At the beginning, working on a project, it came the idea to define a flag to represent us as beings, as a race of this planet called Gaia/Terra.
I started with some elements that could be included to symbolise this idea. I made a few designs but the idea had tremendous potential for the stage we are at now and big help was needed. I simply couldn’t have done this on my own. So I proposed this in a thread of the group Sisterhood of the Rose of PFC. Happily, many wonderful beings with beautiful soul joined the idea and we started a debate about what this flag could have as symbols to be included. During the debates it appeared the necessity to talk about what would be the purpose of this flag.

With time, the beings involved will be forgotten but the importance of a project like this is the final outcome: everybody having a sense of pertaining to this planetary race in Love, Unity, and in Communion and Harmony with Gaia that provides us all a Home for us to Love each other and to Create our Life into Evolution. And not only but this flag is meant to represent us as a species when contacting with other extraterrestrial races and to let them know in a blink of an eye who we are. I believe the most part of them are already expecting from us to make exactly this move and take this decision.

Below is the debate that took place on that thread that spread over about 10 days. It is presented together with all graphic versions that made part of this process of discovering and accepting in consensus what I like to call the “Nova Terra Flag” but one can call it “New Earth Flag” translated 100% in English, or New Gaia Flag, or Nova Gaia Flag because all names are synonyms. Ideas crossed all over between us in such a way that close to the end it was difficult to remember who said what because we left the flow to inspire each other to make come into fruition this manifestation in Unity.

= = = = =
E.K. – I had some inspiration past days and I came up with what I feel Gaia needs from us the most – Love to be prevalent in everything we do.
Because I can only talk in my name I can say for me it’s true. I cannot say for everybody else.

So I created a flag for a Nova Terra Society (a project that I work on) representing Love in the middle of everything. Many say the Pink is the colour of Love.

The rest of graphical elements are pretty much self explanatory except maybe for the 7 stars next to the Moon. They are the representation of the 7 continents: AMN AMS EUR AFR ANT ASI OCE as for North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Oceania and Australia.

The series 123 and 456 are equal in graphics except some color variation to add more Light.
The 3 and 6 have an added blue stripe to represent the oceans.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

In Light and Love,

E.K. – Going on the same idea of included symbols but trying an even more simplified design here is a new one.
It’s sad to see how TV programming taught us to find “interesting” mostly controversial subjects. I worked in a radio company for around seven years and I was hearing often “there’s no news if not bad news”. I guess this says everything. When somebody presents something oriented towards uniting and building or having pure success without any hidden tricks it’s… not interesting or boring. Please comment with your opinions but this needs to change and most probably it can only start from within.

Some could ask themselves what’s the purpose of a flag for a planet. Good question. My answer is when the first contact comes to take place I would prefer to ware something like this on my clothes to identify my as a Terran Being instead of some SSP badge. Or maybe have it printed and wave it.

So here it is the inspiration I had with this new design. Again, please make your comments and say your opinions.

In Light and Love,

A.F. – You have already selected the elements to communicate, now you only need to build the visual “concept”. For example, I could start with how our planet is seen from the outside:

As a pale blue dot, how Carl Sagan said one day.

Did you know? Shan is one of the names given to describe our planet. Shan means water. From the perceptive of our ordinary science, one of the premise to find life in similar circumstances as we have on Earth, is simply the requirement of element water to be present. Wasn’t this the last great announcement from NASA about planet Mars last week? LOL

E.K. – @A.F. – thanks for your reply.

Of course, a flag design needs to take into consideration to be easily reproduced on different available physical materials.

The idea of unity resides in the Love Centre, what unites us all, even if we are aware or not of this.
Then the physicality of this very planet is composed of 7 continents (stars), water (“the blue planet” – circle) and the day/night sequence of day to day life together with the closest celestial bodies that are close to our day to day life.
It also encloses the “green” so much desired by most of “new society” fundament.

Now I really don’t know in terms of simplicity and symbolism what could/should be added or removed to stay in the terms of a “planetary flag” to represent us and clearly identify us when contacting with or by other civilisations.

I hope I clarify your doubts about “why” this design looks this way.

Of course, your opinion is very important. Could you come with some specific elements for example what would you use for representing in a flag of this planet as symbolic elements?

In Light and Love,

E.K. – @A.F. – I forward this message to the Sisterhood of the Rose group because is where I firstly posted the flag proposal.
Yes, exactly. That is why the blue circle in the middle: “The blue planet”.

