NOTE: Our members include many contactees and others who are in direct contact with inter dimensional beings, sometime without actually realizing it.  At this time the Aliens Beings who are being threatened by the rising energies are seeking dos seduce unwary humans to help them with their agenda, which is to remain in control of Earth. For this reason they will be seductive and appear to be “turning to the light”, something that very few humans can discern, and an intentionally deceptive ploy.  This is an interesting read and gives us a lot to think doubt whether we agree with everything in it or not.

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In preceding parts I focused on negative aliens to emphasize the prevalence, sophistication, and subtlety of their control methods. They can advance hostile agendas without necessarily being violent or frightening in appearance. Instead they maximize their appeal to build up false perceptions and beliefs in their targets so that, unable to make fully informed decisions, their targets naively and willfully choose to relinquish sovereignty.

We can distinguish between positive aliens and impostors by knowing more about what each are truly like. What unique traits must aliens demonstrate in word, action, and consequence to qualify as truly benevolent? We are looking for key characteristics of positive aliens that cannot be imitated by negative impostors, at least not without shortchanging their own agenda. Our standards must be set neither so low that impostors falsely qualify, nor so unrealistically high that benevolent groups with innocent shortcomings fail to qualify at all.

In this final part I will share my tentative conclusions on the nature and motivation of positive aliens.

What Does Positive Mean?

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Download the PDF: Fully formatted, 690kB. Good for printing in landscape mode with two pages per sheet.

Contrary to stereotypes engendered by the New Age movement, the positive spiritual path is not about being meek, simple, and blissful to the point of becoming passive and ignorant of life’s problems. People who adopt this attitude end up disconnected from reality and eventually face a rude awakening. Real spirituality has to be practical yet transcendent, true to both physical reality and metaphysical reality, rooted in experience yet vivified by divine inspiration. It must acknowledge the limitations of one’s current state of existence, yet allow advancement beyond that existence by opening the door to influences from an even higher level of existence.

It cannot be otherwise. An alien civilization mired in blissful denial, wishful thinking, and undiscerning acceptance would crumble under its own folly or be preyed upon by deceivers in the same way that amiable but blindly trusting people get taken in by charlatans.

The genuine positive path is one of strength, practicality, discernment, understanding, balance, and gnosis. Gnosis is higher spiritual intelligence, manifesting in its lowest form as objective intuition1. It allows for inner revelation of profound insights and direct recognition of truths buried in external sources of information. It supersedes both intellect and lower emotions and thereby stays invulnerable to disinformation, emotional manipulation and logical fallacies. This ability to intuitively or clairvoyantly tap into higher understanding is the main catalyst for spiritual evolution because it guides one toward truth and alerts one to deception and error.

The positive path results in the fulfillment of individual potential, making one all the more effective on both the physical and metaphysical planes. It optimizes one’s ability to serve the spiritual well-being and evolution of others and thereby facilitate the divine purpose of Creation.

“Positive” and “negative” are not mere subjective terms, rather they follow directly and logically from some fundamental facts of our existence:

  • Humans and aliens are conscious beings with freewill.
  • Freewill leads to independence and individuality.
  • Individuals interact with themselves, the world, and each other.
  • Interaction between individuals modifies their consciousness.
  • Freewill determines whether the modification is growth or suppression.

Since freewill allows the choice between assisting or suppressing the consciousness and freewill of others, there are consequently:

1) Beings who serve the entire system by expanding their consciousness and freewill in balance with the expansion of consciousness and freewill in others.

2) Beings who serve only themselves at the cost of suppressing the freewill and consciousness of others to the detriment of the entire system.

This essentially defines the positive and negative paths. The positive path preserves balance by maximizing freewill in the system, the other creates imbalance by diminishing the freewill of others through force, deception, and assimilation; the first advances self by also advancing others, the second advances self at the detriment of others.

The only reason the negative path can continue to exist at all without immediate entropic disintegration is because it functions as a parasitic Ponzi Scheme where a hierarchy of predators depends on perpetual influx of recruits and resources to keep from starving and imploding. Earth has become the recruitment and feeding grounds for at least one such hierarchy.

How universal is the positive path? Can it be followed by various types of alien beings regardless of their physiology? What about feelings like love and compassion? Can a reptilian whose physiology lacks the neurotransmitters for positive mammalian emotions follow the positive path? Of course.

Conscious beings are more than their bodies; they are immortal sparks of consciousness inhabiting temporary bodies. Truth, understanding, discernment, wisdom, and higher spiritual intelligence are virtues of consciousness that transcend biology. Likewise, pure love, which is the impulse to safeguard and advance consciousness, is also universal. Perhaps a mammalian physiology expresses pure love more through a sense of compassion, empathy, and personal caring, whereas a reptilian physiology might express it more through a sense of duty, honor, and necessity. Both are accompanied by a sense of understanding, and both assist the advancement of consciousness in those loved.

Positivity is defined here strictly on a metaphysical basis. All its requisites are properties originating with consciousness, or to be more accurate, with spirit, which is the transcendent spark of consciousness residing at the core of being. As long as a being is conscious, individualized, has freewill, and interacts with others, the positive path is open to exploration.


In defining what constitutes a positive alien, there are some things to keep in mind. First is that not all positive groups are identical; they may have different missions, appearances, cultures of origin, levels of development, functional relation to humanity, and means of achieving their goals.

