2 thoughts on “Keshe gives 10-day notice to all Nations . . .”

  1. On behalf of the inherent dignity of all involved we ask that President Obama make NESARA Peace Announcements now that honor the dignity of every man, woman and child to thrive free of fear and harm with the release of Global Peace Prosperity Funds and Truthful Disclosure Announcements. With NESARA Peace Announcements Light Federations can join with military peace keeping forces, governments around the globe and informed civilians to help humanity free of further senseless bureaucracy. Global Prosperity funds are within reach today and lasting peace can be established with NESARA Peace Announcements. Keshe honors the highest good of humanity and many people and organizations support peace, compassion, loving kindness and sustainable solutions. We are all citizens of the Earth and thus responsible to stop killing and harming the planet and our fellow cohabitants. We have the resources we have support of Light Federations ask and support President Obama with prayers with loving intentions to do the right thing today~

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