So I think all symbolic and principal elements are in there. Of course they can be moved and rotated or things… But I cannot find a simpler formula thinking at the symbols. I wouldn’t either add any other symbols but that is why is a proposal and I hope some more opinions will come up to come to a consensus 😀

Light and Love,

O.R. – Aloha E.K. from the land of Madame Pele. I love the design of the flag, especially the heart.
I would like to have this flag for our proposed school on the Big Island of Hawaii. Heart-Song Reiki Education Centre, an Echo school.

We are waiting for funding for this amazing project.

Blessings, O.R.

E.K. – @O.R. – I forward this message to the Sisterhood of the Rose group because is where I firstly posted the flag proposal.

What can I say, you made my heart melt. I wonder which one you picked up?

Yes, I have one at my heart already, but I won’t tell anybody to not influence in any way. I hope many more opinions about the flag will come up here to create something that really represents us.

A tinny detail, I am a graphic designer in 2D and 3D. Usually I would say “set free your imagination” but in this case, the same I replied to A.F., it is needed to be taken into consideration the fact that a flag needs to be easily reproduced on available physical materials, either it’s a 1:1 flag or small the size of a badge or even a child could draw it.

In Light and Love,

R.M. – Thank you A.F., E.K.,

A.F.’s observation, “in terms of design they need to be rebuild in a way to create unity.” is insightful and maybe E.K. could be inspired again to come up with another configuration of the elements that we all could consider? Thank you, E.K. My impressions:

the color of the heart looks red. Is there a soft, rose-pink option instead?

Also, how would it be on a white background (white=peace) a pale blue circle (unified GAIA in a state of peace, balance and transparency) with a single golden dot in the center (symbolizing wisdom, spiritual evolution, Divine integration, Higher Consciousness, soul-connection as the center of NEW GAIA life in a state of peace, balance and liberation) ? Maybe/maybe not, a 5-pointed star surrounding the golden dot? Star as the symbol for human archetype? …E.K.–it’s a whole different design and this is your initiative and we each will have a different idea… which is dialogue, right? Anyway, something to consider, perhaps?

E.K. – @R.M. – thank you so much for you words of inspiration.

That is exactly why I posted it here to say your opinions and I am very glad your opinions are coming.
I will take into account your ideas and I will post it here. Just a hold on my side, if I am to put only one star, maybe I would put one with seven points?

This way it will eliminate from start any other side interpretation (don’t want to get there). I confess I struggled with this thin aspect but your idea with just one star triggered this idea with just one 7 pointed star.

@All – Other opinions about the elements included in these designs? What about the Sun and the Moon? Should they be there? Do those celestial bodies represent us as a planetary species?

About the white background, the peace contains our world or our world contains the peace? What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

Should the heart be red or pink? I oscillate now… 😀

I’ll create another one to see how it gets.

@R.M. and All – Again, thanks for your inputs.

In Light and Love,

E.K. – Ok everybody, here it goes what R.M. proposed.

I would have liked some more blueish circle but to be “pale blue” is more or less what we can get for now.
I think I like these two designs…

Please, don’t be shy, make your comments.
Also, please, don’t forget to read back the thread for other designs and ideas.

In Light and Love,

E.K. – …and me again…

I was looking at this design that looks good and is pleasant in a way but… it is somehow impossible for somebody not belonging to this world to identify this planet looking at this flag so something was missing.
Looking, looking…
How can somebody identify precisely that is about us as a species of this planet when it looks at this flag?
And then the inspiration stroke.

Those added graphic elements are from a message that Carl Sagan and his team sent into space in 1974 (when I was only 7).
The message is known as the “Arecibo Message” and it was sent from Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

Working on these two new designs I kinda had the feeling that Carl Sagan (who I loved very much, by the way, and it was of great, great inspiration for my childhood and youth) sent this message also for this purpose of this design.

So here are same previous designs with the added spice that will let anybody know precisely this flag it’s about this planet.

Please consider them all and hopefully you will make your comments.

In Light and Love,

M.E. – E.K.: Just my humble personal taste, of course… I liked your ‘design #7″ because it had a big heart with yellow stars around it. And these last 2, #10 and #11 are nice too… with humans in them! Nice! You are trusting to ask us our opinions, because with graphics, it seems like (well, in the 3D world anyway) EVERYBODY has an opinion… Anyway, those 3 were my favorites… THANKS !

R.M. – E.K., looking nice! Hoping for more opinions and designs! I love the symbols. The colors… the pink and blue don’t feel right. I do like color of the sky in #7 as a sky blue for Terra/GAIA… how would that change the look in the latest designs?

Seven pointed golden star as the coming together of all the peoples of Earth–yes!

