Signs of a movement starting? Signs that we can have “Unity in the Community”? Linked below is a petition I was is addressed to the Earth Governments and Alliance Groups.

We hope that this is a sign that there is the opportunity for this community to come together and work on a serious and organized global disclosure project.

There are discussions going on in the background to create a way for us to agree to disagree on our belief systems and work on our common goal of a “Full Disclosure Event”. I am sure if we receive full disclosure all of us will find we need to amend our belief systems if not completely throw them out and start over.

I was informed that the lower SSP Military/Intel Program wanted me to back off of full disclosure and accept an “Evolving Disclosure”. The next morning (1/25) a Chinook helicopter flew 5 orbits around my home and actually hovered over my home with one occupant looking out of a service window while I fumbled with my iPhone to unlock it and open the video camera. I was able to capture them gaining altitude as they flew away and them make a U-Turn and flew back overhead at about an altitude around 1/3rd higher than when they were hovering. They then flew 2 more orbits around my home.

I have sent the video to DW and Gaia TV. There are a lot of things that need to be blurred out to help protect our security as much as possible. On the 26th a different type of military helicopter flew over very quickly and again last night when my whole family was out front of the house. We were out front to get the kids out of my parents car when my daughter asked “Is that them again?”. I have my phone sitting next to me on video mode so I do not miss any other activity. In the mean time I have requested 5 Security Camera companies to come out and give me a quote and install the professional security cameras with no real response. I need to get those installed as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that we will receive A disclosure… The type of disclosure that we receive is in part up to us. I hope that we as a community will find a way to work together, to forgive past grievances for the greater good.
The opposition would not have infiltrated this community to sow seeds of mistrust and division if we were not important. We have a major say in the future that our collective consciousness chooses for us. Our collective conscious is making this decision at this very moment. We have a small window of opportunity to make a difference.

I hope all of us begin to spread the message of “Unity in the Community”.


Vladimir Putin
Xi Jinping
United Nations
Disclose all the Secret Space Programs and release all the hidden technology –

It’s time to liberate and save the planet. People deserve to know the truth about the Secret Space Programs and have access to all the hidden technology that could save the planet and help humans all over the world.


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  1. Can you give the link to the first recording you mentioned? BTW if you are blurring some parts of the video recording why are you doing this? If some gov. institution is flying over your house there is nobody else to hide yourself away from. The other thing – whenever you connect with internet through enything? Government knows who are you. That is it. It is that simple.

  2. To CG. I think you, of anyone I’ve run into in this crazy, quickly evolving situation ought to know Exactly How Serious a predicament you’ve placed yourself and your family. And it seems to be reaching a Head right now. Isn’t there Anyone in the SSP Alliance who can provide you with some better security? I think you need more than just a few CC cameras from Home Depot at this point. And I really am not trying to sow seeds of fear. I know it sounds crazy but aren’t there Any ET groups who can help with this; they all claim to be floating around just outside our atmosphere Watching Us. Well maybe it’s time they pony up some Physical Presence with some Protection. As far as I can figure there are maybe 8-10 evolving community leaders in this game; you know who they are and so do I. Clearly you’re one of the Highest Level “Information Officers” we’ve got. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE YOU. Please take this as seriously as it’s intended. If you will give me your PayPal info, I’d be happy to help you get a security system at the very least, but this is MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT.

    As far as “Evolving/Slow/Soft Disclosure” goes: DO NOT allow them to CON you into accepting a slowed down, watered down version UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is a SOP when a powerful entity/bureaucracy whatever knows they’ve Lost A Battle. It’s like this: the longer it is allowed to drag out, the more opportunities exist to water down the truth with little white lies and/or omissions of important facts.


    Think of what Human History and esp. the history of Western Civilization would’ve been like if the following things would’ve been known to the Public when they happened:

    -WWII. If the truth of the German discoveries (with help) in the realm of anti-granitic propulsion would’ve been open to the World,what then?
    -The Truth about Roswell
    -the truth about Eisenhower’s treaties with the Greys
    -the truth about the circumstances surrounding JFK’s assassination
    -the truth about RFK and MLK’s killing
    -the truth about 9-11
    -The Philadelphia Experiment
    -the Montauk Boys and the other experiments at Montauk and at Brookhaven Labs
    -the Dulce Base and all the revelations of Phil Schneider
    -the revelations of Bill Cooper
    -the revelations of Capt. Mark Richards
    -the testimony and seminars of Alex Collier
    -the Riveting Testimony about the Alternative History of the Earth by people like Graham Hancock, Robert Schock, Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Brien Foerster, and others
    -the INCENDIARY WHISTLEBLOWING about the Secret Space Program by Corey Goode in concert with David Wilcock
    -the corroborating testimony about the SSP by Captain Randy Kramer, USMCss
    -the Brilliant alternative journalism on the subject of Exopolitics by Alfred Weber and also Michael Salla

    In addition to all the above people, I’ve left out Dr. Stephen Greer, Linda Moulton Howe, George Noory, Bob Dean, Cobra, Billy Meier, Kerry Cassidy, John Lear and many many others.

    It’s not just humanity who needs FULL DISCLOSURE NOW either; our Precious Planet needs The Truth Desperately as Humanity sits back and watches while more and more Old Growth Forests are Slashed and Burned; while the “First World” has pompously declared itself “Climate Change Leaders” while OUTSOURCING THEIR POLLUTION PROBLEM TO THE 3rd WORLD. How disgusting and pompous is this?. When WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH get together and realize we’re all in this together and that We’re All in each other’s backyard, maybe we can start solving some of these Global, Systemic. Problems.

    OK, I’m done now. I feel a lot better now that I’ve gotten that off my mind

  3. I signed and shared! Humanity has been lied to for thousands of years of their real origins! It is time to live the TRUTH!

  4. I would so love full disclosure but I remember my path to awakening and your head can only handle so much at a time. Many new consepts (or rediscovered) I needed a period of time to absorb and comprehend. Its like trying to do algebra before learning to add and subtract, you need the foundation first befroe you go the next level. I also first had to calm my inner voice and be at peace. So I can see where they are coming from on releasing the hidden technology, making life easier for people so they have time to find their inner peace. I also have insight on how raising your own vibration has an effect on those around you, when you go up the those next to you will rise with you to maintain balance. At first I never thought my parents would even fathom half of the truth and now they have started to ask me questions on multiple subjects. That blew me away but being that I first uncover much of the info on it I can provide answers they seek and reduce the fear that may surface. BUT if I go too far you can tell, its like it does not regesture, so I stop.
    Most people are on survival mode and a full down load may just make them explode. At times I’m greatfull that I can only research so much in a day and uncovering new info drives me forward. When I know I can’t understand at that moment I bookmark it for another time or read it when I’m more focused. I think if it were presented like a movie trailer where you get teased to come and take a look it could snag peoples curiousity. I want disclosure so much but I want peace and harmony too and if there is a balance to it lets go for it. Maybe have an advanced section for those who have already uncovered some of it so we do not get bored waiting for others to catch up. There is so much more we all can learn. Thanks!!

  5. I know what i want ,I trust what i m and what i m becoming .But i m not knowing where i m standing .Can you give me more specifics what i have to do make that small window bigger ,Thank you and love and light

  6. Thank You Corey, keep You and you’re Family Safe. I hope ET’s will protect you with a Security Detail during this Transition period.


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