They vary in development from what humanity could achieve after several thousand years of further spiritual and technological advancement, to beings who have completely transcended space and time, who no longer have use for vehicles, bodies, or even personalized individualities in some cases. Stated another way, the spectrum of positive aliens spans from extraterrestrial to ultraterrestrial.

Between these two extremes are those who have transcended linear time but can still occupy bodies, employ technology, and travel in vehicles. They are the positive analogs of the negative hyperdimensional entities discussed in earlier parts of this book. While they are not always bounded by linear time and three dimensional space, neither do they operate exclusively within the higher immaterial realms of existence. Functionally, they are neither strictly ultraterrestrials nor extraterrestrials, but flip between these states as necessary. Perhaps the term “ambiterrestrial” is needed to distinguish them.

The spectrum of positive aliens may be divided into something like the following:

Pure Ultraterrestrials: These exclusively immaterial beings are not involved in abductions or UFO sightings, but are impersonal archetypal intelligences functioning more like oracles, guides, and divine emissaries of the highest caliber. Terms like “angels” and “archangels” are approximations of these beings. They are largely absent from UFO literature, but are mentioned in certain channeled, religious, and spiritual texts2.

Upper Ambiterrestrials: Stay primarily in an immaterial, hyperdimensional state of pure consciousness beyond spacetime, but materialize bodies and vehicles as needed. They carry out functions as councilors, teachers, administrators, supervisors, and other leadership positions. Their focus is more on metaphysical matters, giving directives and instructions to lower ambiterrestrials based on their higher understanding and broader perspectives.

Middle Ambiterrestrials: Straddle the boundary between immaterial and material states of existence. They can temporarily materialize physical bodies and three dimensional physical ships into our world that can be touched, studied, and reverse engineered by humans, even though their bodies and ships dematerialize upon reverting to hyperdimensional form. They can directly project themselves into our reality with ease. Claims of positive aliens walking among us pretending to be human, but who are observers and servants of a divine cause, may be of this category. Their focus is equally divided between spiritual and technical matters.

Lower Ambiterrestrials: Stay primarily in material form but are slightly shifted beyond our perceptions. They could be time travelers from the future or denizens of a parallel physical plane or parallel timeline. They are completely tangible to each other in their native environment. If we were shifted into their environment, we would interact with them in a physical way. Same if they shifted fully into ours, which they can do, but apparently not as easily as the more advanced positive aliens. Their native realm is a state of shifted spacetime, which differs from complete dematerialization and exit from spacetime. Instead of consciously projecting a temporary ship into our reality, they would more likely shift an already existing one into ours. Relative to higher ambiterrestrials, they are more preoccupied with scientific, strategic, and diplomatic matters, though not without spiritual and ethical considerations.

Pure Extraterrestrials: These types are completely physical and appear to only visit earth sporadically in small numbers. Given their physical limitations and resource restrictions, they would be prevented from traveling to earth in large numbers without being detected and preyed upon by more advanced negative alien factions. Being of positive orientation without having yet transcended physicality implies a certain naïveté and fragility that reduces odds of survival since, in physical environments, competition over finite resources is the default mode of existence. Therefore, positive extraterrestrials would be fewer and more discreet due to their heightened vulnerability.

Logic suggests a similar spectrum exists for negative alien beings: demonic ultraterrestrials at the top, space-faring physical beings at the bottom, and negative hyperdimensional aliens (negative ambiterrestrials) between those two extremes.

The relation between these two spectra may be represented as a sideways “Y” branching to the right, one path going up, the other going down. The paths are closer to each other near the branching point, diverging farther away. Those nearest to the branching point, meaning lowest on the spectrum, are the ones most likely to share common traits and directly interact with each other, either in conflict or cooperation. This is because they are less polarized along their respective paths and more entrenched in physicality. Physicality is a consensual reality that forces mutual causal interaction. So one might find lower positive and lower negative ambiterrestrials either in direct physical conflict with each other or, under rare and forced circumstances, working together if doing so allows achievement of independent aims.

Unlike negative alien societies, which are founded on competition, power, and deception and thus highly compartmentalized, positive alien societies are more harmonious, integrated, and unified with each other. This does not imply a hive-like collective consciousness where individuality is suppressed, but rather a harmonization of spiritually developed individuals into mutually resonant networks. In this network, a balance exists between individual development and societal cohesion, the latter arising from the spiritual basis of the first.

Those who connect with higher spiritual intelligence connect to the same divine source and therefore share a spiritual rapport and understanding with others who are also connected. This naturally leads to a brotherhood of sorts, born not out of programming or forced imposition by external authority, but of common basic understanding and shared love of truth, freedom, and balance. Nor should this be confused with sectarian religious aspirations, which in mixing dogma with personal bias lead to infighting and religious wars. True spirituality springs from a common source and leads to harmony and unity, whereas subjective belief systems accomplish the opposite.

Another point of consideration is that societal evolution and individual spiritual evolution are separate processes. Humanity may have progressed politically, technologically, and economically over the past several thousand years, but this does not mean the average human individual has correspondingly evolved. Vices like greed, ignorance, selfishness, hubris, jealousy, and wrath are as prevalent today as they were in ancient times. What seems like an advanced society may therefore be composed of unethical and spiritually unsophisticated individuals, kept in line only through sophisticated control systems, which would make it far from positive. So the outward appearance of peace, order, and scientific advancement of an alien group is not necessarily proof of underlying positivity because these could just as well mask underlying individual spiritual atrophy.

