation of tools which aid in the balanced rise of one’s frequencies to their optimum capability. Other tools decrease the level of toxicity and illness in the body while synchronizing with the mind and spirit to increase the body’s natural immunity.

Finally stepping into the full name her parents originally chose for her, Seraphim, she is merging her two loves; entertainment and awareness in health and wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Guided by a simple sentiment, “We are all born to stand out, rather than trying to fit a round peg in a square hole,” Serah stands for the empowerment of others in a new way of being and reaches out to the masses in a creative, entertaining and elaborate way, “Making Consciousness Cool”.

09-06-15 Serah D’Laine  Making Consciousness Cool


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Visit her website at: http://www.sovereign-alliance.com/

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