I’m posting a link to an image that is inspired by Anthroposophy in that the focus is not on the physical elements, but on the gesture. The focus moves away from the human body to its expression, its gesture, which is more in line with how awareness evolves as it moves away from just a human body to what is the expression of that human–the space created by the body in action: here the gesture has the form of a human and is moved by love, shown by the heart. Quite beautiful for its simplicity. Take a look:

…very long link…

E.K., brother!

E.K – @Sister R.M. 😉
I share your feelings. The blue in the last designs is not ok. Even so, together with the pink give a kinda hippie feeling 😉
I like too the more skyish blue but the circle is representing the planet right? Even so it calls for a deeper blue.
Still not sure whether the heart is pink or red… Any suggestions?

I gave a diagonal view to the link you shared (the picture and the blog) but couldn’t find an explanation.
Otherwise even if some people might say “naked?” it is how mother nature shows us after all. And those are historical pictures that will find completion with the first contact moment. So exactly for this moment this flag is having a meaning. So this is how everything turn round. Starting from the first message sent into ether and up to the very manifestation of the first desire.

Any other opinions?
I’ll leave it here for now and hopefully more ideas are to come and I’ll put a date to the final version say 15.10.17.

In Light and Love,

R.V. – I started to play with the idea of a flag, I never drawn a flag before… from the main concept exposed by E.K., I choose what I would like to see as a representation of our world. What I’ve got in the end, is some kind of a “universal representation”. I mean, this graphic could be from some other place were ruled by light and love. And from now we are a bit far away from that… I don’t know really if this could fit as a flag representation… so you decide. Please, take a look.

Key Elements:

Love = Heart
Life = Blue Planet / Mother Gaia
Union = 7 start / 7 seas / 7 continents / 7 root races / 7 colours/ 7 cycles / 7 as the rule of creation

And attached follows some ideas…
All comment are welcome. 😉

[Here are not all the pictures posted by A.F.. The missing numbers are color variations with inverted colors of the ones white background like #2, #3 and #4.]

R.M. – @E.K.,

I love this, what you wrote: “it is how mother nature shows us after all. And those are historical pictures that will find completion with the first contact moment. So exactly for this moment this flag is having a meaning. So this is how everything turn round. Starting from the first message sent into ether and up to the very manifestation of the first desire.”

So then yes, the design could evolve with these two human figures as the foundation or central point of the design!

Let’s see what others say…


R.V. – A graphic representation of a man and a woman bodies on a flag. What about a graphic with the man and woman united, not separated in each side? Why representing human bodies, why not other specie? Those who visit Earth, are they more than aware of what we are? Cause, I’m certain that we are those who ignore completely our true nature…

The pink colour is a good option to be included. Why not a flag that transits the colour? In digital supports is very easy create such. On paper, it could be something very similar with that special effect we find on our euro paper money, in tissue (t-shirt) it would be some type of ink or film that changes colour with the reflex. So, we could have a symbol that is at the same time dynamic to our perception. What you think about this possibility?

T.R. – Hi everyone,

Yesterday a crop circle was found here in Brazil, in the south of Paraná. Its image brought me the idea of connection and unity. Magnetic chains keeping us all together (us = universe), in which one single move is capable of making a little move on everybody around.

I like this idea of connection and movement.

Lots of Love to you, friends!

LInk to crop circle

E.K. – We are talking about a flag in a long standing wave of definition of us, beings of this planet, as a race inhabiting it.

Yet the crop circle seems to align with an entire series of other older crop circles. The intersection of two circles, when dynamically viewed can be either a union or a division.

IMHO this crop circle represents a nexus in a dynamic path but in itself it is a dynamic moment. I feel it refers directly to the split in frequencies that approaches a significative moment. The crop circle could also be interpreted in many other ways depending on the perception of the observer. Another way I would consider is suggesting in a path of expansion it reaches a middle point where a amoebic division appears. Two different time lines, maybe? Or two different vibrational frequencies? Or both? I wonder.

But, the designs for the Terran Flag are still to be considered and many other ideas to be brought into debate. We could state our Terran Citizenship under this kind of flag 😀

Maybe if each one would enumerate the desired elements to be included and then we could use the common denominator we could come to know at least what symbols to be included.

In Light and Love,

R.M. – Hi R.V.! You asked why the humans and not other species..? E.K. explains this (I copy): “And those are historical pictures that will find completion with the first contact moment. So exactly for this moment this flag is having a meaning. So this is how everything turn round. Starting from the first message sent into ether and up to the very manifestation of the first desire.”

The importance of the figures is their historical context because they were sent out to space in a message by Carl Sagan, and so having them on a flag represents a complete circle and successful communication with our ET family: the moment the message went out via Carl Sagan many years ago to the moment of first contact. The cycle is complete: first contact manifested! 🙂

Not that other species are not important, but here we are considering the historical meaning of these figures.



