This amazingly powerful compound, commonly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS, has been very prominent in the alternative medicinal arena for close to a decade. The reason it has stood the test of time is because it works – & works well!  

It all begun back in the mid 1990’s whilst Jim Humble was on a mining expedition deep within the jungle’s of the South Americas. When one of his party was suddenly struck down by the Malaria parasite, Jim struck upon a amazing discovery – a revelation that has since altered the lives of many!

What did Mr Humble discover?chlorine-dioxde-molecule

Upon returning to the States, Jim began testing in earnest – & what he found was that the active component within his simple water purification formulation formula was absolutely deadly against the Malaria parasite – the very same parasite that is responsible for millions of deaths each & every year.   Needless to say, this warranted further investigation! Learn more…

As time progressed, it was becoming increasingly clear that the chlorine dioxide molecule was not only deadly against the malaria parasite, but also a wide range of fungi, bacteria & parasites – interestingly enough viruses as well!

Unfortunately, there is an ever increasing push from various regulatory bodies the world over that are attempting to shut down this product – so the question is how long will this amazingly effective compound will remain available.

genesisiconThis is the question that has been answered by the work of Mark Grenon who has formed the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to provide the MMS Protocols as its Sacrament during daily services. The Church is only five years old, but has grown to almost 1800 health ministers in 115 countries around the world, who are trained to do all the protocols.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to participate, go the their website at and learn how they can help you learn and share the protocols.


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  1. Have you noticed that it is not possible to buy small quantities of sodium chlorite! Dr Kalcker is a biochemist who is expert in this chemistry and a big supporter of MMS / CDO. I have a friend who has been if to help with bladder cancer. So far so good. Also using colloidal silver and remote Rife frequencies.

  2. I believe fully in MMS as a help for all kinds of ailments.
    It’s discussed to great length on the Avalon Forum, with
    published interviews with Jim Humble and Bill Ryan.
    Google “Avalon Forum”, I’m not supposed to publish it here,
    I guess.

    I’ve tried it out, finding value in experiencing myself.
    Always with caution though.
    Not that I needed it for an ailment.
    I just wanted to taste and feel it working in my body, or not.
    It didn’t make me sick or feel bad, but it tasted……. awful! 😉
    I suppose that when you find you need it as a treatment to clean your system,
    and you find it helpful, that taste is the least of your issues, in that case.

  3. MMS is Sodium chlorite, a common form of household bleach, a toxic industrial disinfectant, a powerful oxidant (= free radical) that causes cancer when ingested in small quantities and massive organ damage or death when taken in significant quantities.

    There also is a “MMS2”, containing another form of bleach, used to scrub swimming pools’ walls for disinfection (it’s not added to the actual water because it would make people sick).

    • So you don’t have a name on your email account? Why is that?

      The claims for MMS are self-evident in the article, video and related links. It does not need me to defend it.

      You are a paid shill who works full time for the Cabal sitting at a desk with six screens monitoring the Internet and posting ignorant negativity about a list of topics your employers want you to trash. PFC is not a good place for you to do this, since our members are more informed than you or your criminal employers.

      Maybe you have some evidence for your claims, but I know you don’t. If you were honest, you would not be hiding behind an anonymous email and fake IP number.

      • IP Address Country Region City Canada British Columbia Prince Rupert
        ISP Latitude Longitude
        City West Cable & Telephone Corp. 54.3167 -130.3333

        The listed geolocation data is about forty miles off the coast of an island of British Columbia in several hundred feet of Pacific Ocean water. The IP address is fake and only a sophisticated trolling operation hiring people to make fake posts would go to this trouble.

        I think this proves that the claims of MMS are true and a threat to Cabal owned pharmaceutical companies


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