Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. is a Biochemist, cellular and molecular biologist with over 30 years of scientific expertise. Mikovits has long believed that the vaccine movement is dangerous. The government has consistently attempted to silence her, including framing her for “stealing” research documents.

 by PAUL FASSA  Scientist Harassed After Warning of Plague Potential from Man-Made …

That was in Nevada in 2011. The whole setup was arranged with corrupt local officials. She was arrested and jailed for several days while her lab and her dwelling were ransacked without search warrants.

But the documents were not stolen. They were in her lab’s office the whole time. Truth be told, she had simply refused to destroy them as part of an attempt to hide incriminating evidence. Seem familiar?

Then a lawsuit was concocted to further harass her. She lost her job and her money defending herself against completely bogus charges. But that hasn’t deterred her crusade to expose the lies, corruption, and medical barbarism that exists that hides the underbelly of so called “health care”.

This 2011 harassment through legal channels was the apex of constantly mounting government campaigns against her intrepid integrity that involved being cited for insubordination and getting fired.

Why CDC Stands for Centers for Disease Control?

They send people out to obtain viruses from infected tissue and bring them back where they can be cultured and kept in cold storage vaults. Essentially they have control of all known pathogens of all known infectious diseases.They effectively control those diseases by having the pathogens in storage.

The CDC supplies pharmaceutical companies with offsprings of the original cultures to manufacture vaccines. Pretty cozy arrangement, eh? The CDC also serves to convince the masses that an epidemic is brewing and the virus is known, but don’t worry, vaccines are on the way.

Judy’s capacity as a cancer researcher within government agencies has enabled her to have access to the latest technology for classifying viral genetics and retroviruses. Politically, she’s in the same boat now as Bernice Eddy, a top NIH scientist who tried to warn Congress about the SV40 virus in polio vaccines that posed long term cancer threats. Bernice lost her lab and her job, but she was right.

The following text (below this short video) is excerpted and paraphrased from scientist Russell Dobkin’s review of her book, Plague, co-written by Kent Heckenlivy. It’s now available on Kindle or hardback online.

From Russell Dobkin’s review: Dr. Judy Mikovits has found something new. She calls it “XMRV like Virus”. What does that mean? X stands for Xenotropic. That means man-made and living. M stands for Murine Leukemia Virus, as it is found in mice, both wild mice and laboratory mice, of the kind that are used to make human vaccines and perform virology experiments. R stands for Retrovirus which is the type of virus that HIV is. V stands for virus. Now, here’s the important thing in her description, “XMRV-like Virus”.

Retroviruses mutate and change rapidly. Retroviruses invade the DNA of living cells, insert themselves into it, change it, and take over the controls of what the cell makes. They can also be latent and hide with cells for some time. What can wake up such a latent virus hiding in a white blood cell?

Stimulation from a vaccination will do it! Other infectious antigens, like a viral infection would also stimulate white blood cells to multiply, and wake a latent virus. Could this explain Autism suddenly appearing in children after a vaccination? Dr. Judy estimates that up to 20 million “healthy” Americans have this latent XMRV like virus in their blood. That’s why the CDC is trying to shut her up. (End of paraphrased excerpt)

Some may think the CDC just doesn’t want to create a panic. But Dr. Mikovits claims she and others have the technology to clean it up XMRV. There’s much more that this feisty gal has to say as a scientist regarding cancer, autism, vaccines, and GMOs. She’s a threat and the following lengthy informal interview shows it. “If I’m suicided the way others (microbiologists) have been, don’t believe it was suicide”, she asserted with a smile.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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