T.R. – Hello, @E.K.!

I think I got your idea: us, as Earth citizens, proclaiming our values (as a people) and welcoming every race.

I liked better the colours of the other flag (darker blue and red), but that’s just my opinion based on personal preference. It is not related to any other knowledge or meaning.

Anyway, I’m pleased to meet a person who is willing to build a symbol of mankind as one, on heart basis.

Thank you!


E.K. – @T.R. – Thank you so much.

“I think I got your idea: us, as Earth citizens, proclaiming our values (as a people) and welcoming every race.”

Yes, you can say it this way. It’s what we are trying to accomplish here. And this flag has the goal to represent us as a species living this planet so, more thoughts.

  • I believe is clear for everybody that the star with 7 points is accepted as the main symbol for the 7 continents listed above in the thread (or below when read in email).

Therefore each point of the star can be viewed as a roof and this means a home. Because we mostly live on land, the green color is necessary for the representation of our home, the land, and the continents. The yellow color of the star has no significance. But being green it shows the two predominant colors of our planet – it might be brown also for the ground but for design reasons and to not complicate the design and keep it simple we will have only green, the living land – plants.

  • The planet, as Carl Sagan said it is seen from space – a blue dot – due to oceans – water – the source of life – is blue. Therefore is blue in this design and also taking into consideration most of clearly expressed opinions on this thread.

  • I oscillated a lot between a red heart and a pink heart and the color is now present is a pink but darker one going towards a purple. And let me explain why. Many people say the purple is the color of change. And it is so. Related to the visible spectrum, the purple (UV Light= is on the top most of our visible spectrum for us as beings. Starting from that frequency above everything is a “change”. More than this it is scientifically known that the frequency around 800THz or with the wavelength of 200-300nm is the frequency that has the size of a DNA complex therefore this frequency can actually perform a change at DNA level. This color placed on the heart it represents Creation because under this frequency of light the DNA can be modified and can come to live. Love is Creation.

  • The two beings present in the flag are not separated, they are on the same flag or on the same page. If you look at the original position of the man you will see that I horizontally flipped it to make him look towards the planet. So the symbolic idea here is “this is us” and we are together and Living on this planet between us. This is where we Live. This is our home. This is where our Love and Creation takes place.

  • And to make the complete round with all symbols together – we as race, having been genetically differentiated in two sexes at origin, we live in Love, Creation and Harmony with Mother Terra that provides to us a Home to Live and Evolve towards the Soul Center in the Heart of this Creation. This is Us.

  • If needed, for some special physical representation of this flag, like a badge for example, the two beings can be omitted. But the remaining symbols need to still keep the significance of “us as a species living on this planet” and I feel it does fulfill this requirement. We have the planet the continents and Soul Evolution in Love and Purple Light, on the land on seven continents in the Heart Center. (the yellow dot in the center of the Purple Heart).

Please, share your thoughts. Do you think we have what it needs to stand tall as a symbol for this purpose?
2 new designs attached…

In Light and Love,

A.E. – Greetings to all,

I have read with delight, all the wonderful suggestions that each of you have made on this thread. Thank you E.K. for starting this flag discussion and taking the time and energy to put forth examples of possible flags for our new Earth.

I’ve been picturing in my mind what I feel would be important representations to an off planet race that might visit. Of course, they would need to know what the various symbols on the flag mean to us. Let’s assume that they would know the meanings.

I like simple. This is what my flag would include:
· White background for peace
· One large green (the color of grass—representing growing, flourishing life) seven pointed star representing the 7continents and all the other wonderful analogies that R.M. included:

“Also, how would it be on a white background (white=peace) a pale blue circle (unified GAIA in a state of peace, balance and transparency) with a single golden dot in the center (symbolizing wisdom, spiritual evolution, Divine integration, Higher Consciousness, soul-connection as the center of NEW GAIA life in a state of peace, balance and liberation) ? Maybe/maybe not, a 5-pointed star surrounding the golden dot? Star as the symbol for human archetype?”

· Why not use the circular world globe to symbolize these things: wisdom, spiritual evolution, Divine integration, Higher Consciousness, soul-connection as the center of NEW GAIA life in a state of peace, balance and liberation.

The Earth from space is a deep blue. This is how our ET friends see us. So why not have Gaia represented as a deep blue globe in the center of the 7 pointed star?
· For contrast I would have a red heart in the center of Gaia symbolizing WE ARE LOVE. I have nothing against pink but red would stand out more on a deep blue Gaia globe. Our mission is to be heart centered and show that we are love. This is the most important thing that we can transmit to our star family.

I would not include the moon and sun because although they influence us they are not us.

