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Protests: A woman painted in black screams as dozens of activists gather in front of Petroperu HQ

Amazonian Tribe Seizes Military Helicopter And Takes Government Officials Hostage After Oil Spill

Protests: A woman painted in black screams as dozens of activists gather in front of Petroperu HQ
Protests: A woman painted in black screams as dozens of activists gather in front of Petroperu HQ

Global Corporate Oil has spilled in the Amazon… and an Amazonian tribe in Peru has decided to speak loudly with action.  The tribe held at least eight public officials in response to their tribal land, food, and water ways being polluted.  All over the world, corporate greed is seeking ways to suck out the oil and minerals from below the earth’s crust. The corporations are legally classified as an “individual” and given the same rights as a person.  But, a corporation is not human… and holds nor morals.  

Being closer to the natural world where the stupid legal logic of corporate individualism doesn’t exist, tribal leaders in the amazon are seeking to bring a spotlight to the total destruction being done by the greedy capitalists and their corporation’s unmoral actions against the people and the planet.

The Wampis Community Of Mayuriaga Stage A Protest

According to Reuters,  the tribe actually seized a military helicopter, capturing multiple crew members along with other government officials. The hostages include three oil company executives, four government regulatory officials and a specialist with the energy and mines ministry.

The Peruvian Air Force said in a press release after the incident that the hostages “were being treated adequately and are in perfect shape, as is the helicopter.”

Among many demands, the Tribe insisted that they were left out of a clean-up plan that was associated with the spill.

Petroperu Damages Mayuriaga Tribal Living

Over a month ago, in Mayuriaga, Peru, multiple oil pipelines ruptured and spilled over 3,000 barrels of oil into the wilderness. As with most oil spills, both the government and the corporation responsible have been slow to clean up the mess.

However, many Amazonian tribes are forced to live in the mess, and have had their homes and their sources of food and water destroyed. This is just the most recent environmental tragedy in a long line of preventable, man-made disasters that have been created on tribal property, which neither the governments or corporations should have any claim to.

Released…. With A Strong Reprimand

After a standoff lasting over a day, the tribal occupiers struck a deal with local authorities to release the hostages.

Reuters reported that Petroperu struck a deal with chiefs of the tribe that includes bringing electrical and telephone coverage to the community and helping develop local businesses.

Tribal Leader Of The Ecuadorian Amazon Rain forest Speaks Out To Connect Our Two Worlds

The video you are about to watch is unprecedented in our world.  For the first time, the tribal leaders are coming out of their world within the amazon rain forest to speak for the sanctity of keeping the rain forest alive… for the sake of the people and the planet.  Listen to his knowledge of the infinite necessity of keeping the rain forest a pure eco-system and functioning resource for our continued existence.

Stop the destruction of Manari Ushigua’s home in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest with a donation to Pachamama Alliance today: www.pachamama.org/donate

It is easy to sympathize with these tribes who have had their land and resources not only stolen, but polluted by a government that they never chose, and the corporations that are in bed with that government.

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  1. i stand with the people against the corporations who will destroy the environment in their quest for profit.

  2. don’t know how these folks sleep at night after raping the world… karma is a biiitttch!!! funny its like they are stealing from Mother Nature and causing suffering from innocent people who know the truth – money can’t buy life – we live life! And besides nature provides everything we need to live a gracious fulfilled life. Its a false belief we need technology to be happier. However the destruction of the natural resources are making it harder and harder to live healthier without some dependency on technology to take care of problems caused by technology. Ignoring facts maybe… the people doing the harm are not exempt from the health concerns caused by their greed. Cancers are popping up everywhere… I just don’t understand the sickness of greed… how it can blind one from seeing the BIG picture!!! If one destroys parts of the world how is it going to truly benefit them or another being? Morally for me its the Golden Rule that’s held in high regards; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  3. the last remark is so off it is appalling. ‘Happy Ending’ indeed with food sources, way of life, culture totally destroyed, I’m sure they are extremely happy to be put on some corporate list

