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  1. Shall the RM keep under protection the above mentioned 100 experts stepping forward now, at least from now on.

    On the other hand beside of hearing longer about something similar
    the light workers and light warriors are going sick to hear endlessly phrases like ‘behind the scene’, ‘bigger picture’, ‘when the time is right’, ‘will be prevented’, the grand scheme of things’, and other alike.
    Kind regards.

    • May we be allowed to promote a constructive point of view towards the RM, at least in the way it is perceived by the public and light workers or light warriors as well.
      RM may look like an army which is calling the public to fight alongside for the same goal, but do not instruct in any way the volunteer fighters and let them fight by bare hands and without any protection from.
      It does neither instruct the light fighters about psychical and physical protection of individuals, but instead telling us only ‘to remain positive’.
      What the RM could do ‘in front of the scenes’ might be keeping alive the lost volunteer fighters for truth and liberation.
      It seems rather like an unorganized revolution calling the help from masses for a common goal of liberation, but not supporting in any way its volunteer fighters under the motivation that if they get in contact with surface individuals many strangelets will start to explode.
      In this way, the RM, even if really working hard ‘behind the scenes’ will lose day by day the credibility of light workers and warriors, and will not succeed in keeping together and motivated the light fighting community.

      RM shall come forward at least with ‘circumstantial evidence’ of protecting light workers and light warriors.

      As a conclusion may we say that we are awaiting a better relationship between RM and its alongside warriors, intel about individual protection, development of psychic abilities and all which we need to know to improve work and efficiency for the same goal.

      • Frankly John John I think that you need to do some research. I am finding it more and more difficult to follow your train of thought here. No-one is asking anyone to fight and certainly not physically. Would you mind if I suggested that you take a look at this link here to a page on my website {that has just come back on line}. I compiled this in the spring of 2015 to give an overview of the different groups working simultaneously for planetary liberation. The page then continues to show all of the main victories of the light over the past two years or so. To be completely up to date on this page I need to add a few of Cobra’s recent updates at the bottom. I am hoping that this might help you to have a more optimistic viewpoint of our situation and I have to say that I do not agree with you that we need an ‘alternative plan’ I think that you have interpreted Cobra’s info all too negatively {I would agree that its not easy and especially if one is not familiar with the entire progress of the situation over the years} and I intend to write some more on this subject soon that hopefully can give everyone a more balanced way of seeing our situation, where I also intend to take up some of what Cobra and Alfred discussed in 2013. OK here is the link to that page in case you might like to see it. Warm regards Therese Z

        • Theresa, sweetheart,

          Thanks again for your insight and for your hard work!
          May you also believe me that I read even recently your post

          It looks like an admirable work to put together excerpts mainly from Cobra’s posts since 2012 but also from other sources as well.
          I appreciate your work and on the other hand I am doing research day by day as you correctly suggest to me.

          In order to complete your effort and PFC effort as well I come forward suggesting what is missing until now.
          It may be information about Alfred Webre, Michael Salla, Red Dragon Ambassador, Corey Goode, Drake, David Wilcock, Dave Schmidt, Giorgio Piacenza.
          In my opinion all of these are not conflicting with Cobra, PFC or TPR.
          The firsts were also interviewed by Rob Potter.

          In order to save your time listening, you have the transcript of the interview with Cobra and Alfred Webre:

          Alfred webre called the Event ‘the cosmic changeover’.
          What we also have to suppose is that at the time of interview the problem with strangelets and toplets was not in actuality or was even not acknowledged by RM and Cobra, so, the situation seemed to reach ‘the tipping point’ towards the Event.
          After that, surprise: strangelets and toplets are preventing any semnificative progress.
          Tomorrow when there will be removed, another tipping point, and after tomorrow, who knows what else more about which today ‘the time is not right’ to have intel about… And so on. This may be a matter about which we have to have also an alternative plan.

          With kindest regards.

          • All of the people you have mentioned are very much mentioned on PFC and all of the associated sites. I posted on my blog regular interviews with Alfred in 2013 – 2014 {I do not post my blog address on PFC as those who read the website find the link to it there.} As you may know Rob is planning an interview with Corey Goode simultaneously soon.Before my attending one of Cobra’s conferences David Willcock was one of the main mentors i had and his info – links etc; are also part of my website and on my blog I present all his news. I’m sorry if PFC does not satisfy the need for everything and everyone in one place but you can be assured that all of the lightworkers that you mention are an integral part of the RM whether or not they are aware of it. Everyone sincerely writing / spreading about truth is part of the RM. The Higher spiritual faculties of the RM group working below surface have also the ability to read our thoughts etc. Cobra is aware that there are both Jesuit agents and Jesuit ‘influenced’ {mostly completely unaware} bloggers infiltrated in the alternative blogs also. Just to show that the Red Dragon Ambassador is also acknowledged I will give a link to this article that I wrote earlier this year for PFC. PS Thank you for the transcript link which may be of use to me. I have already listened to the interview the other day and recognized that I had heard it when it was released originally too. Warm regards Therese Z

  2. Of course, anything is possible with a RM transferring responsibility on the shoulders of people but not protecting its world wide lightworkers. Only keeping Cobra under anonymity is not at all enough.

    Instead of claiming that they have no tech to dismantle the strangelets and toplets, shall rather the RM keep under its protection the world-wide lightworkers and those above mentioned too.

    Shall Cobra and 2012portal repurpose themselves as long as Drake will announce the event and the 2012portal will no longer provide intel about the alternative plan.

    On the other hand, Cobra has in his interest domain any ‘healing technology’, so it may be quite easy for him to repurpose himself and protect the healer-lightworkers under his RM.

    So, may we await ‘news’ from Cobra and 2012portal.

    Kindest regards

  3. TZ here: More than 100 experts, doctors, scientists etc now unite from more than 20 countries to tell the truth about cancer and how cancer can be cured. Do you think that the cabal are going to target killing all of these 100 experts stepping forward now together? They have murdered at least a dozen Md’s – doctors {lightworkers} who have been openly treating cancer with alternative methods in the past three months!

    This trailer is well recommended ! Please spread far and wide so that people can sign up and get each section as it’s released – starting on October 13th.

    Therese Zumi


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