Spiritual evolution is not just about studying and following religious morals or philosophical ethics, which amounts to programming by external sources, but rather maturing in soul so that the intrinsic wisdom, discernment, and conscience developed in one life continue into the next. Only if the distillation of higher spiritual intelligence is already present at birth, operates actively throughout life by guiding personal decisions and perspectives, and is built upon in successive incarnations, can that be called spiritual evolution. And only if a society consists of spiritually evolved individuals can it be called genuinely positive.

Individual evolution knows no bounds and may progress quicker than societal evolution. A single dedicated individual given proper esoteric training could accomplish in a few lifetimes what would take humanity, as a whole, thousands of years to reach. The difference between human civilization and positive aliens is this: what spiritual heights humans must achieve individually in defiance of the rest of society, positive aliens have achieved society-wide. The average human is therefore less advanced than the average ambiterrestrial, and so it may be said that ambiterrestrials are further up the evolutionary ladder than man.

On the other hand, some humans may be more advanced than some aliens. Consider certain esoteric masters who had profound impacts upon human spiritual awareness. Maybe they were native humans who rose far beyond the norm, or maybe some were upper ambiterrestrials who volunteered to incarnate into human society to contribute toward its upliftment. There could even exist a human spiritual brotherhood dedicated to our upliftment that is of a higher order of spiritual development than, say, a lower ambiterrestrial group that is more focused on dealing with the negative alien agenda, although both ultimately are part of the same divine network whether they know each other or not.

All this goes to show that the line between humans and aliens is blurred at the scale of the individual and gradated at the scale of society, so that what they can do widely by default, we can do individually as exceptions to our kind and will do society-wide after further spiritual evolution. So humanity should neither be denigrated, nor positive aliens deified, on the false assumption that the latter are universally superior to the first, because there are exceptions.

Exceptions likewise exist for aliens. Since individual development allows for some to be more highly evolved than others, then despite their unity, within a single positive alien civilization there could exist greater and lesser advanced aliens; both upper and lower ambiterrestrials working together, for example. It would be an error to assume that one alien civilization is exclusively lower ambiterrestrial while another is exclusively ultraterrestrial, since within each there will be exceptions. The average level of development is what differs between civilizations, and in that sense several positive civilizations may collaborate, some averaging closer to ultraterrestrial, the other closer to extraterrestrial, with the latter frequently deferring to the wisdom and guidance of the former.

Characteristics of Positive Humanoid Aliens

What are positive humanoid aliens like? We can estimate the answer through: 1) abductee and contactee accounts, keeping in mind the possibility of fabrication, embellishment, and impostors; 2) esoteric, mythological, and religious texts where mention is made of non-human benefactors; 3) personal experiences through dreams, astral projection, abductions, and real world physical contact. From these areas I have derived the following approximation:

Their verbal and telepathic communications resound with truth and show great sobriety and depth of understanding, but they also have the humility, foresight, and consideration to simplify their communication and underplay their intelligence so as not to impose or intimidate. Therefore they may come across as reserved and careful to measure their words. In general, they are mindful of their influence and refrain from shortchanging our learning opportunities with prematurely provided answers. They are good at encrypting deeper truths into what they say, truths that reveal themselves only in hindsight when one has finally matured enough to understand them, yet they are equally talented at packing much meaning into few words and saying the right thing at the right time to make a catalytic and destined difference.

We can recognize in them a strong degree of sentience, lucidity, earnestness, intelligence, and wisdom, at least relative to ourselves. There is a misconception that higher positive beings are less than fully aware and alert, that being enlightened means they exist in a state of tranquilized bliss as though sedated and dishing out fluffy platitudes and fortune cookie aphorisms. Real positive beings have higher awareness, not truncated awareness. They are not blind to reality or numbed from acknowledging what we consider to be uncomfortable truths, but can see these clearly in their higher context and are very matter-of-fact about it all.

They possess love, empathy, and compassion but not at the expense of reason, wisdom, and understanding. Rather these two sides (higher emotional and higher intellectual) are fused into harmony and balance. Love without understanding leads to sentimentalism and gullibility, while understanding without love can lead to cold intellectualism and cruelty. Higher positive aliens, in having reached a certain level of spiritual development, suffer from neither defect. Balanced esoteric development systems bring human individuals to the same level of warmth and understanding.

Impostors can induce a counterfeit sense of warmth in their targets that restricts awareness by making them think the impostor must be a positive being radiating good vibes. However, these seemingly positive emotions are merely induced chemical or hormonal responses that cloud judgment instead of sharpening it. The genuine ones have a warmth that can be sensed without oneself necessarily being flooded with feelings, just as one can sense the heat of a fire without oneself being on fire; the impostors, however, figuratively “set one on fire” with induced emotions so that despite their cold hearts one might mistakenly project that warmth upon them. Impostors produce an effect that is suppressive of awareness rather than supportive. Real positive beings have the ultimate effect of making you more of who you truly are, elevating your perspective and clarity, whereas the impostors prune your awareness down to manageable size. There is always a sense of being entranced, numbed, hypnotized, or submerged when dealing with the impostor positives.

