Open Letter to David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and All Other Alternative Media and Lightworkers

TZ here: Our friend Untwine has a wonderful and very timely suggestion for all of Gaia’s Lightworkers. Please do what you can to spread this far and wide.

Open Letter to David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and All Other Alternative Media and Lightworkers

Greetings everybody, and best intentions to all,

We all know there is a major shift happening, which is coming to its peak soon.
We all know that the faster human consciousness evolves, the faster and smoother this shift will happen, the faster this planet’s ecosystems and inhabitants will be healed and free. We all want that.

How exactly do you picture this evolution in human consciousness ?
How does it manifest ?

I think we all agree that it happens as we tap into our true power.
I have seen most of you share studies proving how group meditations reduce crime and increase well-being and peace, in a demonstrable way. These results apply to group synchronized meditations. This is our true power in action, in unity.

I believe that these studies have come out so that we put them into practice.
I believe it is time for us to apply the science and come together to generate an energy field to manifest the shift now. This is how we start tapping into our abilities and heal this planet together.


There is already a worldwide synchronized meditation organized every Sunday at 7pm GMT, to visualize the shift happening, the cabal removed from power, the Disclosure happening, and a bright future for humanity :

I know that some of you may have some doubts or disagreements about Cobra’s information, who put out this meditation. I personally do not share these doubts and disagreements and working with Cobra has brought me a lot of goodness, but I respect that you can have them. It’s totally okay.

I believe this is not an obstacle to meditating together. If you do not agree on some aspects of the meditation, you can simply do it in your own way. The more similar, coherent and synchronized our visualizations are, the stronger the resonance and the stronger the manifestation, and what matters is that we all visualize the cabal removed from power, Disclosure happening, and a bright future for humanity together.
We do not have to agree on absolutely everything to meditate and work together. The Galactic societies out there know and practice this.

You can even forget about the meditation at 7pm GMT and publish your own synchronized meditation, in your own time, visualizing your own version of the shift and liberation of this planet. We can join you. Imagine the power of all of us coming together visualizing the timeline we all want.

We can truly take action together to heal this planet.

Much Love,


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  1. I offer this idea in Addition to the Sunday meditations which I just Love! Let’s start a nightly meditation daily say 10:00 pm locally (10:00 p.m. is an example) that creates a continuous waves of meditation around the Planet. This effect will add to the Sunday meditations and keep a continuous bathing of meditations continuously moving around our lovely planet. It will always be turning 10:00 pm somewhere on the planet every hour, every day of the week.

  2. I have been doing this meditation for a year or so now…it was concentrating on liberation and has shifted a bit to include disclosure. I have noticed a difference lately…a feeling that we are all actually connecting with each other during the meditations…I can feel a sense of linking now…as though all our hearts locked in together. There is a power there.

  3. Sorry even though I agree with the points raised in this post, I fail to see how it is an “Open Letter….”. I can’t see anything of what it purports in the headline – as in what is this letter saying specifically to Corey Goode and David Wilcox?

    • Both Corey and David agree that meditation and inner work is important – they discuss this among other places on the ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 48 – 2015 – posted here few days ago – at the 50 minute mark approx. I believe that Untwine may be hoping to reach all of the readers that follow David and Corey’s work and let them see that there is indeed a plan that tens of thousands {if not more} people meditate for every Sunday { in 45 minutes from now} and that the more of us taking part the quicker the results. It is addressed also to ALL Lightworkers. Hope that this answers your query. Therese Z

  4. Dear Untwine,
    all we (Terrestrials) need to do is POLITICS, as we never did before!
    Quantum Politics, to be precise.
    0=1-1 it’s all the math we need to know to do it.
    If you want to know more ask me, i’ll explain everything.

  5. Thankyou for noticing those of us who meditate in an unconvential manner. I have been sidelined by those claiming to be part of movements, due to the fact i do not practice the same meditation methods as them. And it is time the animals are reconised also. I communicate with them and heal them holistically. I dont actually like that word. I just heal them and i dont even have to touch them. but seems the animals Gaias sentient beings are being sidelined also. They are part of the whole picture.

  6. Let’s visualize the world that we all would love to live:

  7. Thanks U for your powerful letter. The intent of any style meditation is all we need. I doubt even 2 people will ever visualize in the same way, perhaps variations. Just as no 2 fingerprints are the same, we will all meditate in our own way. My oh my- one huge meditation with all different variations causes unity with lots and lots of color! And as you know, all colors of light mixed blend into white! Bring it on!
    For me, I’ll take a walk in a foot of beautiful snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and do a walking meditation with visions of
    The dark dimensions ‘dissembled’. If all their carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, minerals, etc. are dissessembed, I’m not destroying them, but making them non-functional as a dark whole.That chunk of carbon can go create something else – or not. 🙂 The point being, I will not destroy, just visualize a disassembling. Then create from there for what we all truly desire! Your letter was of beautiful Intent! 🙂 Peace and Celebrations are nigh!!


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