All of your suggestions are truly heartfelt and whatever the result we are putting positive energy into a positive future for all of us. This is good! We are manifesting our future! We are creating it now!

A.E. ~**~
P.S. E.K. you are so graphically talented… us what this would look like please.

E.K. – @A.E. – Thank you so much for your input.

It helps even more to come to a consensus idea of what this flag could look like.
I read in detail your proposal and I will come with some new designs.
Some of the elements you are specifying are already included in the already present 13 desings. Each one is numbered in order of appearance 😀

I feel we are part of All That Is and All That Is is in a smaller scale inside of us.
Except that, it’s needless to say I share your thoughts fully.

In Light and Love,

A.E. – @E.K. is there a place where I can view all the proposed flags? I saw the latest 2 and the ones in the begining but I think I missed several in the middle.

E.K. – @A.E. – Oh, you didn’t see them all.

Here is the link of the thread
[Link of Sisterhood of the Rose group from PFC]

If you cannot see them all in there please, let me know.
You need to scroll through older messages, tough.

Light and Love,

R.M. – Greetings to All! This conversation is wonderful! 🙂

I share consensus on the following points:

White background
Male and Female figures (archetypes of our human being-ness) standing at either side of the globe
Deep blue globe
Green large 7-pointed star within the globe
Red heart within the star


white dot at the center of the heart
purple dot at the center of the heart

E.K., abrazos!


T.R. – Hello, @E.K.!

In addition, purple/ violet is Saint Germain’s flame. He’s the Maha Chohan for this Aquarium Era. Transmutation. Transformation. Elevation.


R.V. – Wow! This is developing in a high speed and I’m loving it!
Even if it seems that I started to position on a “opposite critic”, this made grow and stimulate the participation of others to integrate on the brainstorm of the idea.

E.K., I think you have reunited all the essential elements of this concept. I’m congratulate you to come with this proposal and give the possibility to let us participate on it.

Thank you. 😉

E.K. – @T.R. – That would be a vote for a purple heart? Thank you for the input.
@A.F. – Any criticism is very welcome if it proves to be constructive. 🙂
@A.E. – There are 16 versions in total and I hope the last two of them could get the grasp of your feelings but if you could see the progress of the designs related to the comments made in the thread you could better make your pick.

Could you access the thread to look at all the comments?
If not no worry. I attach to this email all versions that are presented until now and include your both emails on the BCC list.
Unfortunately I had to cut all the comments but I will collect them for you if you cannot access the link yet.
Here is the link of the thread, and please, try the first one first… You might want to try to access these links using each of yours email accounts to see if one of them is working.

In Light and Love,
[Resent personally to A.E. all designs up to date #1-#13 + 2 new ones. I was wrong saying 16 :D]

R.V. – @E.K.,

I like the flag nr 14. I can’t define exactly why, but I found in that graphic the synthesis what a flag should be. I see there also balance between elements – shape, colour, proportion. I can easily imagine this symbol stamped on t-shirts, badges, stamped on buildings, painted in big walls… 🙂

Thank you for your work. It is much appreciated!

If you give me permission, I feel that I need clarify this. I use the critic sense with no other purpose than a constructive mean for improve and development, otherwise is time wasted. And, I don’t like to waste my time as I don’t like to waste the time of other persons.

With Love,

E.K. – @R.V – Well 🙂 it was not a private message, but anyway I replied to you on the SotR thread.
I do really appreciate your criticism because it helped me to reconsider all elements. But I said that already in there.
Thanks a lot for your input.

In Light and Love,

R.M. – I, too, feel most attracted to #14. It makes me feel balance, unity, generosity, fullness, completeness, peace, cheer. The heart is very prominent on the green. The colors are balanced, symbols proportional to one another. Very nice! thank you so much E.K.! Beautiful work.

What did you decide about the two human figures?

Love and Light,

E.K. – @R.M. – Is a very high feeling to know a symbol we worked together on it has this power. Actually I barely can stand the energies surrounding me. I hope I can cope with it and keep the balance and calmness.

So even if you are not considering it this way we did this work together. Consider I was the hand that drawn your ideas and maybe lit the spark.

To answer your question about the human figures, I said here I have a design at heart on my own, maybe it’s the time to share a bit as we are close to the final version. I like the human figures as they are and I exposed the reasons. Only for those reasons I consider those figures very powerful. And I can say again, they can be avoided in case of a need for special space, size, proportion representation.

I like also the purple heart for the arguments I also exposed previously. In deed in terms of colors and contrast and balance, the version 14 looks more prominent than others. That’s why versions 8 and 9 looked to me a bit “faded”. So I will stick with the purple heart even the true color of the heart is rather a dark red with white vines than purple. That combination of dark red with white vines looking from far makes it rather pink than red 😀 But again it’s not up to me to decide even if I have a favorite one.

