ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 48 – 2015: UFO sightings, geopolitical conspiracies, strange phenomena

TZ here; Amazingly well put together documentary news coverage which gives a good overview of alternative journalistic views at present. The truth that we should all be seeing on our telly if it were not totally censored by the Rothschilds.

Sadly however we have to put up with the term ISIS being used instead of ISIL or Islamic State etc through lack of understanding on the part of these alternative journalists. Also generally one must always use discretion with any alternative news as we have to understand even the alternative blog is not perfect.

Personally I can ‘gel’ fully with about two thirds of this news.

PS: warmly recommend the last 20 minutes or so from the 50 minute mark where David Willcock interviews Corey Goode.

Therese Zumi

18/12/2015 at 1858  PM CET


4 thoughts on “ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 48 – 2015”

  1. Unfortunately Humanity Is Continuing To Amuse Itself To Death…When Will Humans Learn That Without Respecting Our Mother Earth And Caring For Her We’ll Soon Be Doomed Out Of Existence,She’ll Not Accept Any More Abuses Of Her Natural Ecology,So Unless We Wake Up Now And Become One With Earth And Universe We’ll Destroy Ourselves Saooner Than Later.The Time For Change Is Now,No More Wars,Lies,Destruction,Diseases,Pollution,Greed…All We Need Is LOVE !!!!…

  2. Excellent compilation of everything going on behind the scenes in our world. The good and bad. For someone who doesn’t have a clue about it, it may be a bit much all at once, but hopefully most won’t be able to get enough truthful info. Well done.

  3. Thanks for news and recommendation!
    I am just going to listen attentively.

    By the way, Therese,
    Do you know something about Alcyon star? where it is, or so?
    But please do not google it before an answer 🙂
    Kind regards

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