Positive beings, particularly the middle ambiterrestrials and above, never appeal to your baser instincts or use ego hooks to coerce cooperation. Instead they speak more to your higher reasoning and intuition. They don’t dangle gifts or privileges to get you to act against your better judgment, but may send unexpected compensation for having followed your better judgment during trying circumstances. They don’t try to impress with fancy titles, useless technical jargon intended to confound, or detailed yet superfluous trivia. Instead they take a practical and minimalist approach by sticking to what matters. Sometimes they are hesitant to speak much about their identity or origins, since it could lead to many problems including personality worship and the compromising of their safety, the latter being a greater issue for lower ambiterrestrials due to their physicality.

While higher positive beings are more spiritually developed and refined than we currently are, they are not perfect by any means. The closer they are to our level of development, meaning the lesser their standing among the order higher positive beings, the more prone they are to acting on incomplete information, making naive assumptions, and misplacing their trust. Freewill leaves the future open within certain limits, so there is room for error. The lower the ambiterrestrial, the more limited their future sight. These errors are of a metaphysical order and cannot be placed on equal footing as the procedural mistakes made by seemingly innocent aliens, said by disinformative sources to account for the rough handling of abductees. They are metaphysical mistakes with metaphysical consequences, whereas the latter are physical mistakes with physical consequences.

This is one example of how positive and negative beings differ, in that the negative aliens are more partial toward physicality while the positive place greater emphasis on spirituality. Positive beings concern themselves more with liberation and perfection of the soul, preservation of freewill, proliferation of knowledge and wisdom, and other transcendental ideals, while negative aliens are more concerned with harvesting resources, genetic manipulations, and preservation of their livestock. This does not mean positive aliens are disdainful of physicality, indifferent to environmentalism, or immune to the necessity of technology, rather they simply know better than to invert their values and sacrifice the higher for the lower.

Ambiterrestrial Technology

Technology is needed to accomplish what consciousness alone cannot. Positive aliens only use it to the degree that they are corporeal (physical and/or etheric). Higher ambiterrestrials use less technology to accomplish the same things because they are less tethered to physicality and have greater conscious command over it.

The purely materialistic technology familiar to us can only develop so far before it hits the quantum threshold and the limits of determinism. Beyond that point it must become sub-quantum and ultra-relativistic, incorporating interdimensional and metaphysical factors to develop further. This describes lower ambiterrestrial technology, which allows for engineering of spacetime, dimensional rotation, traveling through time, modifying etheric energies, and interfacing consciousness directly with crafts and devices.

All that can be done by middle and upper ambiterrestrial technology as well, except they have taken the merger between consciousness and technology to an even higher art. It appears their technology is entirely malleable to consciousness, and thus fundamentally alchemical in nature. It looks and functions like technology but is actually a physical embodiment or etheric precipitation of thoughts, intent, and spiritual archetypes. The relation among its tangible parts mirrors the relation among its higher metaphysical components3.

The main difference between negative and positive ambiterrestrial technology is the multidimensional reality spectrum each can access, which is broader for the positive due to their more balanced and holistic quality of consciousness resonating deeper with the divine root of Creation. Negative ambiterrestrials, in being barred from accessing that root, have to resort to cunning, stalking, luring, hacking, stealing, and exploitation of loopholes to get their way.

Distinguishing Between Positive and Negative Forces

Positive and negative ambiterrestrials have unique and shared traits. Compiling a list of the unique traits will help us identify the orientation of a particular alien faction, while a list of shared traits would show what cannot be exclusively relied upon to make that determination. This is useful because impostors use shared traits to “prove” their positive orientation and sugarcoat their uniquely negative traits.

So what follows is a list of shared, uniquely negative, and uniquely positive traits. Not all positive types will have all the positive traits, but they all should lack the uniquely negative traits. Likewise, not all negative types will have all the listed negative traits, but they all should lack the uniquely positive traits. This list should only be used as a guideline for further contemplation and improvement, and not as a rigid checklist to apply in a perfunctory fashion. The distinction between positive and negative forces must be made out of genuine understanding, intuition, and experience, in consideration of the circumstances and performed on a case-by-case basis.

Shared Traits

Either may respect freewill, stepping in only when asked. The difference is that positive aliens respect it fully and demand it be an informed and sincere choice, while negative aliens only respect freewill as something to covertly manipulate into granting them permission and legalizing their subsequent takeover. Both might ask us for permission before opening full contact, both may encourage us to carry ourselves instead of becoming dependent on them. The difference is that negative aliens would preprogram the population into making the desired choice and position opinion leaders within society to covertly steer progress in their favor.

Either may voice environmental concerns for Earth. Negative aliens have a vested interest in saving the planet for themselves: they may desire Earth as breeding grounds, staging grounds for further conquests, and for the harvesting its natural resources. For modern culture it is politically correct to champion environmentalism, and the idea of living in harmony with the earth has an air of spirituality to it. Advocating these ideals is not at all in conflict with a negative alien agenda, as it would polish their image and increase the sustainability and efficiency of their “farm” if human “livestock” have been instilled with enough reverence for the farmland to maintain it themselves. So aliens espousing environmental concerns and choosing humans to be caretakers of the earth is not necessarily proof of positivity, though neither is it exclusive proof of negativity since respect for the environment is good and necessary regardless. It seems to be a lower priority for positive aliens, perhaps because they understand the ephemeral and illusory nature of physicality in contrast to the greater reality and immortality of the soul, or maybe they are simply aware that natural and cosmic cycles have caused far greater damage to Earth than humans could ever inflict.