Only addressing the color combination, the red is very powerful in the overall design. A purple is making soften the whole IMHO. … and many are saying the pink is the color of Love. Purple is very close to pink.

We still need to decide which one of the 3 versions of green stars we use. I also prefer the one that looks more like a roof like our home around the heart. It gives also better proportions regarding land/water for our planet. The full green star was only present in the design 14 and now in 16 also, the new one.

We still need to decide if we keep the yellow/golden dot in the center of the heart. It is said that at the beginning, when we come in this world we are first and foremost a Heart and that is where our soul resides until the actual body is formed. Also the explanation R.M. gave resonates with me fully about the center of wisdom, Higher Consciousness, soul-connection, that resides in the center of the Heart.

I made another design, one with the purple heart and full green star to see how it looks and is attached together with the other two designs to be compared with. I can give you a hint on which star I prefer: It looks like the continents are dancing together in a circle holding hands together around the Heart of our Life 😀

The energies of the Heart of Gaia are also changing and we together with Her:
Link to Gaia Portal

I feel really wonderful to be part of such a Team of Light. I really hope you share the same feeling.

In Light and Love,

R.V. – If you may ask my opinion, from the last graphics you sent attached, I prefer nr. 13. That still be the logo sent on a previous one that corresponds to nr 14. Seems that this option took also the consideration from other opinion. 🙂

I’m glad to know that the first idea of the pale blue dot was permanent since I suggested to start the idea of a symbol much more clean and synthesized. I can only thank you for taking my opinion in consideration.

So, I would enjoy wear this symbol as a representative Earth citizen.

Good work E.K.! 🙂

With Love,

R.M. – Greetings All,

@R.V.: I also have a special place in my heart for #13 representation: I like that the star is green and holding hands, dancing around the heart, yes, like the continents dancing together, within a blue planet, blue circle. Beautiful.

The heart still looks pink; could we see what a purple heart would look like using design #13, please, E.K.? Thank you.

Will wait to hear what others say about the central dot.



R.V. – I like the symbology of the soul residing on the heart. For me this represent the zero-point of existence (the most sacred space inside). If we try to oversize a bit the yellow dot in the centre of the heart? This is a searching to create harmony between the shapes.

@E.K., try to scale the dot to 200% size and let us know how it looks. Thank you! 😉

E.K – Hello everybody.
Here are attached the newest two designs as requested by R.M. and R.V..

@R.M. – you figured it out. Is the one I have at heart. Talking about color, the color used already is purple. In the design 17 I darkened a bit the color. It “looks” pink because it’s a visual efect. The color are combining in our cortex and if we change a background the lighter color looks even lighter. Anyway in #17 is the darkest tone of purple. More than this and we pass into violet range. Violet doesn’t offer a very good visual color combination because it looks pretty dark. Is were our visual spectrum begins to fade out. Is the first color I tried for the heart…

@A.F. – in design #18 here present I emphasized the dot in center. In symbolism it’s hard sometimes to represent the right proportions. And after all this dot is smaller or bigger, or airy or dense, depending on each being. Just being there it already says what it needs to say as a symbol.

@The green star was a bit corrected because during the successive modifications it loosed bit by bit the resolution and shape. But this can be corrected any time. So please, just feel the general design.
All we already have a flag full of powerful symbols charged with significance.

There is one more significative detail element I kept for the end because at the beginning it was unclear how this flag will look like. Most of the flags are in the 3:2 ratio. I am not aware if it was always a sacred geometry subversively applied or just a coincidence but as we know our “dark friends” the most probable is they did it on purpose. What this ratio 3:2 means for me is reducing the trinity (body,mind,soul) into duality. For this reason I started the design in a 2:1 ratio with the meaning of reuniting the duality into unity.
In a couple of hours I will present this version using the golden ratio 1.618:1 because the design as it shows itself right now allows for this proportion to be applied. The golden ratio (or Phi – the golden number) is a very powerful number present in the Fibonacci string and it is demonstrated it represents the very pattern of life growth. It is present in everything alive.

Hopefully everybody felt the right flag for the purpose of us being represented face to face with our brothers and sisters from out there.

Another thing I feel is good to comment here is that I was preparing a collection of our thoughts for A.E., to see all the thread, and another idea came to my mind. I will form a post with this content (it took me quite a time to do it), like a short saga of this flag, a common participation of the Sisterhood of the Rose.
This way everybody will have the true story about it with all opinions and thoughts. With time, when people will adopt this flag we will be forgotten but the most important is the final outcome: people on this planet feeling identified with this flag and why it is so.

