Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Until now, the Chimera was controlling the flow of intel and communication between various factions inside our Solar System, threatening to activate strangelet and toplet bomb if information blockade would not be respected by all factions. This is how intel was compartmentalized.

Now this information barrier is slowly dissolving, various factions are beginning to communicate. The Pleiadians and other races belonging to Galactic Confederation are beginning to contact personnel in Chimera-controlled secret space programs (SSP) factions.

The Galactic Codex has been recently introduced to SSP factions in our Solar System and to many Earth subterranean factions as well. Galactic Codex is known and accepted quite universally among most of the positive races throughout the Galaxy. SSP factions are being educated right now but there is much resistance.

This is why the petition to sign the Galactic Codex has been created:

People from the surface population are welcome to sign the petition at the aforementioned link and make it viral through their own networks.

People from the secret space programs located across the Solar System and people from subterranean factions can sign the petition on their own intranet networks if it is safe for them to do so. If not, they can send a clear telepathic signal to the Pleiadians stating that they sign the petition. If they are in a position to break through the communication veils and reach the surface internet, they can sign the petition at the aforementioned link.

Galactic Codex videos have been created in many languages.












According to Dragon sources, communication between various factions below the surface of the planet has been initialized and healing of the split has begun. Resistance has communicated to me that they have attempted to reach out to Eastern Agarthan factions many times with mixed success.

On the surface of the planet, the renaissance of public private space programs continues. Bigelow Aerospace is now planning to build space stations for tourists by 2020:

I can now announce the new Ascension Conference, which will be taking place near Chania in Crete, close to one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet:

Again, lots of new intel will be released there, combined with amazing new Goddess energies that will assist in our inner transformation. You are more than welcome to join us on June 4th and 5th:

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Althought, i can’t figure out what’s the meaning of this point… ” – Humanity needs to make a decision now. From March 2016, we have entered the final stage.”?

  2. Thank you John John, the notes seems so good to be true, we’ll wait what happen at the end of the of tthe space opera… ^^

    Cheers to all!

  3. [Cobra] Notes from the Ascension Conference in Switzerland on 17th April 2016

    You have already Notes from the Ascension Conference, and you find in this notes a phrase like this:
    “- Actually The Event has started already (note: I think Cobra actually meant that we are now at the pre-Event stage).”

  4. Please forgive what may sound belligerent, but I find myself asking questions at all levels. I feel drawn to this information but hear subtleties and nuances from the various information sources that shift the meaning or emphasis, so I am uncertain. My question is: Why have a petition if the Confederation does not need one to intervene on our behalf?

    • Hi Marileen

      This article explains better than I would

    • The Event can happen and will happen when the timing is deemed to be as perfect as can be for all of the beings involved. This could be before – during – or after the next Ascension conference in Chania. The goal right now is for everyone on every level to feel that they are as ready as they possibly can be when this moment arrives. That can involve following your heart in all matters at this time. Any guidance that we ask for we will receive. We should connect to Source at least once daily. None of us know the hour and the day. If we did the cabal would no doubt also find out and they are to have no such advantage. In Love and Light ~ may Victory of the Light happen soon. Therese Zumi
      PS: Meanwhile let us do all that we can to affect the attempts being made by the cabal to ignite trouble in the Middle East. We have the power to prevent their chaos with our undivided focus on peace in that region. See new update coming later today Monday the 2nd May 2016.

      • Therese, it is unbelievable,
        at the time you wrote this comment you didn’t know that a participant to Cobra’s Ascension conference claimed “- Actually The Event has started already (note: I think Cobra actually meant that we are now at the pre-Event stage).”


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