Either might provide advanced technology to help with energy and food production, transportation, medical needs, and other necessities. Negative aliens would use this as a false sign of goodwill and provide nothing they couldn’t easily disable, revoke, or overcome if things turn sour; their gift of technology may also be used as a bargaining chip and Trojan horse. Both would more freely provide it on a smaller scale to their trained human contacts to ensure their survival through difficult times. Positive aliens would be more reserved about offering their own technology, especially considering the suppressed human inventions already in existence that only need freedom to proliferate.

Either may advocate peace, nonviolence, social harmony, and unity. For negative aliens, besides improving their image by contradicting the expectations of violent alien hostility, these ideals preserve order, efficiency, and docility within their controlled population and thereby help disable dissent and independent thinking. Enemies (those resisting assimilation) need merely be branded as enemies of peace, harmony, and unity to allow justification of their persecution, including violent persecution in the defense of these ideals. Their unity and harmony is enforced from the outside and crushes the soul inward, whereas for positive aliens unity and harmony are the outward consequence of people awakening to a common understanding through independent spiritual development.

Both prioritize ends over means, especially lower ambiterrestrials with dedicated missions who are more entrenched within physicality, linear time, and therefore causality. What matters to them is the big picture and long-term outcome. The benevolence of positive aliens comes from understanding rather than passivity or sentimentalism, therefore they are not necessarily soft, complaisant, or always forthcoming. If an individual or society lacks the required maturity to handle the truth, positive aliens may resort to disguises, riddles, or silence instead of giving the truth and injuring the long-term outcome, thus they may seem unforthcoming or even dishonest if pushed. Likewise, they may allow a person to undergo grave suffering if absolutely necessary for their spiritual maturation. This is not in contradiction to compassion, but a consequence of compassion married to higher understanding. So the presence of abandonment, seeming cruelty, pretense, and secretiveness are not necessarily proof of negativity, as sometimes they are the only means available to accomplish positive ends. This should not be confused with rationalizations employed by negative aliens to justify their torture tactics, which are sadistic means serving negative ends.

Either may include Nordic aliens working with Greys. Although Greys appear to be organic automatons manufactured by negative alien factions to do the brunt of abduction work, some may be repurposed by lower positive ambiterrestrials to assist with the handling of human contacts. The presence of Greys does not, by itself, prove an alien group is benevolent or malevolent, although negative alien factions seem to use them more often.

Either may show up in dazzling ships and be physically attractive. No matter how sparkling, golden, crystalline, and seemingly divine the appearance of an alien ship, and no matter how noble, powerful, and angelic the appearance of its inhabitants, these qualities do not prove positive orientation. Negative forces are thoroughly familiar with our religious anticipations, scientific expectations, and psychological weaknesses, and they would do well to cloak themselves in these. Rather we should be mindful of the context and timing of their appearance, the consequences of their words and actions, and our intuitive reading of their intent.

Traits Unique to Negative/Impostor Aliens

Regardless of what they say, their true intent is revealed by the end results of their actions. They aim to position themselves as controlling authorities using the most indirect but efficient means possible. For instance, they might mimic positive aliens and say we must move forward out of our own freewill, that they are not here to save us. While that resembles a respect for freewill, it would be a ruse prodding us into legitimizing tyranny through the illusion of democracy. This could come about through the covert manipulation of public opinion through disinformation and well-placed opinion leaders so that the voluntary choices we make are in alignment with their agenda. So it matters little what technology, teachings, and leadership they offer; if the result is that we have less discernment, freedom, and spiritual power while they have more control and leverage, then that signifies a negative orientation. We don’t have to wait to see the final results to make this determination; it will be evident early on from the direction things take in response to their open arrival.

They will demand heavy sacrifices, loss of freedoms, loss of sovereignty, in exchange for our security and survival. They do this by purposely ignoring and suppressing healthier alternatives that let us achieve security and survival not by conceding our sovereignty, but by utilizing it through increased awareness, vigilance, self-reliance, networking, responsibility, and spiritual balance.

People who are first and loudest to promote them also display the strongest indicators of being disinformation vectors.

They may encourage fanaticism, worship, deification, and pompous ceremonies to manipulate the masses into supporting them. They do this by targeting emotions, political correctness, false assumptions, wishful thinking, desperation, radical idealism, and other sub-rational vulnerabilities.

They either deny the existence of negative aliens, or else admit to their existence and scapegoat some disposable alien faction that is too small and limited to account for all the types of negative alien activities known to seasoned researchers. Their description of negative aliens may also be out of step with reality, too simplistic and catering to popular misconceptions, and likely ignoring the possibility of negative impostors.

If their ranks include both Reptilians and Mantids, they are almost certainly a negative alien faction or alliance. Each alone already has a deeply tarnished reputation in abduction research, and both working together reduces even further the possibility of positive orientation.

They will likely be first to reveal themselves because they are interventionists and have thoroughly set the stage for their appearance. Since their sales pitch would flop in the face of truths revealed by any genuine positive alien groups coming before them, they would have to show up before those groups can establish an atmosphere of discerning awareness. Once they seize overt control, however, they would have to further acculturate and program people so that positive groups who arrive later to expose the deception are received as attackers on the collective ego, maybe perceived as selfish traditionalists trying to keep humanity from reaping the technological rewards of alliance with the other alien factions.