Therefore please state your opinions whether you prefer to use only the initials of the names or the full name.
For me, I would prefer to use E.K. for personal reasons.

In Light and Love for the Victory of Light,

R.V. – @E.K.: The (nr 18), seems a slice of an egg. The round form turns everything feminine. I prefer the size of the circle like I see in this flag, also, I like the purple colour of the heart that you presented here than the pale rose colour on nr 13. For me, this graphic (nr18) has much more balance than others.

By analogy, the yellow spark can also represent the central sun inside the inner Earth. Did you know that this mini-sun is the heart of GAIA? Is there were everything is connected. Put your hand on your chest, breath deep and feel in unison Her, mother Earth.

It’s beautiful and I’m enjoying much this work.
Thank you E.K. 🙂

With Love,

E.K. – @R.V. – I like the idea with the egg. Very interesting. The act of creation could have an egg as symbol I guess.

@All – With this new more intense purple the entire design asks for some color balance so the bigger dot does solve this because otherwise it would be kinda too dark with the small dot. I just reduced just a little bit the yellow dot if you all agree with that.

Here is attached this new design (#19) together with the new golden ratio proportion.
Let me know your opinions and get to answer to O.R. so she can use this flag for her activities… and we all also 😀

@O.R. – I foresee you will have a very nice time explaining to people the meaning of each symbol <3

@All – I keep collecting the dialogue for the “saga” mentioned. I can use the initials only so the total anonymity would be ensured for everybody. Is that ok with you? I also prepare a page where everybody can download the picture of the flag and I am also working on an animation of it to be available also for download.

In Light and Love,

E.K. – @All – …me again…
This is how a badge or emblem or distinctive may look like.
If you remember how Alex Collier said it is polite to recommend ourselves when meeting other races is what the bottom line states.
Think if you would love to have this proudly on your shirt.
Waiting for your thoughts.

In Light and Love,

A.F. – Is a start… now we have something!

Much Love,

R.M. – WOW!!! It is beautiful! E.K., thank you, xoxo!!! Thank you All!

This final design, Nova Terra Flag Badge, has all the elements which you, E.K.–and all of us together–have considered important–to the last detail of proportion (!), and which you have so caringly passed around to others for final manifestation of this dream that seeded itself in you!

Yes, I would happily wear it on a T-shirt. 🙂 I would have it as my license plate! …until we get rid of the obsolete car trash. 😀 I would wave it and hail hello to our ET Friends as they approach in the skies. I am already imagining this!

Yes, you may use my initials only.

With love,


E.K. – @All – I was expecting a bit more of enthusiasm at this stage…
Is everybody here pleased with the design?
Any thoughts?

Please share honestly your thoughts. Is the only way we can have the real deal.

In Light and Love,

M.E. – HI — I stepped away from the “design discussion”. If you could send around the final design again, that might be nice……I believe that what I saw in the last version looks great. Thanks for all your hard work… M.E.

[Resent personally to M.E. last designs.]

R.V. – Now that we get a final result, I have a suggestion. For example, when you use this graphic in digital supports, you can give some dynamic effects in this “logo” as you have made in NTP with the globe and the tree. The logic of the movements can be created in order to promote an interpretation of each element present there. You can also play with the colours when this happen. It’s all a question of creativity and joy in exploring design options! 🙂

When I see one UFO in the sky, my first reaction is raise my hands to greet them. Now we have a official symbol that could use specially for this purpose. Yes, this is great! =)

Thanks E.K. and thanks to All.

E.K. – @R.V. – if you look back a few messages I said I am working on an animation.
I need a few days to set everything in place and I will create a page from where everybody can download the models.
But, of course, I am waiting to hear the final opinions of everybody.

In Light and Love,

R.M. – I want to repeat my enthusiasm (just in case it got lost in the string here). I do very much Love this final design. Yes, I would wear it happily on T-shirts!!!
I love simplicity for its strength of message, and I would like to feel that we are all coming together here for a consensus of symbols working harmoniously together. I really think we have achieved that. It is bold, simple and beautiful for this reason and the fact that we all worked our ideas into E.K.’s creative hand. Thank you, E.K.!

So I want to emphasize that while playing with color changes as R.V. suggests can be fun, it could be distracting from the essential message communicated in the flag. We are already bombarded in daily life with so much fast stimulus that our attention then is robbed of the essential meaning of things. If we are to bring this understanding into this flag, then we would consciously keep it basic, and avoid jazzing it up–am I making myself clear here with this concept?

