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There is a very strong planetary alignment occurring on today, coinciding with the Crete Conference. I’m not an astrologer, and I’ve read different accounts according to the tropical or sidereal astrological calculations…this is the sidereal version.3

We begin on June 4th/5th with a super new moon. On this day there is a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. Heavy hitters that intensify the New Moon forming a Grand Mutable Square with the Cosmic Cross. This configuration of planets assures each of us that we will feel inspired to express our hopes and dreams for the highest good of all. Because Saturn and Neptune are in this square, there will be conflict between the idealists and the pragmatic souls. The New Moon brings a sense of unity and new beginnings.

Fixed Grand Cross formation, meaning all of the constellations of this formation are fixed signs… with these planets:

  • Sun, (new) Moon, Venus conjunct in Taurus (bull
  • Saturn in Scorpio (also appears as an Eagle form)
  • Jupiter and North Node in Leo (Lion)
  • Neptune in Aquarius (Man)

These four constellations also feature the 4 royal stars: Aldebaran (Taurus), Antares (Scorpio), Fomalhaut (Aquarius), and Regulus (Leo)

These four zodiac, the bull, eagle, lion and human are also found in the Celtic Cross shown below (cross design <–> Grand Cross formation)… as well as in mythos of Ezekiel and his “Chariot from the sky”

The fixed grand cross will be geometrically precise June 4 2016, but the alignments of the planets with the royal stars of the fixed constellations began in January 2014. The royal stars are a few degrees prior to where the planets will be stationed in a nearly perfect square in June 4, so first the planets each align with their royal star and then they form a grand cross together. Their relative speeds do not allow for a grand cross between the three and the new moon until June 2016

1-21-2014 Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut in Aquarius
8-11-2015 Jupiter conjunct Regulus in Leo
12-20-2015 Saturn conjunct Antares
Sun conjunct Aldebaran every year on May 30th
5-30-2015 Mars is also conjunct Aldebaran
6-4-2016 New moon near Aldebaran, grand cross

About the Mayan Calendar and Jun 4, 2016

A Mayan scholar is claiming that the end of the Mayan calendar is actually going to occur between 3rd -4th June, 2016, saying that experts had the original December 2012 date wrong. 

The end of the calendar is thought to mark the end of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which many believed would see a New Age of positive spiritual transformation on Earth and the beginning of a new era. Some also thought the 21 December 2012 date marked the end of the world.

The ‘end of the world’ theory was apparently debunked when the 2012 date came and went four years ago. However, an expert believes that the calculations that previous scholars used to arrive at that date were completely wrong.

  • There is a 1260 day difference between the calendars! The Julian Calendar vs. the Egyptian calendar and Maya Haab’ Calendar.
  • The Julian Calendar is 365.25 days which accounts for leap years.
  • The Gregorian Calendar is 365.2425 days which accounts for leap years as well.
  • The Egyptian and the Maya Haab Calendar don’t account for leap years! Thus, the Egyptian and Maya Haab Calendar is 365 days!
  • And Dec. 21st, 2012 plus 1260 days = June 3rd/4th, 2016
  • There just so happens to be a perfect square grand cross alignment on June 4th, 2016.

I will show you more how June 4th, 2016 is actually Dec. 21st, 2012 and that June 4th, 2016 could be the true end of the Mayan Calendar later.

The numbers and proof I will show will be crystal clear!

August 11th, 3114 BC (Gregorian) = Sept 6th, 3114 BC (Julian)

and the end of the Mayan Long Count or the 13 baktuns which are 144,000 days each =

Dec. 21st, 2012 (Gregorian) = Dec 8th, 2012 (Julian)

Both the Gregorian and Julian calendars account for leap years. That is why the Gregorian is 365.2425 solar year and the Julian calendar is 365.25 solar year. That means, every 4 years or .25 + .25 +.25 +.25 = 1 leap year.

But the Mayan calendar didn’t account for leap years. It had the solar Haab calendar, which was 365 solar days.

The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works

“The second calendar was the Haab’, or secular calendar, which lasted 365 days but did not account for the extra quarter-day it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. (The modern calendar accounts for this fraction by adding a day to February every four years, the reason we have leap years.) That means the calendar wandered a bit in relation to the seasons.”

[link to www.livescience.com]

So researchers trying to figure out the Mayan calendar end date end up using a calendar, both the Julian and Gregorian, which include leap years and the Mayan Haab solar calendar doesn’t???? Now that doesn’t make any sense to try to calculate the true end date!!!

And there is more to this….


The baktun is 144,000 days.

There are 13 baktuns in the Mayan Calendar.

144,000 days x 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 solar days

Now the Gregorian calendar solar year is 365.2425

The Julian calendar solar year is 365.25

The Haab Mayan calendar solar year is 365

1,872,000 days/365.2425 (Gregorian solar year) = 5125.36 years

1,872,000 days/365.25 (Julian solar year) = 5125.256 years

and then here is the big difference….

1,872,000 days/365 (Haab solar year) = 5128.76 years

Subtract 5128.76 years (Haab) from 5125.256 years (Julian) =


=3.504 year difference and that makes 1260 days



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  1. Ever since the last Grand Cross, two years ago now, I believe, every moment, day and night, I see ‘The Flower of Life Blueprint”; this is also known as Peter’s Net. These spinning pale blue vortexes have twinkling points of Light, so magnificent to behold, and are Angelics according to James Tyberonn, channel for Beloved Archangel Metatron..Lord of Light,Creator of our Universe. James sees this too, especially when he meditates. Eventually, all will experience this most astonishing phenomenon, I believe.

  2. A well written aritcle, coming from an initiate of a Mayan tribe, which calls her Little Rainbow:

    The Mayan Peace Talks: The 5 Gardens of Eden on Earth


  3. today 5th June 2016 it is a gemini new moon not Taurus. So unless you are talking vedic astrology this chart is incorrect

  4. For those who’re in touch with the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, the 260 kin cycle, today is Kin 168, the Solar Sign of the Yellow Star (in Maya: Lamat) and the Galactic Tone is 12. That’s the Crystal Tone, number 12. That number represents the completion and moment of celebration of teamwork, having arrived at that completion. This can be a succesful project or the construction of a home.

    It’s new moon today, Sunday June 5th 2016

    The Solar Sign of the Star is the energy of beautification, of art. Any person born under this Solar Sign may find a position in life where a radiating out onto planet Earth’s life at large is experienced, energetically. A work of art by a great artist, may radiate its beauty for centuries, like Michelangelo’s David statue in the Sixtine Chapel in Italy. A star shines its light onto other celestial bodies. In other words, it’s encompassing a large field of existence, or awareness, with its shine.

    There’s been much debate on the real date of Mayan Timecount ending. A window of time is always allowing for an approximate date of an ending, a beginning or both, in an event. The Mayan women with their babies on their back simply continued their work in the fields, while their men sat and spat at home. Some of them, Mayan priests and elders, were biting each other’s head off, in a fierce discussion about the accurate measuring. It matters not to their women.

    When their women return home, cooking a meal and satisfy their men’s stomach, all fierceness is gone.
    To be picked up the next day, again… and again…

    Such is the nature of a patriarchical and a matriarchical approach. With equal rights to exist of course.
    What a ride, huhh? Lol.

    Cosmic Yellow Star Kin 208 Lamat 13


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