They may show off their powers and technology to dazzle, persuade, and intimidate. They would leverage these demonstrations to make themselves appear more powerful than they are, contradict and deconstruct existing human paradigms to be replaced with their own, take more credit than they deserve (like claiming they are the sole creators of the human race), and dangle technological gifts as incentives for our cooperation. This has happened in our own history many times between power-tripping explorers and culture-shocked natives.

They resemble a cult in their interactions with humans. The same tactics used by cults to depersonalize and program recruits can and probably will be used on the population at large by negative aliens. This includes portraying the leaders as divine (aliens as our creators); breaking down the old identity (shattering people’s views of reality and deconstruction old paradigms); portraying an old part of oneself as evil and outmoded (scapegoating of the corrupt human power structure); love bombing (saying they are here to help and guide us, that they are our loving brethren); confessionals (debasing humanity); fanaticism (addiction to the cause of progress and renewal); and isolation from friends and family (quarantine and separation of the “progressive people” and “elite hybrid class” from the lower remnants of society).

If they espouse a spirituality that we should adopt, it is one that results in pacification, suggestibility, depersonalization, submission, and lowered discernment. It may carry overtones of existentialism, Buddhism, deism, pantheism, and other impersonal philosophies that can serve the alien agenda while maintaining the appearance of reasonableness and sanctity. Non-dualism serves as a convenient diversion for negative entities. Ultimately, the spirituality they push will be a form of spiritual materialism that disconnects us from higher spiritual intelligence, something that logically justifies their authority through a modernized version of Divine Right by Kings, that keeps us loyal to their cause, and that prepares us for becoming more like them.

Traits Unique to Positive Aliens

When one intuitively feels their vibe or clairvoyantly scans the quality of their consciousness, one will sense wholesomeness, sincerity, intelligence, sobriety, composure, thoughtfulness, and foresight.

They place high value on learning, knowledge, discernment, wisdom, understanding, and other virtues of consciousness, not only by saying they value these, but by demonstrating it in action and consequence through the imparting of verifiable, practical, and profound information that has an empowering effect upon the individual receiving and comprehending it.

They make appeals to reason, experience, intuition, and the inner knowing that comes with higher spiritual intelligence. They refrain from making persuasive appeals to ego, blind emotionalism, wishful thinking, false assumptions, and other hooks. So they address the higher more mature aspects of being, instead of the baser and more ignorant aspects. For example, they would never play up their authority by loading their words with fancy titles or obscure technical jargon intended to impress.

They take a conscientious approach to interaction with humans and demonstrate a deep respect for freewill, independent development, and self-discovery. Thus they minimize their profile and downplay their identity to avoid triggering a worship and deification response that would turn them into objects of obsession and preoccupation and draw attention away from the higher purpose of the interaction.

They aim to help us make informed decisions, rather than persuade us to make a particular decision. The more informed we are, the better. Therefore they would not withhold certain information if it would help us make a wiser decision. This includes information on negative forces and their methods of deception.

They are careful to avoid creating dependency. Instead of carrying us on their backs or leading us like sheep, they would rather we become self-sufficient and discerning, to pull our own weight through our own challenges. At best they act as catalysts, moderators, and assistants to this process, but never as substitutes.

They place greater emphasis on our spiritual liberation and evolution than technological development. Only if the latter indirectly safeguards the first would technological help be given. Otherwise they would withhold technology until we advance ethically and intellectually enough to understand and use it responsibly. They would more likely drop technological catalysts into the minds of human inventors without revealing themselves, so that it takes root and advances in a natural fashion within human society instead of being traumatically imposed from the outside.

In their interactions with people, they resemble an altruistic esoteric mystery school. They are discreet, choose their disciples wisely, advance their disciples through stages of initiation, aim to build their disciples into more capable and empowered human beings, and have the purpose of preserving human freewill and catalyzing its evolution.

Ultimately they are selfless, not in the sense of lacking individuality, but in being mindful of the spiritual welfare of others and dedicated to the balance and harmony of the entire system and not just themselves. They never manipulate or steal from others to satisfy their own needs. If their understanding of a situation demands self-sacrifice, or if they are given a divine mission that requires it, they will act accordingly, bravely and with honor.

They advocate the transcending of ignorant, anti-spiritual, animalistic, egoistic, and selfish impulses without necessarily berating these but pointing out a higher way. Their dedication is to the spiritual perfection of the individual.

In revealing themselves to the world, they are unlikely to be the first ones. Our civilization is unprepared for contact and they would be responsible for the traumatic results. Positive aliens would be burdened with reactions of irrational fear and worship, of having to educate humanity on the nature of alien life, all while having to keep the peace and transition people into the post-Disclosure world. The logistics of this are too difficult. Better that they allow the impostors to show up first and expend their own resources to transition us. Then, after human opposition mounts but before negative forces have taken full control, they can step in and impart critical information to turn the tide. It is after tasting the bitter fruit of deception and learning some important lessons that humanity will appreciate and understand what they offer. Only then will deep and prolonged contact with positive forces be possible.

Problematic Probable Futures

What can we do? How can we prepare? This depends on what will happen. So many factors are converging to create a nonlinear chaotic situation that even the wildest outcomes once thought impossible can become possible and even likely. Let’s take another look at some future scenarios, except this time by listing individual components that could be mixed and matched to create various scenarios.