@R.V.: being fancy has its place, but for this flag, there is nothing like asking ourselves, “where is our focus of our attention and intention: in the physical or in the metaphor/symbology/what is “written between the lines”? We need to find a balance, and I believe that the colors as they are, bold and striking in their combination and symmetry, already have enough.

Kindly and lovingly,


R.V. – @R.M., thanks for all your ideas and suggestions, they are very welcome.

Like you pointed, I feel also that we all find a final consensus on the process of creation of this symbol. More than try to be fancy, is the capability to explore all that the hand of creativity can handle on digital supports. This personal input came especially from the interpretation that I have of the World as a multi-racial/multi-cultural/multi-colourful support of many forms of life. In this same reason, you grasp all the meaning behind of a powerful colour message as a free world that raised is frequency to higher levels, with all their chakras working in full high potential.

On graphic design, programs such Adobe Flash can easily create a transitory effect of shape, proportion and colour until get the final symbol. If I didn’t explain correctly, this would not change the final symbol that we created in a way that would distort it, but only “alive it” a bit until it become what it is. Using wisely this tools we can get exceptional results on a image, but the decisions it’s up to all collective that diligently has participated, not mine exclusively. 😉

Thanks for your attention.


T.R. – @E.K.,


R.M. – @R.V.: I see now what you intend–yes, very beautiful and meaningful! Thank you for your patience. Enlivening it–yes!

May I copy here what you said, “the World as a multi-racial/multi-cultural/multi-colourful support of many forms of life. In this same reason,
you grasp all the meaning behind of a powerful colour message as a free world that raised is frequency to higher levels, with all their chakras working in full high potential”

My heart is with you. Thank you, R.V. 🙂

Thank you All.

With LOVE,


M.E. – Hi all,
I dropped out of the discussion several days ago and maybe didn’t explain very well… I was in the middle of a deadline project (I still am) and couldn’t think very hard about the design… I missed a few iterations of the design, I think…

But anyway, I think in general, all the latest designs are really beautiful and am fine with whatever you decide. I withdrew myself partly so that wouldn’t throw another opinion in… because some of this stuff really is personal taste.

The designs with the heart and people are all beautiful… Let’s go for it!!
Love & Roses… and… Thanks for including all of us —


F.T. – Okay, so E.K.. I think your creation with the flag is wonderful, I feel very connected to it. The symbols are perfect. However I think that the dot/egg in the center should be white. You asked for opinions and that is my opinion.

White is the color that represents Light, Purity, Essence, Perfection, Good, Energy, Oneness due to my opinion. When I imagine the Source, the Creator, the One, I imagine a huge eternal glowing white Light that contains everything and from that Essence come forth the different aspects, worlds, galaxies and beings with different colors, even when we think of the prism, white light is the carrier and the mixture of all frequencies of the light of the visible spectrum and of all the colors.
It is the Pure Essence of Light that has not been differentiated yet, hence it is the Source.

So the conclusion, I believe that the center of the flag should be white because it represents the inner core of everything, the deepest part of everything, the truest essence of everything: that We Are One, all of us. Also I think it looks better with white. Here, I attached two pictures, one with the white dot, the other with the yellow dot. Please express your opinions about them.

E.K. – @F.T. – Thanks a lot for dropping in and even more thanks for your input.
II do agree with your thoughts and with the possible change of the dot into white.

@All – In terms of color balance I would leave it yellow to have a bit more colorfull flag but also as it would show “the Sun In Our Heart”, like somebody said in this thread. Both yellow and white are good from my perspective. Up to you all to decide.
Please give it a look to this:
A link to a post…

In Light and Love,

R.M. – All: I too agree with F.T.: the soft voice always wanted the center to be white. 🙂 Even though gold was my first thought, I resonate completely with F.T.’s impulse: “Light, Purity, Essence, Perfection, Good, Energy, Oneness.” White: from which everything originates. The beautiful White Egg.

Kool, what a cool passport!!!

Thank you so much!

Victory of the Light!

= = = = =
Link to download

…and this is how the story ends… or begins, depending on how you like to look at it.
It took some serious effort to “arrange” all this debate in the shape of this post. But I believe it worth and I am happy I did it. Looking at the facts from a synchronicity perspective, maybe the technical problems experienced by A.E. were driven to make me collect these messages and pop up this idea with this post. But this being done, it shows the effort of wonderful souls coming to a consensus towards a very high goal, in Oneness.

As a final thought to add to all that has been said, I cannot see a better representation of equality and unity between the female and male energies as it is represented in this flag. You can think about it like this: each and every being on this planet, when is proudly displaying this flag even in the form of a badge, emblem or distinctive, or even license plate :D, will be along with both the female and the male energies together in all moments. I feel this is something of an enormous beauty.

Light and Love for Every Being.

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