  4. What is important for the natives of amazonia or any other place, specialy those among nature, is exactly to be respected and keep having their quality of life, and not being CONTAMINATED with the evil of fake development that will only mean less quality of life, debts, lost of independence and many others against their people, dont take any poisoned gifts, as this mentioned in the article… “that Petroperu struck a deal with chiefs of the tribe that includes bringing electrical and telephone coverage to the community and helping develop local businesses” I hope all natives from all amazonia and others keep strong and count on some who are not natives but as themselfs are hooping to have a future with a better quality of life and who believe that these allredy “not enought” small corners of nature are strongly important, those yes, to garanty some quality of life and survival for those who live there and as well for some of our descendents who will have no other place to restart life and to learn how to better live and reapect nature in a future, “i would say black future in a future not so far as some may believe” my strengh and power to all natives soffering and fighting “yet in a very pacific way” for their rights and conscience.
    Joao Trocado

  5. I am happy that these people are standing up for what is their’s and essentially all of ours- defending the planet, setting a good example that this mess needs to be cleaned up.

  6. oil is like trees in the forest. when the trees are gone. earth is unearthed n when earth is gone,. rock is blasted ,.. n so on n so on,.. their is one solution less breeding, less mouthes to feed. less fighters

  7. Our dependence on fossil fuels and the big money behind it will never pro-actively convert to renewable energy. We must work to make burning fossil fuels and un-profitable business and make creating energy from renewable sources that don’t pollute the environment easier and more profitable to do. That is what will change the macro-economic course. And we can change it through where we spend our money and with our laws.

  8. pintoworks, I want to believe you, but where is the evidence that the deal was not with the chiefs. I understand about the old tactics of U.S. Corp and have read “Confessions” but just wondering if you know something that we don’t…

  9. a happy ending? will be able to receive emergency supplies so they can survive. Thousands of barrells of oil spilled into the amazon, this is the cost of oil. Time to find a different way to survive on the planet instead of making excuses for global suicide for money.

  10. Not true Marc.. there was no deal with the chiefs ,, the deal is with the corporate hitmen and the government of that particular region.. ironic that the deal involves giving a huge loan that is impossible to pay off in return for electricity etc. Ecuador.. look up what happens to the leaders of those countries when they say no to the deal.. they end up in ” accidents” such as killed in small plane crash .. read
    “Confessions of an economic hitman” John Perkins …get it from the library.. we need to stop this
    madness.. we are killing the lungs of our planet

  11. “Petroperu struck a deal with chiefs of the tribe that includes bringing electrical and telephone coverage to the community and helping develop local businesses.” !!
    So, the tribe basically used this situation to their advantage so that they may themselves get a bit more high up the economic ladder.
    Smart, but ironic.

  12. Until we release our dependance upon oil, we will continue to feed the very monster that we fight. If we want to move beyond our dependance upon fossil fuels, we MUST create immediately viable alternatives for getting around. Please support the Frankentrikes fundraising campaign, which is “live” NOW on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/frankentrikes The personal benefits to switching to human-electric power are immeasurable. Thanks!

  13. Michel, sadder words were never written – “The only difference between them and you is you were captured as soon as you were born.”

  14. So the Mayuriaga will be”forgiven” and here WE can further change their sustainable culture by interducing them to phones and electricity. No one will forgive US. Just continuing the worst genoside ever that occured on Earth just further north.

  15. I hope we will all not use oil for a day. We need to change the supply and demand equation by demanding less oil. drive less, use your bike, walk, take the bus, demand clean energy, pay for solar and wind on your utility bill. If we want to help these beautiful people, we need to change our own ways first.

  16. @Stephen Daniels…’And they settled for cell phones and electricity’….More like the Oil company settled for bigots and shithead assholes when they hired…LIke you right?…

  17. This is what it comes to–corporate greed has no limits and no concern for the well being of ecosystems or people. I say that it is time to defend biodiversity by any means necessary before this level of unchecked consumption kills us all.

  18. They’re not hostages. The tribe arrested them for poisoning their lands and water. Global Corporate Oil are the real criminals here.

  19. how convenient spilling 3000 barrells of oil…like the beautiful creatures of our world money wins over people I hope they get some real support

  20. this is terribly written. please don’t undermine this kind of resistance by writing about it where people might be able to read it. i hope you’re not getting paid.


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