Political debates, ideological wars and movements: This assumes the world remains fully stable and civil, all infrastructure intact, life relatively normal. Upon Disclosure and contact there would begin a process of philosophical, scientific, political, and religious debate to decide on future human-alien relations. This would turn into ideological battles along deeply polarized lines. Most of the conflict would be done through verbal, written, political means, and knowledge, information, awareness will counter disinformation and ignorance. The internet will play an important role in facilitating the debate, alongside television and radio.

Police state lock-down, global government, totalitarianism: The world is already shifting into authoritarianism. If this continues and reaches its conclusion, then along with disinformation and ignorance, the other challenge will be operating within an oppressive climate where dissenters are branded as terrorists or enemy combatants and preemptively detained or denied vital services.

Temporary period of chaos requiring survival: Natural disasters, real or staged terror attacks, and nuclear or electronic warfare can damage infrastructure and heavily disrupt the modern way of life. Food, water, and energy distribution, transportation, and communication would all be impaired. For example, extreme solar activity could collapse modern civilization by frying out vital electronics, with effects similar to an EMP attack and results similar to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, except nationwide4. The response would be a combination of people coming together to support each other, others descending into anarchy as desperation sets in, and harsh measures by the authorities to maintain order, distribute supplies, and round up troublemakers into internment camps.

Division of survivors into “in-system” and “out-system” groups: Social chaos never lasts long, even the Dark Ages eventually returned to order. The question is which type of order, under whose authority, and at what cost. If modern life is disrupted for several months or years and the government and military retain their continuity, then the restored order would likely be on the authoritarian side, though limited in geographic reach due to logistical limitations. This suggests there would be limited pockets where order is restored under an authoritarian regime, where survivors make heavy concessions to live within those territories. The rest of the remaining population would be cut off from the system and forced to fend for itself, eventually forming a parallel culture to the technocratic one. Science fiction has depicted this possibility in many instances.

Post-apocalyptic tribalism under alien gods: This assumes modern civilization collapses completely and no organized authority remains. Mankind would then split into tribes, and if aliens interceded it would reestablish conditions similar to ancient times where particular alien factions presided over their respective human tribes.

Dimensional Shift and reality splitting into separate timelines or realms of existence: The previous possibilities assumed a single consensual reality. If a timeline split occurs, different people would shunt onto separate probable futures depending on their individual spiritual profiles. This may evolve into a dimensional shift where some individuals graduate to the level shared by lower ambiterrestrials. It would be a rotation away from our current timeline, which could continue on without them and undergo some of the more apocalyptic scenarios given above.

Post-Shift disorientation and choosing sides: Direct contact with lower ambiterrestrials is inevitable for portions of humanity who undergo a Shift into their native environment. Confusion would follow as various ambiterrestrial factions vie for the allegiance of the newcomers.

Arrival of alien reinforcements for physical conquest: There is always the possibility that negative aliens will resort to force if their plans for a peaceful takeover meet failure due to popular backlash. While the peaceful method of conquest is more efficient and less troublesome, that does not mean a fallback plan of physical enforcement or annihilation is out of the question. Since this enforcement would require a large battalion, which for the past several thousand years had no reason to stay nearby earth, such a battalion would have to be brought in from afar.

Total warfare, UFO sky battles, activated sleepers: If anyone crosses the line and upsets the balance of power through use of force, whether out of fear or desperation, then anything goes. There is a pattern within the abduction and MILAB phenomenon of abductees being trained to pilot advanced crafts, operate exotic weaponry, and employ superhuman powers in warlike situations between humans and aliens or between opposing alien factions; they would only need to be triggered and called up to perform those functions. The potential for human-alien or alien-alien war exists.


Things could go any number of ways depending which of the above components combine in what sequence. This makes finding appropriate solutions difficult because there are so many possibilities to take into account.

I have decided to completely skip idealistic solutions focused on institutional initiatives, social movements, and political activism because these arise and evolve on their own. Instead I will focus on individual solutions that pay off regardless of the scenario, that can be put into practice immediately. This means spiritual preparation and informational preparation.

Informational Preparation

Be aware and choose accordingly: Throwing your support behind the wrong leader, signing the wrong petition, recommending the wrong source, or joining the wrong movement can all be prevented by acquiring enough awareness to know what you would actually be supporting. The points raised in this book can help you sidestep the more regrettable choices like naively recommending blatant disinformation or promoting an alien group that has all the signs of being negative impostors. Other people may not know any better, but now you do. The more aware you become, the wiser your decisions, and the more your words, thoughts, and actions meet their mark and reinforce positive futures.

Balance one-sided discussions and remedy naive viewpoints: You may find yourself in a personal conversation, email correspondence, or message board discussion where the topic of aliens or some related topic comes up. If the points made are clearly ill-informed, founded on false assumptions, or promoting disinformation, then the duty falls upon you (assuming you have the knowledge) to add some balance by offering counter-ideas for consideration, or sharing a source you find valuable and including your own commentary on the source. The goal is not to forcefully convince others, as that would be preaching, but rather to give them the opportunity to make a more informed decision by considering some new ideas or sources. If they stubbornly ignore it and rationalize it away and you find there is nothing more you can do, then be at peace knowing you did your part. Otherwise guilt will weigh on your conscience for not having spoken up when you could have.

