10 thoughts on “Judge Scalia – why you need to know about him and his murder”

  1. A regular bullet would be there BUT a tiny frozen “Icicle bullet” the C.I.A. has would have melted it’s poison in a few seconds! wake up people

  2. I am interested in a follow up or update. Where was the protection detail to this Judge? What are the sources of this information? How this photo come to be in your hands? too many questions at this point.

    • Yes, and since we are all volunteers – I’d like to challenge you to follow-up on this article and bring it to our attention. Please feel free to do so . . . or else you’ll have to wait till we spoon feed it to you.

  3. I’m very optimistic from this video, Scalia did not die in veign, and something tells me the more they strike out the more they seel their fate. Rejoice dear ones! freedom at last is nearing close.

  4. What about all the people who are traveling abroad or who are retired and living outside of the US? Their ATM cards will no longer work for a limited time? How will they survive?

  5. A bullet to the heart!? Well, if they cremated him the bullet would still be there. Please give us your name and address at your mental institution and we’ll Fedex it to you.

  6. It’s my prediction that mankind makes a quantum leap in technology that builds a brige into the 4d and 5d world by technology
    Not spirit spiritualy comes later in 1000 years
    Because of shifts in in DNA that happen gradually over time

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