Collect, archive, and share important information: Having a growing collection of books, videos, links, and other materials at your fingertips allows you to quickly get others up to speed by connecting them with the right information. Also, the internet may not be around much longer, so it would be a good idea to archive materials that may soon become unavailable.

Expand and refine your communication skills: If necessary, put some effort into polishing up your verbal and written skills. You may find yourself needing to impart your share of knowledge and information to others and it would be a shame if the process were bottlenecked by communication shortfalls.

Spiritual Preparation

Keep alive compassion and understanding: If nothing else, cultivating compassion and understanding will keep you from falling into arrogance, cynicism, and depression that may come with knowing about the negative aspects of this existence. Unpleasant truths should not be ignored, but understood fully in context of a bigger spiritual picture. This can be trained in everyday situations that would otherwise provoke bitter, vengeful, envious, contemptuous thoughts.

Stay levelheaded in times of distress: Panic, frustration, rage, and terror are examples of losing self-control, and that means temporary loss of rationality, freewill, and balance. It means reacting mechanically instead of acting consciously and responsibly. Instead of being blindly shoved forward by those impulses, one must become self-aware and willfully focused on the task at hand. The hardest challenge will be staying in touch with your intuition and reasoning when a calamitous situation attempts to sweep you away. We face little tests like these periodically, and they make good practice for seeing how calm you can stay under pressure. The more you maintain your composure during these situations, the better prepared you will be in the times ahead.

Use intent to shape probability where necessary: Thoughts, emotions, and intent shape the probability of your experiences. This can be proven through personal experimentation. You can boost the probability of success, assistance, and protection by earnestly praying or intending for these, and likewise you can reduce the probability of failure, attack, or misfortune by being calmly aware of their possibility and preparing to handle them should they arise. Mastering this conscious influence over your personal subsection of reality helps level the playing field by extending your abilities beyond mere physical causality.

Stay in synchronistic flow: Life moves with a certain flow that points in the direction of optimal probable futures. When you are in synchronization with this flow, everything falls into place, works out smoothly, and you feel energized and enthusiastic. The results of staying in the flow are progress, success, balance, and growth in awareness. When out of the flow, things fall apart, meet failure, suffer unnecessary setbacks, and you feel a sense of emptiness or wrongness about the path. Staying in the flow involves a combination of right attitude, right choices, and right actions. Through observation one can determine the inner and outer conditions necessary to stay in the flow.

Develop psychic abilities: If developed safely and used wisely, psychic abilities like precognition, auric vision, etheric energy manipulation for healing purposes further even the odds. The most basic psychic skill that anyone can develop is intuition. Intuition can be developed by noticing which inner impressions heralded certain external outcomes. The test of genuine intuition is whether it consistently turns out to be right. If it was wrong, then it wasn’t real intuition. After sufficient trial and error, real intuition will be distinguishable from false signals (like wishful thinking).
Physical preparation is also necessary, but I have no need to cover it myself since material on survivalism is easy to find. My only suggestion there is to stock up on durable goods, keep most of the cash out of the bank, exercise to increase your strength and endurance, and boost your immune system through a diet free of wheat, dairy, and refined sweeteners. I can say from experience, however, that spiritual preparation is more powerful since it alters probability and works across a wide spectrum of scenarios, whereas physical preparations target only a few scenarios predicted in advance.


The cards are being stacked against intuition, sound reasoning, and verboten evidence through the arsenal of disinformation, mind-programming, groomed opinion leaders, and other weapons of mass manipulation discussed in the preceding parts. Along with sharp reasoning, intuition is our most natural and immediate line of defense against alien deception. It is the beginning of higher spiritual intelligence where truth is recognized directly, and thus it undercuts clever sophistry, emotional manipulation, and selective evidence, which appeal only to intellect and emotionalism.

The actual standards of positivity are already engraved in our souls and express themselves in moments of spiritual conscience and knowingness. We must remember what we truly stand for by turning within and recognizing the resonant goals and values there. These are buried beneath all the false goals and values grafted onto us by societal and biological programming. That is the depth we must plumb if we are to be ready for open contact with alien life.

Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 6
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1 Higher spiritual intelligence, in context of the alien impostor agenda, is discussed extensively in the works of Marshall Vian Summers2 Examples include the “sixth density social memory complexes” mentioned by the Ra Material and Cassiopaean Transcripts, the “Unseen Ones” mentioned in the Allies of Humanity books, the INSPEC being mentioned in Far Journeys by Robert Monroe, “Seth Two” channeled by Jane Roberts, aeons of the Gnostics, and the angelic hierarchies delineated in various religions.3 See The Secret of the Saucers (Angelucci, 1955) for an account of the spiritual and alchemical nature of higher ambiterrestrial technology. Alchemy and sacred architecture both mirror higher reality, the first with respect to sequence and substance, the second regarding geometry and proportion. Higher positive ambiterrestrials may harmonize the tangible with the intangible elements of their technology in the hermetic fashion of “As above, so below.” They might even be the inspirers of alchemy, sacred architecture, and hermeticism.4 The government-funded EMP Commission analyzed the potential consequences of electromagnetic disruptions caused by solar activity or high altitude nuclear weapons. Their report may be read at http://empcommission.org. Every solar cycle peak carries the risk of a catastrophic EMP event. If solar activity depends on planetary positions, then the next catastrophic solar flare is predictable. In that case, savvy elements in the military and government aware of this catastrophe might already be preparing opportunistic contingencies for this event.

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